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Are You An Entrepreneur



Ask yourself the question, what do you really want in life?

Ask yourself the question, what do you really want in life?



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  • Leave on Screen as you enter. Remember to ask your two opposing questions. 1 min. TOTAL TIME FOR EVENING … 3 Hours.
  • Leave on Screen as you enter. Remember to ask your two opposing questions. 1 min. TOTAL TIME FOR EVENING … 3 Hours.

Are You An Entrepreneur Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Have You Ever Considered Having Your Own Business ? Is Business Ownership For You? Acknowledgement : “ Before You Quit Your Job ” By Robert Kiyosaki
  • 2. Entrepreneurship defined as...
    • ‘ The pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled.’
  • 3. Do you truly want freedom?
    • "If you become a successful entrepreneur, you will come to know a freedom very few people will ever know. It is not simply a matter of having a lot of money or free time. It is the freedom from the fear of fear itself."
    • -  Robert Kiyosaki's “Rich Dad Poor Dad”
  • 4. Successful Entrepreneurs ..
    • Its only a matter of Discipline and Education .
    • Formal education will give you a qualification to get you a JOB where you can apply your discipline to make profit for someone else…this will make others wealthy!
    • Self education will give you the confidence to have your own business where you can apply your discipline to make your own business profitable…this will make you wealthy!
  • 5. Are You willing to even ‘Consider’ becoming a Business Owner?
    • 70% of people in Jobs actually would like to get into their own business…
    • Less than 7% of these people actually do get into their own business…
    • What is the main reason stopping People? Ignorance about options that creates FEAR!!!
  • 6. The one common Trait “ Courage” : The ability to overcome Fear
    • Business Owners focus on positive outcomes whilst managing their fears – Fear is always there, you just need to get your ‘Butterflies flying in formation’!
    • Obtain a Clear vision of what ‘Success’ means to you and focus on a clear path of what you need to do to achieve that. Fear of making a mistake or fear of failure, although natural for everyone, holds some people back from even trying to succeed.
    • Fear is often disguised as perfectionism. Yet we need to realise we are in the game of seeking ‘excellence’ and to learn from our Mistakes along the way
    • If you have the mind-set that you want to control your own destiny and get out of the ‘Rat Race’, you could make a great entrepreneur…
    • "The world is filled with want-to-be entrepreneurs. ... Most will have some excuses, some reasons based around FEAR why not to become a business Owner that will stop them from even truly analysing business opportunities.
    • Do you have control of your fear to at least look at this Business Opportunity in detail….. or does your fear control you?
  • 7. 3 Parts to Starting your Own Business with Action COACH Business Coaching
      • We’ll help you determine ‘What are your Goals’ and will this business opportunity help you to achieve these goals?
      • We’ll help you to evaluate whether you can make a success of running your own business as an ActionCOACH Business Coach?
      • Together we’ll determine if you can make an active contribution to our ActionCOACH Team of Coaches – Locally, Regionally, Nationally and Globally?
  • 8. What are your personal reasons for wanting to get into your own Business?
    • Why would/do I want to own my own business? – What are the things I do not want in my life anymore? What are the things I want more of in my life right now and in the future?
    • How badly do I want to own my own business? How important is it to me to achieve the concepts I have identified in question 1 above?
    • Being in Business is just a ‘Game’. We all need to learn the rules. There are rules on tax, recruitment, sales, Marketing etc…At what level of play do I want to play the game?
    • At what level of play am I willing to extend myself to play the game? Do I enjoy personal development? Do I like a challenge to be ‘pushed and stretched’ to achieve even more. Do I enjoy helping others to grow as well?
    • Am I willing to spend the time to learn about other successful entrepreneurs and their businesses in the ActionCOACH Business Coaching Franchise?
    • Do I have a strong desire to succeed in life whilst I understand it is Natural to feel afraid to fail?
  • 9. Cont… What are your personal reasons for wanting to get into your own Business?
    • 7. Can I turn my fear of failing into a strength that will help me drive myself to drive my business forward?
    • 8. Whilst there is already a ‘Proven System’ within the Franchise to operate. Can I see that mistakes in Life are simply ‘opportunities’ to learn how to do something better. Can I learn from my mistakes?
    • 9. Can I build or am I willing to learn how to build a team, or do I like to work by myself?
    • 10. Am I willing to pay the price? Not only financially, yet initially in time and commitment to get my business growing and succeeding?
    • 11. Am I willing to put in the time now to be rewarded later? Business Owners don’t get paid for their time – employees do! Business Owners get rewarded massively for Results!
    • 12. Am I willing to delay massive financial rewards until the business succeeds? I can still take a ‘pay cheque’ each week, yet I will be massively rewarded in the form of Profits later!
  • 10. Do you have the ‘Courage’ to take control of your own life? Do you believe in your own abilities to create security and success ?
  • 11. Are you an employee or an Entrepreneur ? Do you want to Find out if you have what it takes to be in Business ?
  • 12. Contact Info:
      • Please call me today to discuss the opportunity to become an
      • Action COACH the worlds # 1 business coaches
    • Janine Niven
    • Recruitment and Business Development Manager
    • Tel: 01452 75 10 10
    • E Mail: [email_address]
    • Website: