This is UP - A Social Enterprise Case Study. Karen Frampton, This is UP


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Social Enterprise A Call to ACTION. INTERREG ACTION Pilot Project. Dunhill Ecopark. Friday 22nd June 2012

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This is UP - A Social Enterprise Case Study. Karen Frampton, This is UP

  1. 1. Social Enterprise- A Call to Action This is UP
  2. 2. Introduction• This is UP is an enterprise with a social goal.• We are committed to helping communities gain access to local employment opportunities by matching employers with our clients who engage in career development with us.• We offer career development services to skilled employed, un- employed, underemployed & self-employed to improve their chances of securing employment opportunities.• We make it easier for employers to recruit locally; selecting qualified and experienced candidates for local job opportunities and providing recruitment and training services to the employer.
  3. 3. How This is UP Started• Having returned home after a period abroad, became frustrated at the “normal” recruitment channels and a lack of more specialised support and advice available.• Recognised the need for a model that offers skilled unemployed the best chance for re-engagement to working life with maximum dignity and personalisation.
  4. 4. What we doCareer Development Hiring Solutions Recruitment TrainingNew You-Matching your Matching clients skills to Training courses areskill-set to the reality of the needs of the job delivered to Humanthe marketplace. market. Resource departments, management or businessBrand You-Positioning Candidate sourcing, owners on theyourself for the bigger screening and techniques used topicture. CV preparation. interviewing. effectively source, screen and recruit best fitThe Prospector – Finding On site interviewing. candidates.the right people toconnect with to achieve Reference checking andyour long term goals. salary negotiation.
  5. 5. Our message• To our Career Development clients • Personalised, dignified and confidential service that offers results • Listening Ear• To our Hiring partners & local business • Matching service • Ticking the CSR Box- their spend funds the re-integration of our career development clients back into the workforce • Social ROI
  6. 6. This is UP Model Career Hiring Recruitment Development Solutions Training• Fee paying • Recruitment • Master- clients services to classes• Subsidised industry • On site clients training
  7. 7. Pilot Programme• Established over a period of 6 months• Created a partnership model with Department of Social Protection• Funding stream was 50% government and 50% private funding topped up from private career development and hiring services with cost of services capped.• Worked exclusively with those on the Live Register• Referral source.
  8. 8. Activation Pilot Statistics• A total sample 151 people actively engaged in our pilot service over a 7 month period.• 107 were accessing social welfare payments or were unable to afford private fees (84%)• 21 were subsidised coaching clients in full time (underemployment) employment (16%) claiming social welfare• 23 of those were participating in FÁS Programmes nearing completion
  9. 9. Range of Services• New You- more holistic and 360 degree approach• Brand You- all aspects of their CV, CV Brochure, Cover Letters, LinkedIn & Social media• Position You- Interview skills coaching• The Prospector- Activation support services• Recruitment matching service
  10. 10. Hiring Partners
  11. 11. Activation Pilot Results• 13% signed off Social Welfare• 12 of these people secured permanent positions (9%)• A further 5 people secured casual work or contract work (4%)• A further 3 people (made redundant) gained employment before signing on with DSP (2%)• 8 of the 21 underemployed secured better roles potentially avoiding further DSP intervention (38%)• Within 1 month of availing of our services 20people out of 128 secured first job interviews (16%)
  12. 12. Client Feedback• “This is UP has a very professional and unique way of working, they instil confidence in people and have a great network of employers. I would recommend employers and those seeking work to liaise through their business” Audrey Dowling• “I used This is UP to help me with my CV and job search. The individual attention and guidance and ongoing support I received was just what I needed to focus my job search. The advice I received was invaluable and they were always there for me to bounce ideas off . They helped me close in on and eventually succeed in obtaining a job offer .I am very grateful for their time and expertise in this area which she put to good use on my behalf. Money very well spent.” John Kingston• Everyone is treated as an individual and advised accordingly when they engage with This is UP. They have been instrumental in advising me and directing me in the right direction with an extremely positive outcome. The company and staff are a necessity in the current climate. They are respected and thought highly of in their field which is why the concept of the business is successful. Hilary Rowe
  13. 13. Challenges• Life after the Pilot Programme• Engagement with government and Department of Social Protection and where we are to date• Keeping the sustainable model sustainable
  14. 14. Where to from here?• Career Development Services • Roll out to the County and beyond • New subsidised services- Career Boot-camps• Hiring Solutions & Recruitment Training • Engaging with more employers to reinforce the CSR message• Dunhill Education Centre
  15. 15. The Future for This is UP• A scalable model that can be applied to all social welfare offices with Ireland• We will become a credible model of excellence with potential employers looking to recruit skilled unemployed and underemployed.• This is UP wants to change the landscape for both employers and job seekers, by Unlocking Potential and building futures.
  16. 16. Business Supporting Social Enterprise benefits everybody..
  17. 17. This is UP• Where 35 Patrick Street, Waterford• T: 051 844546• E:• W:• f:• t: