Ingres database 9.2


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Ingres Database 9.2 PDF. Go to to find out more about Actian's products and services.

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Ingres database 9.2

  1. 1. PRODUCTS Ingres Database 9.2 Ingres Database 9.2, the latest versIon of Ingres Database, helps busInesses better leverage theIr InformatIon assets to thrIve In toDay’s competItIve envIronmentKey Benefits Java developers will appreciate the highly The key to the embeddable aspects of Ingres Database plus its benefits of open > Provides solid infrastructure for support of the latest open standards, platforms source comes from SOA environments and integration options with other industry- choice. Because leading technology such as Eclipse. By providing open source Enables development> the ability to scale up or down, Ingres Database is software does not require a license fee, of internationalized applications designed to help developers redirect their focus customers are no longer locked in. Customers from data management to gaining business are free to choose: their support provider; their Improves performance, availability> differentiation and competitive advantage. The development platforms; the right connectivity and reliability release of Ingres Database 9.2 contains many method; when and how much of the software significant enhancements specifically designed they need to support. Open source puts control Improves management> to improve the productivity of Java and .Net back in the customer’s hand. of unstructured data developers. Driving Innovation Improves database> Envision New Possibilities Ingres Database does more than simply provide administrator and Ingres Database allows CIOs to proactively an open source database. Ingres Database 9.2 programmer productivity envision business possibilities and initiate those delivers enterprise tested features for truly ideas. With Ingres Database, you pay an annual robust data management. And with Ingres Offers choice of integrated> development environments (IDEs) fee for support and maintenance. You pay only Database 9.2, you know your database software such as Eclipse, Java™ and .NET for the software you are using. This transparency has been thoroughly tested to meet Ingres contributes to reduced complexity and a lower Corporation’s high level of quality control. Choice of application development> cost of ownership. Combined with the new languages including an updated administration and development features of Reliable Database Engine Ruby driver, PHP, Perl, Python, Ingres Database 9.2, this model helps CIOs Ingres Database 9.2 adds new features to Java, and .Net APIs as well as deliver business innovation faster at a lower simplify the administration of Ingres and traditional cost. The open source software movement improve availability of the engine. While Ingres has revolutionized the procurement and use has decades of experience running mission of software. Open source software, like Ingres critical applications, Ingres Database 9.2 raises Database, uses a licensing and support model the bar, making it easier to restore, debug and that is dramatically different from normal closed manage. source vendors.
  2. 2. proDucts Ingres Database 9.2 Multiple Native Storage Capabilities Different types of data have different storage requirements. While some vendors meet these requirements by bringing together disparate servers from multiple vendors, Ingres provides a single, cohesive server that supports multiple storage types. Ingres natively manages relational, ISAM, Hash, Heap, and Heapsort tables to provide optimum storage and performance. Ingres Database 9.2 simplifies database maintenance and administration by intuitively determining appropriate storage structure based on the table definition. High Performance Ingres Database 9.2 has added new features to provide improved levels of response required to meet user expectations even under heavy user load or with extremely complex OLAP queries. Designed for Enterprise Development Many enterprises today build software with Java. Ingres Database 9.2 has implemented new features to speed and simplify Java development. Ingres CAFÉ Version 0.5 software offers a powerful, fully integrated environment that helps software architects build and deploy Java and C+ solutions simply and easily on Ingres Database 9.2. We’ve also enhanced Ingres Database 9.2 with key functionality for Java developers. Cursors have Ingres Database 9.2 been enhanced to allow direct and relative positioning within the data set. This enables applications has the features to to scroll through information in any way required. New SQL functions improve programmer productivity, simplify development of BI and analytic queries. provide the highest levels of Internationalized Applicationsresponse required to Unicode support enables a single software application or website to be targeted across multiple meet user platforms, languages and countries without re-engineering. It allows data to be transported through many different systems without corruption. Ingres Database 9.2 now incorporates full expectations. UTF-8 support. Indexes and sorts are ordered correctly according to the language settings. Characters are normalized. And Ingres supports coercion between UTF-8 and UTF-16. Dynamic Query Caching Execution plans generated from Dynamic SQL can automatically be cached to boost performance where optimization time is significant. This new feature can improve performance of repeated queries by up to two orders of magnitude.
  3. 3. LOB Locators Flexible ArchitectureLarge objects can be retrieved and manipulated more efficiently No two organizations have the same IT infrastructure. Flexibilityin Ingres Database 9.2 with LOB locators. For example, you can is the key to being able to support a given architecture, andjump directly to a specific location within a large object and Ingres provides a number of options to achieve this.return just the portion needed to satisfy the requirement. Flexible development optionsScalable Server Architecture Applications are built on a foundation of data access, and IngresThe Ingres Database server can grow to meet user demands Database gives you the ability to productively use a wide rangewithout rewrites or modification, running smoothly on a single- of development environments. This flexibility allows you to takeprocessor desktop system or multiprocessor enterprise servers. advantage of Ingres Database without retraining your valuable development staff.High PerformanceIngres Database 9.2 has the features to provide the highest levels Development platform optionsof response required to meet user expectations. Ingres Database supports development with JDBC, ODBC,Easy to Manage .Net, PHP, Perl, Python and Ruby. Ingres has also developedIngres is designed to require the minimum amount of maintenance a Data Tools Plug-in for Eclipse, so developers can use a wideand maximum availability. These qualities lead to cost savings in range of development tools to build applications that leveragemany ways, including less effort for database administrators, easier Ingres and protect your investment in your staff ’s existing skills.scheduled maintenance and monitoring, and less downtime. Ingres Corporation also provides a highly productive rapid development and deployment environment: OpenROAD.Ingres Database 9.2 takes our easy-to-manage platform to thenext level by reducing the time needed to resolve issues when theydo occur. We’ve improved stack tracking and exception handlingas well as expanded the information reported by the serverfor administrative functions. We’ve also improved the defaultconfiguration settings to get better out-of-the-box performance. cluster support for hIgh avaIlabIlIty anD scalabIlIty Ingres Database runs on clusters of servers, providing transparent high availability and scalability benefits. eXtensIve platform support Ingres Database runs on virtually every popular operating system, including Linux, Windows and many varieties of UNIX. Multi-platform support gives you the ability to choose the most appropriate system vendor, increasing your flexibility. The table below lists the platforms supported by Ingres Database.
  4. 4. proDuctsSupported Platforms OPERATING SYSTEM VERSIONS HARDWARE LINUX Distribution base Kernel glibc compiler Intel ® x86 rhel 4 2.6.9 2.3.4 3.4.5 rhel 5 2.6.18 2.5 4.1.1 suse 10 2.6.16 2.4 – 31 4.1.0 ubuntu 2.6.15 2.3.6 4.0.3 rhel 4 2.6.9 2.3.4 3.4.5 x86_64 (em64t / amD64) rhel 5 2.6.18 2.5 4.1.1 suse 10 2.6.16 2.4 – 31 4.1.0 ubuntu 2.6.15 2.3.6 4.0.3 rhel 3 2.4.21 2.3.4 3.4.5 Itanium rhel 4 2.6.9 2.3.4 3.4.5 suse 9 2.6.5 2.3.3 3.3.3 HP-UX 11.23, 11.31 pa-rIsc or Itanium HP TRU64 5.1b alpha HP VMS 8.2 or 8.3 alpha IBM AIX 5l 5.3 or 6.1 power pc® MS WINDOWS vista, server 2008, server 2005, Xp Intel ® x86, x86_64 (em64t / amD64) SUN SOLARIS 9, 10 sparc or x86 SCO unix Ware 7.1.4 ® Intel ® x86 openserver Intel ® x86Ingres Database—the open source model you want, the enterprise strength you need.To learn more about Ingres Database 9.2 software, or to download the latest version, visit: Ingres CorporationIngres corporation is a leading provider of open source database management software. built on over 25 years of technology investment, Ingres is a leaderin software and service innovation, providing the enterprise with proven reliability combined with the value and flexibility of open source. the company’spartnerships with leading open source providers further enhance the Ingres value proposition. Ingres has major development, sales and support centersthroughout the world, supporting thousands of customers in the united states and internationally.INGRES CORPORATION : 500 ARGUELLO STREET : SUITE 200 : REDWOOD CITY, CALIFORNIA 94063PHONE +1.650.587.5500 : FAX +1.650.587.5550 : : For more information, contact©2008 Ingres corporation. all rights reserved. printed in the u.s.a. Ingres is a trademark of Ingres corporation in the united states and in other countries.all other trademarks or registered trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective holders. ps-400a