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Actian Partner Brochure. Go to to find out more about Actian's products and services.

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Actian Partner Brochure

  1. 1. Partner Brochure Creating valuefor your customers ACtiAn VeCtorwise
  2. 2. Partner Brochure creating value for your customers › actian Vectorwise Actian Vectorwise “In an ever-changing climate of risk and fluctuating market conditions, having the right information to make the right decisions is the way to outperform the competition…When we asked respondents to rank the ways in which information brings business value, ‘improves access to high-quality information for better decision making’ is the top3 areas of innovation: choice by far.”1. Vector processingtakes full advantage Study after study confirms the truth of this statement made by accenture in theirof the modern 2007 cIo Study. You know it, your customers know it, and they are putting moremicroprocessor and more pressure on you to provide faster, easier to use analytics in your solutions.driving upto 100fold improvements the good news is that because analytics create real business value, customers arein performance. prepared to pay for new analytic capabilities. Whether it’s a new product module, a pay-per-use self-service query portal, or a powerful visualization tool, companies2. Designed for on-chip will pay for better quality information that drives better decisions.cache memory which istwo orders of magnitude But this isn’t news to you. You know that your customers want better analytics andfaster than using raM. that they will pay for these capabilities. Your problem is how to deliver. and how to deliver quickly. But your roadmap already extends 18 months out. Very few of your3. Self optimizing,compressed column software developers understand how to develop on column store technology. Fewerstore means only the still know how optimize for the latest hardware. You’ve got a needed for thequery is streamed too Big, too small, too riskydirectly to the chipcache. So this means to try to solve this problem, you’ve probably looked at third party options many offewer disks which which are built around high-priced hardware or have been developed by companieshelps reduce power you’ve never heard of and may not be around in a couple of years.and storage costs. Actian Vectorwise, the right Choice actian has a solution that we think you should look at. Backed by the security of an industry leader with customers; offices and distribution throughout the world; 24x7 support and a mature toolset that’s been developed to meet the needs of some of the world’s most experience database users, actian has recently launched Vectorwise, a state-of-the-art analytics database. 2
  3. 3. Partner Brochure creating value for your customers › actian Vectorwise why Actian Vectorwise? Significantly Increased Performance – our clients report 10x – 70x performance at a fraction of the hardware cost compared with the results of other market-leading DBMS products.“We ported a businessapplication from oracle Simple to Use – actian Vectorwise is easy to set up and run, removes former datato actian Vectorwise analysis obstacles and makes a rapid impact on business decisions. this reducesDatabase and were cost and risk thereby accelerating Business Intelligence (BI) project success.astounded by the Proven – the performance and simplicity of the technology has been proven by oursubstantial performance customers and partners.this technology is supported by actian whose global supportincreases, which were up capabilities continue to be demonstrated by over 10,000 customers running missionto 70x. our customers critical workloads around the world. customers report that answers to complex businessare also tired of paying queries that previously took several minutes are now available in seconds for companiesfor Big Software prices seeking to leverage faster database performance for an immediate impact to theso we are always on the bottom line.look-out for more costeffective solutions.With actian VectorwiseDatabase, we get thebest of both worlds;we can now offer ourcustomers a lower costand better performinganalytic database.”Michael ThuleweitManaging Director,Datamatics 3
  4. 4. Partner Brochure creating value for your customers › actian VectorwiseWhat Our Partners Say – Partners report that the amount of time queries take to runcan be cut in half. In fact, here’s what advanced ecommerce research Systems said“the more work we threw at Vectorwise, the faster it is relative to other databases, itcould do any query we tested in under one second where the same query took severalminutes on another database.”Fully Utilize Current Hardware – actian Vectorwise can now efficiently exploit the 95%of modern chip capability that isn’t currently utilized by business software, rather thanforcing chip customization or blindly throwing hardware at the problem.Lower Overall TCO – as actian Vectorwise enables better performance with less hardware;the outcome is more than 10x performance at a fraction of the hardware cost. and thesimple self-tuning technology reduces the need for scarce specialist resources.Improved Green Credentials – actian Vectorwise delivers dramatically greater performancewith small servers and radical reductions in disk storage which significantly reduces powerand air conditioning requirements, and the carbon footprint.real partnership, real business results“actian Vectorwise has been outstanding and it was so easy to get up and running,” saidSteve Ferrando, ceo of dbconcert. and, to make sure that is the case, we’ve developed aQuickStart process to help new partners migrate or develop their application on the actianVectorwise platform. our expertise, best-practices and tools help mitigate risk and get thejob done quickly, creating a time-to-market advantage to you.Create Customer Value with Actian Vectorwiseto find out more about actian Vectorwise and our Partner Program or to download anevaluation copy of actian Vectorwise, simply register at
  5. 5. Partner Brochure creating value for your customers › actian Vectorwise About Actian: Incite Action actian corporation (formerly Ingres corp.) is the first to unveil a cloud action Platform for building action apps. action apps are lightweight consumer-style applications that automate business actions triggered by real-time changes in data. actian products incite action at more than 10,000 customers worldwide by driving their mission critical workloads and providing rapid action insights to their data. actian is headquartered in redwood city, california with offices in new York, London, Paris, Frankfurt, amsterdam, and Melbourne.Actian Corporation Actian Europe Limited Actian Germany GmbH Actian France Actian Australia Pty Ltd500 arGueLLo Street 217 Bath roaD ohMStraSSe 12 7c PLace Du DÔMe LeVeL 8, SuIte 1SuIte 200 SLouGh 63225 LanGen IMMeuBLe eLYSÉeS 616 St. KILDa roaDreDWooD cItY BerKShIre, SL1 4aa GerManY La DÉFenSe MeLBourne, VIctorIa, 3004caLIFornIa 94063 unIteD KInGDoM PHONE: +49 (0) 6103.9881.0 92056 ParIS La DÉFenSe auStraLIauSa PHONE: +44 (0)1753 559500 ceDeX PHONE: +61 3 8530.1700PHONE: +1.650.587.5500 WeIMarer Str. 1a France D-98693 ILMenau PHONE: +33 (0) GerManY PHONE: +49 (0) 3677.6785.0 ACTIAN.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT ACTIAN@ACTIAN.COM ©2011 actian corporation. all rights reserved. Printed in the u.S.a. actian, cloud action Platform, Ingres, and Vectorwise are trademarks of actian corporation. all other trademarks, trade names, service marks, and logos referenced herein belong to their respective companies.