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How Humana is using Drupal to Drive Repeat Visitors with Personalized, Multi-Channel Campaigns
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How Humana is using Drupal to Drive Repeat Visitors with Personalized, Multi-Channel Campaigns


Please join representatives from Market-bridge, Digital Bungalow, and Acquia as they discuss how Humana is leveraging Drupal to deliver personalized web experiences and multi-channel campaigns that …

Please join representatives from Market-bridge, Digital Bungalow, and Acquia as they discuss how Humana is leveraging Drupal to deliver personalized web experiences and multi-channel campaigns that inspire repeat visitors, drive engagement and spark conversion.

Highlights of the Web Experience Management solution implemented at Humana include:

• Personalized content and recommendations for site users based on interests and actions on the site
• Optimized mobile sites that are socially engaging using the latest in responsive design techniques
• Integration with multiple existing marketing tools including Analytics and both direct mail and email campaigns software
• Seamless Data export to a 3rd party provider for a comprehensive, 360 degree view of campaign performance

Published in Technology
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  • John CIntroduce the speakersJohnCarioneAndy Patrick, VP Analytics at MarketBridgeJason Yarrington, VP Professional Services, Digital Bungalow
  • John CMarketing is no print based one to many marketing or even static sites to pace information about products and services. The web is the hub of all your customer interactions and digital marketers need to understand and embrace technology like never before to sustain now Digital Marketing,
  • John C
  • WEM drives real ROI for Digital Marketers per the latestanalyst statistics73% of companies are planned an investment in mobile channels in 201155% of consumers felt positively when companies responded to a social media posting.Best-in-Class companies were 3.8 times more likely to change content based upon visitor behavior. The result? They were superior to their peer companies by having a 148% return on marketing investments, 63% current growth in revenues, and 13% increase in year-over-year customer profitabilityAlsoBy attaching a DAM capabilities to manage all marketing assets and integrate with Web Experience Management you can measure the use and return on those asstets. Acquia announced a new SaaS service called Digital Asset Cloud this past October.Finally, customers who are fully engaged represent an average 23% premium in terms of share of wallet, profitability, revenue.
  • When I think about all the things Humana is doing today, it maps pretty well to our best practices model of content marketing.Customer need to find the content that is relevant for them.That content needs to have a call to action for them to progress to the next step in the funnel.They need to be able to easily share that content with other prospects.The content needs to assist in driving outbound marketing initiatives.Again measure the results on the content itself.
  • Today, Digital Marketing leaders don’t necessarily care what platform or groups of technologies are implemented, they care about marketing results. There key objectives fall into three main categories: generating new business, building loyalty and customer advocacy, and expanding the total available pool of prospects. All the while, they need controls in place to determine how they are meeting their objectives.
  • First, is demand and generation, a top objective for Humana’s site. Strategically, organizations like Humana are using WEM solutions on Drupal to drive site traffic, increase customer retention and time on site, increase conversion rates to a purchase, and ultimately capture a larger share of wallet. Drupal allows large organizations to accomplish this in multiple ways. By generating personalized content like banner ads, videos, or whitepapers that are targeted based on a customers specific profile and actions such as what sites they have visited or explicit key word searches. Demand can also be generated through social networks via technologies like Drupal Commons for creating customer communities to connect prospects with other prospects for recommendations. New targetedmobile microsite campaigns can also be very effective at reaching a new audience using advanced responsive design techniques in Drupal.
  • Second, brand dilution can be a big problem for large multi-national organizations. Creating a deeper connection to create brand loyal advocates can enhance the business. Delivering a consistent message by leveraging Drupal ability to automate language translation can help ensure brand integrity in new local markets that may have unique market dynamics. Also, because Drupal is a modular data driven platform, it allows marketers the freedom to integrate with the latest tools such as gamification, like badgeville or bunchball. You can even push data out to mobile applications to update coupons or promotions when a buyer is in the vicinity of a bricks and mortar shop or even a special promotion for in store shoppers so they don’t browse at your store and buy at another online merchant.
  • The third goal of marketing leaders is to expand the total prospect base and market for products and services. This can be accomplished through a number of ways including a company trying to reach a younger tech savvy audience to reaching a new geography with greenfield untapped demand. Drupal can be used effective to reach these new audiences by pushing out promotion, campaigns or product launches to existing social properties on facebook or google. Most importantly, because of the Open Source development practices, when a new community with an attractive customer base becomes available, like it did earlier this year with the rise of Pinterest sites, the community created a Drupal module in just month to allow marketing driven organizations to tap into the pinterest community immediately. With proprietary solutions, there is often a long wait to prioritize integration on a roadmap and execute with in house engineering resources. Marketing requires greater agility provided y Drupal.
  • Finally, after achieving these three core objectives, it’s critical to measure the success, refine the criteria, and optimize the customer experience the next time he or she hits the site. For measurement, think about tracking how many users watched a video all the way through without abandoning or how many users clicked submit on a particular form, these things can be tracked in drupal via integration with analytics suites.Then refine a campaign by segmenting traffic to spot high value web traffic, or determine the abandonment spots in a shopping cart.Finally, make real changes to the site by testing and changing messaging, or leveraging rich CRM data to create even more personalized content and campaigns.These things need to be done in an iterative way again and again for best results.
  • Accelerate innovation from idea to experience at web speed across any channel or device.Create unforgettable customer experiences by leveraging a unified platform for content, community, and commerce.Empower the business to mix and match sales and marketing tools in a "string of pearls" approach for maximum business impact.Leverage mature cloud deployment models that remove the threat of vendor lockin and unlock the freedom of choice.
  • Jason Y and Andy
  • Jason Y and Andy
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  • Jason YNote: The site was fully mobile optimized using a Responsive Theme. We really believe that all sites need to take this approach going forward. We are going to talk about the personalization mostly.
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  • Andy – Expand on this
  • Remove offer to send copy of presentation, contains information that Humana may not want competitors to get a hold of


  • 1. Audio and Support Information• Audio will remain quiet until we begin at the top of the hour• Streaming Audio • Appears automatically in pop-up window • Or click Communicate : Join Audio Broadcast • Remember to unmute your computer• No Streaming Audio? • Request phone access• Technical Support • US & Canada 866.229.3239 • International Support 408.435.7088 Thank you for joining! We will begin shortly.
  • 2. How Humana is Using Drupal to Drive Repeat Visitors with Personalized, Multi-Channel Campaigns Jason Yarrington Andy Patrick John Carione VP, Professional Services VP Analytics Sr. Director, Solutions Digital Bungalo MarketBridge Marketing Acquia
  • 3. Housekeeping• Slides and recording: posted in next 48 hours• Submit questions: Q&A Tab in WebEx• Twitter: @acquia - Hashtags: #acquia #drupal
  • 4. Upcoming Webinars• Calculating the Savings of Moving Your Drupal Site to the Cloud• University Shares Tips for Migrating Thousands of Sites With One Installation Profile• Constructing a Fault-Tolerant, Highly Available Cloud Infrastructure for your Drupal Site• Accessible Theming in Drupal• Integrating a CDN with Acquia Cloud• Cloud Hosting Can Reduce Ownership Costs, Pay Agility Dividends• Simple Tips to Speed Up Your Site: No Coding Required
  • 5. Acquia is Hiring• Do you love working with Drupal?• Acquia is hiring in North America, Europe, and Australia! - Engineering - Design - Support - Operations - Client Advisors - Sales and Marketing
  • 6. QuestionsFor more information visit: http://www.acquia.comeMail: orCall: 888.9.ACQUIAFollow us: @acquia Today’s webinar recording will be posted to:
  • 7. Delivering Solutions for the Open Web Transforming Digital Marketing with OpenWEM© Acquia, Inc. 2012. Confidential: Do not distribute
  • 8. Marketing is now Digital Marketing “CMO and CIO: A Beautiful “Marketers: Digital Offers “Why Web Experience Friendship?” us More for Less” is a Marketing Must” -The Buzz Bin - Ad Age - CMO Magazine “Content Marketing “Marketers Must belongs in…Marketing” “Creating a Winning be Technologists” - Social Times Web Presence” - Balihoo - MarketingProfs “B2B Sales and “Landing Pages Marketing 3.0: How content Lack Tools and context for Effective plays a more Selling meaningful role” Conversations” - Search Engine Land - MarketingProfs
  • 9. WEM Bridges the GapMarketing Challenges (CMO) IT Challenges (CIO)• Mobile optimized experiences • Mobile app development• Harness social media • Big data / web scale• Mass personalization / testing • Increase return from analytics• Translation • Localization costs / quality• Managing digital assets • Content distribution services• Marketing dashboards / reporting • Platform integration / ecosystem
  • 10. WEM Drives Real ROI 55%of consumers felt positively when companies responded to a social media posting. Tablet visitors spend Companies over 50% more that change content than visitors who use based upon visitor smartphones, and behavior over 20% more than visitors who use desktop or WEM + DAM laptop computers. is a powerful combination to 148% translate online marketing strategies that are measurablereturn on marketing and repeatable. investments Customers who are fully engaged 63% represent an average 23% premium in terms of share of wallet, profitability, revenue, current and relationship growth. growth in revenues
  • 11. Optimize Content Marketing Search Optimization Customers need to find the content on your site 1. Lead Generation 2. Content needs to drive leads and calls to action Social Media 3. Content needs to be sharable to expand your messaging reach 4. Email + Lead Nurturing Get the content in the hands of your contact database and execute lead nurturing campaigns 5. Measurement Using analytics measure the effectiveness of your content and iterate
  • 12. Head of Digital Marketing: Objectives Acquire + Retain Awareness + Affinity Channels + Geos
  • 13. Prime the Demand PumpCut through today’s advertising clutter Website Content • Display ad for Customerand deliver personalized, tailored Segment 1campaigns and content. • Teaser ad for Customer Segment 2• Drive more site traffic and leads. Community• Increase response • Customer recommendations and retention rates. • Company expert insights • Developer network expertise• Drive greater online conversion rates.• Capture greater Targeted Campaigns share of wallet and • Targeted Microsite for lifetime value. Customer Segment 1 • Targeted Landing Page CUSTOMER Customer Segment 2 • Blog Content for Customer Segment 3
  • 14. Build Advocates for Your BrandBuild deep customer connections that transcendchannels, devices, and geographies. Introducegamification to new customer segment• Deliver a consistent Update promotions on mobile message. application and push using geolocation targeting• Maintain brand integrity across geographies and Migrate customers from speak to local market Facebook Fan page to Corp conditions. Website• Deliver experiences Deliver loyalty program to that engage customer in store shoppers within the context of all their interactions. Launch “Meet the Experts” forum for prospects to interact with engineers
  • 15. Expand Your Digital FootprintOffer immersive experiences wherever/wheneveryour customers interact with the brand. Global Presence • Localized Content • Localized Campaigns• Broadcast your message to the Mobile Delivery largest audience. • Mobile app • Tablet • Mobile web • Kiosk• Empower prospects and customers to Campaign Rollout join the conversation. • Microsites • Blogs• Monetize new • Landing Pages customer segments through more Communities personalized campaigns. CUSTOMER
  • 16. Measure and Refine Your CampaignsOptimize customer acquisition, conversion and retention 1. Measure 2. Refine 3. Optimize• How many authenticated users are • Identify the most profitable • View rich suites of reports searching the customer support paths through a website and analytics database? • Segment traffic to spot high- • Test campaigns and deliver• Did users download and watch a value web visitors optimized results video through until the end? • Determine where visitors are • Leverage CRM and other• How many users filled out a abandoning the site repositories to deepen registration form and submitted? personalization • Identify critical success• What customer segment is clicking metrics for online marketing on blue hero images on the right campaigns. side of the page?
  • 17. Offering Digital Marketing Freedom andFlexibility… Simplified Digital No Lockin Experiences Open SaaS model offers Lowest solution TCO freedom to move your and the fastest learning curve customers digital amongst developers experiences to any and Digital Marketers. Unmatched Mature Cloud Innovation ModelAccelerate innovation from Leverage mature, optimized idea to experience at web cloud deployment models speed across any channel and offers operational models or device. to map spending plans to successes. Unified Platform Best of Breed Create unforgettable customer Empower the business to mix and experiences by leveraging a match sales and marketing tools in a unified platform for content, "string of pearls" approach for community, and commerce. maximum business impact
  • 18. Humana Program BackgroundThe results were in on Humana’s longterm customer acquisition program:• Over 370,000 members had signed up through a very successful multi-channel online and offline campaign over three years.• Members of the site were much more likely to become—and stay—Humana subscribers.• The program was awarded Best Web- Based Customer Retention and Loyalty Campaign by the CMO CouncilThe question was, how to build on thissuccess?
  • 19. Website Redesign Background• Pre-redesign data showed us that repeat site visitors were 66% more likely to add an additional Humana policy than one- Attraction time site visitors.• Deeper analysis showed us that a Consideration number of distinct user groups were Engagement coming to the website, each with their own needs and interests. The existing Impact website and content marketing strategy were tailored to the “average” user.• We hypothesized that personalizing website content for users—based upon both demographic and click data—would enable us to increase website relevance, user engagement, and frequency of visit.
  • 20. Website Redesign ProjectFive components were critical for our engagement strategy on this redesign:
  • 21. Personalization • To execute website personalization, we drove existing users to a personal wellness assessment which gave us information on their needs and interests • In addition, when users register for the site, their demographic data is used to predict what their interests will be • Finally, users can manually edit their settings through a series of sliders to change the type of content they see on the site. • Ultimately, this enables us to map users to others with similar demographics and behavioral profiles.
  • 22. AssessmentThe personalization started with theinteractive assessment survey
  • 23. AssessmentUsers were given visual cues to theirprogress as they moved through the survey
  • 24. Personalization ControlsPersonalization controls arepresent throughout the site, notburied in a user profile page.Each personalizationcomponent is a configurableblock and can be re-arrangedbased on context.
  • 25. Content Management & Mobile Content Management • We customized the Drupal CMS to enable management of unique content for each segment. • Since the technology enabling this website personalization did not exist; we built the Drupal functionality to enable it. Mobile • Mobile users are a significant and growing share of site traffic. • We wanted to target users on smartphones and tablets better than ever before. • So we utilized a fully responsive site, optimized for use cases across different devices.
  • 26. User Engagement Module personalizationprojects can be jumpstarted with theEngagement module.This module makes iteasier to customize theuser’s experience based ontheir engagement with thesite.
  • 27. Analytics & Data Integration Data Integration • All channels of the marketing campaign were always data driven. • The new WEM strategy leverages data culled from user preferences, click data, email marketing engagement and offline engagement (direct mail). Analytics • Engagement with the site is analyzed daily. • Data from all marketing campaigns is combined with online data to measure tactic success and optimize content strategies.
  • 28. Default Segment Segment Attributes: • Brand new visitors to the site with no click activity • Users who have yet to be modeled WEM Output: Default version of the page
  • 29. Health Segment Segment Attributes • Demographics: Male or Female, Under 60 • Tracked Site Activity: Users who have predominantly clicked on health related content. WEM Output: Web and email featured content is weighted toward new health content.
  • 30. Retiree Segment Segment Attributes • Demographics: Male or Female, Age 60+ • Tracked Site Activity: Users who have predominantly clicked on retirement related content. WEM Output: Web and email featured content is weighted toward new retirement, leisure, & finance content.
  • 31. Family Segment Segment Attributes • Demographics: Female, Age 30-60 • Tracked Site Activity: Users who have predominantly clicked on Family & Social content. WEM Output: Web and email featured content is weighted toward new Family & Social content.
  • 32. Results• WEM has been a huge success. User engagement is up across:  Total visits: 36%  Unique visitors: 46%  Page views: 72%  Visit duration: 74%• Our client is thrilled!• This project is a shining example of our ability to innovate beyond what we thought was possible, and to craft new technology that delivers on our vision.
  • 33. Next StepsFor Drupal WEM implementation questions, contactJason Yarrington of Digital Bungalow atjyarrington@digitalbungalow.comFor marketing analytics questions, contact Andy Patrickof MarketBridgeapatrick@market-bridge.comFor overall Drupal questions, contact John Carione ofAcquiaat .