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  • In most enterprises today, the web is broken. What started out 10 years ago as a handful of web sites has now exploded into dozens or even hundreds of digital experiences delivered across a plethora of devices.
  • Many of these experiences are built on an stovepiped products, they are disconnected, and are becoming increasingly costly to maintain, integrate, and upgrade. As businesses have gone digital, most are connected to a diversity of back-end systems for customer support, account management, finance, etc. The “ball of yarn” connecting these systems is growing and it’s overwhelming
  • The scariest part of all of this is that – with the bar set by companies like Apple – customers are demanding an integrated experience across all of these touchpoints, and are even moving to brands who can deliver
  • Digital Marketers need to create, manage, and optimize content rich, to deliver new and captivating web experiences consistently across all channels of engagement. To achieve this, they need to expand the digital footprint of customers by creating immersive experiences that broadcast your message to the largest audience possible by maximizing customer touch points. This will allow organizations to exert greater market influence by sharing opinions and insights across social and mobile channels and new geographies. Companies also need to build brand loyalty and awareness through deeper customer connections via a well-structured, and consistent message that encourages brand loyalty and retention. Digital Marketers also need to help generate new sales with more personalized, tailored campaigns and content that drive more site traffic and leads and increase Increase response and conversion rate Perhaps most importantly, they need to create a virtuous cycle of engagement by measuring and refining all the captured data points and interactions across channels that reflect the context of the customer at all times. Drupal provides a single platform for Digital Marketers to Create these captivating experiences, Connect more deeply with customers, Convert more prospects to sales, and Capture rich customer insights seamlessly.
  • In fact, Drupal is already a leading platform for building WEM solutions and managing dynamic content in the enterprise similar to what we will detail later in the Dell case study. With over 1.5M sites, Drupal powers approximately 2% of the web. And with over 17,000 developers it has the second most active open source development community in the world. What’s changed is that business leaders and marketing organizations are now helping drive the migration to Drupal and Open Source solutions in WEM and Social Publishing markets.
  • Marketers in today’s competitive landscape need to be truly agile to and pivot to new technologies and communities as they become successful. They can’t afford to wait 6 – 9 months for a new module to be built. When Pinterest hit 10M unique visitors in February of this year, it was clear that platform had arrived and organizations were interested in embedding these capabilities in their sites. By March 2012 a new module had been contributed back to the community and by April, more that 15 Drupal sites had already gone live with integrated pinterest capabilities to pin images on the site.
  • Drupal is also strong in multi-channel delivery of content across web, mobile, and social channels and well as devices. The Drupal open architecture allows it to treat content as individual objects that can be delivered in whatever context you choose, and has a flexible front end that allows it to output to one or many distinct web experiences. Drupal is often used as for headless experiences where it is simply feeding applications and rich media across multiple channels to deliver seamless marketing campaigns that reach your audience wherever and whenever they want to consume information.
  • And only Drupal can deliver a single platform for content, social, and transactional experiences across a multitude of sites and devices. But the front-end experience is not enough. To power a truly digital business, your internal systems need to work just as seamlessly together and connect into back end systems that include Marketing Automation for lead capture, CRM for social CRM, and other structured and unstructured data sources including user generated content.
  • And Since Drupal treats content as nodes or objects, that content can be mashed up to deliver personalized campaigns that take the customers context into account to deliver content to the right user on the right device in an optimized way. For instance, if a promotion is focused on mobile users the campaign could include a form or hi-definition video on a tablet, but only include text on a smartphone.
  • The "free as in freedom" nature and rapid innovation that can only be found in Drupal as a vibrant open source project. Utilizing a distributed innovation model across those 17,000 active developers, organizations don’t need to rely on a traditional product development cycle to push out new software. The software is planned and developed by those who have built the web, rather than a traditional product manager.
  • Drupal is purpose built for engagement as it is Built by web experience experts for experts. It offers rapid innovation required by Digital Marketing organizations on one platform optimized for content, community, and commerce rather than stitching together stovepiped applications. It offers the fastest time to market for web projects. And it is delivered in an Open SaaS business model to drive the cost and complexity out of IT, and eliminate vendor lockin by offering the freedom to move your sites to other hosting environments or even host them on your own. And finally it’s it’s built within an open ecosystem of partners so that the business can dictate which exisiting systems of record and other marketing systems are appropriate to achieve results.
  • Vml wem presentation

    1. 1. Why Marketing DrivenOrganizations like Dell are BuildingWEM Solutions on DrupalJohn Carione, Senior Director of Solution Marketing,AcquiaJune 5th, 2012
    2. 2. Inside ManyLargeOrganizations,the Web IsBroken
    3. 3. Inside ManyLargeOrganizations,the Web IsBroken• Duplication of content• Disparate sources• Disconnected reporting• Islands of excellence
    4. 4. Inside ManyLargeOrganizations,the Web IsBroken Customers expect integrated experiences
    5. 5. Marketing Driving Re-Platform efforts Expand Digital Footprint Create captivating experiences to reach a wider audience Across new segments, channels, and devices Build Brand Loyalty Connect more deeply to create loyal brand advocates that through compelling global targeted, buy more and recommend multi channel campaigns Generate Demand Convert more prospects Across new mobile, social, and web With personalized, optimized channels and reinvigorate offline experiences speak to your audience Measure and Refine Capture rich customer info future programs, campaigns, that displays the history and context and customer segments of all your customer interactions
    6. 6. The Platform is Drupal Open source, web phenomenon Market Presence 1,500,000+ sites Global Adoption 228 countries Extensive Capabilities 16,000+ modules Broad Community 800,000+ members Active Development 17,000+ developers 2X the size of Linux developer community PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL - do not redistribute
    7. 7. Truly Agile Marketing Pinterest hits New Drupal module 15 Drupal sites go live 10M unique visitors created for website with Users “pinned” images Pinterest integration February 2012 March 2012 April 2012
    8. 8. Drupal Delivers Rich, IntegratedExperiences
    9. 9. Flexible, Open, Best of Breed Mobile Social Email Community Video Primary application FB/Twitter campaign site portal site Measurement and reporting Integrated content store (local + aggregation)Rich media assets User generated CRM Feeds Marketing content automation
    10. 10. Easily Tailored for Various Devices ..that can be arranged Content “components” .. for all form factors. for varying contexts .. A.Comments B.Ratings C.Video Player D.Personalized Content E.Related Links F.Advertising G.Share H.Tags I. Download J. Learn More K.RSS Feed
    11. 11. Drupal: Grounded in Open SourceContinuous Innovation Project D Project C ! ! ! Requirements ! ! ! ! ! ! Specifications ! Project A Design ! ! Coding ! ! ! Project B Testing Project E Project AEx. 1: Traditional Product Development Cycle Ex. 2: Continuous Innovation
    12. 12. Acquia Product Offerings Drupal Enterprise Site Factory Gardens Acquia Managed Deployments Cloud Acquia Drupal Management & Network SaaS Feature Services SoftwareDistributions Content Community Commerce
    13. 13. Our Community. Your Platform. Purpose built for engagement: • Built by web experience experts for experts. • Single Platform: Content, Collaboration, Commerce • Rapid Innovation Fastest time to market for web projects: • Built at the speed of the web • Rapid development and deployment • Rapid cycle content and page creation Open SaaS drives the most compelling ROI: • Drives cost and complexity out of IT. • Scale IT investments with marketing success • Avoid vendor lockin Best of breed ecosystem: • Thriving partner ecosystem • Pre-built integrations with ALL investments.
    14. 14. VML | Acquia: Why marketing driven organization, like Dell, are building WEM solutions on Drupal Rebecca Harpole & Nathaniel Norgren June 5, 2012
    15. 15. AGENDA• About VML• VML| Acquia Partnership• Dell Overview• Challenges and Goals
    16. 16. AboutVML
    17. 17. INNOVATION CREATIVITY STRATEGY KNOWLEDGE Creativesolutions at the intersection of marketing and
    18. 18. Seattle: London: VML/Iconmobile Ingolstadt & Berlin VML/Iconmobile Chicago Prague White Salmon Boston Geneva Milan Beijing Kansas City New York Los Angeles AtlantaMumbai Bogotá Singapore São Paulo SydneyOffice Locations Office Locations Office Locations
    19. 19. SEO Research Account & eCRM Project Analytics Management Insights & Technology Digital Strategy Capabilities UserMobile Experience Branded Media Channel Content & Activation Creative Production
    20. 20. VML | Acquia Partner ship“VML is a key strategic partner for Acquia due to its ability to consistently push the boundaries of how Drupal can be used bothcreatively and technically for enterprise organizations. This technical understanding combined with the ability to consistently deliversolutions for its clients has made VML Acquia’s preferred agency implementation partner. Acquia trusts VML with theimplementations for some of our largest and most valuable clients, including the World Economic Forum, PayPal and Red Hat.”- Dries Buytaert, Acquia CTO and the original creator of Drupal and current Project Lead
    21. 21. How VML and Acquia Work Together VML is an Enterprise Select Acquia partnerrecognized as a leading Drupal implementerworldwide.Our partnership with Acquia provides us withaccess to a wealth of resources andsupport for our client partners. Theseresources, coupled with our deep experiencewith Drupal, differentiate VML from otherdevelopment agencies.
    22. 22. Drupal Expertise History - Weve been building Drupal sites since2007 and a partner sinceCommunity - We have a formal Drupal Practiceand Center of Excellence at VMLOrganizational - We regularly contribute our workback to the Drupal communityNumbers - Over 37 Drupal developers plus BSA,QA, TD, AM and PM, all with a deep familiaritywith Drupal.
    23. 23. Dell CloudBusiness •DellApplications Overview •Challenges & Goals •Current Implementa
    24. 24. Dell Cloud Business Applications Project www.dellcloudappl • Dell provides cloud applications with turnkey services designed for the needs and budgets of small and medium size businesses.
    25. 25. Dell Cloud Business Applications Overview Why Drupal? • Cost Effective • Code Stability • Flexibility • Ease of Implementation Site Structure and Functionality • Early Goals • Information Dispersal • Vision
    26. 26. Challenges & Goals Dell approached VML to provide them with direction and a plan to move DCBA to a WEM- based solution.
    27. 27. Current Implementation User Experience Adjusting site User layout and designExperien to drive the ce goals of the Initia client. l WEM Resource Resour ce Organization Organiz Developing a ation content engagement strategy to better serve
    28. 28. Roadmap User Content FullExperien Managem WEM ce ent IntegratImprove Optimizat ion ments ion
    29. 29. Questions andAnswers