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Unleash the Power of an Integrated Drupal and SugarCRM solution

Unleash the Power of an Integrated Drupal and SugarCRM solution



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To view a recording of this presentation visit:




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  • In most enterprises today, the web is broken. What started out 10 years ago as a handful of web sites has now exploded into dozens or even hundreds of digital experiences delivered across a plethora of devices.
  • Digital Marketers needto create, manage, and optimize content rich, captivating web experiences consistently across all channels of engagement.Generate customer demand by cutting through today’s advertising “noise” and creating personalized, tailored campaigns and content.o   Drive more site traffic and leadso   Increase response and retention rates  Drive greater online conversion ratesBuild brand loyalty and awareness through deeper customer connections that transcend channels, devices, and geographies with one voice.o   Deliver a well-structured, consistent message that encourages brand loyalty and retention.o   Maintain brand integrity across geographies with translated content that’s always on message, but also speaks to local market conditions and preferences.o   Deliver engaging experiences that reflect a customer within the context of all their digital interactions with the company.Expand your digital footprint by creating immersive experiences wherever and whenever your customers want to consume content and interact with the brand.o   Broadcast your message to the largest audience possible by maximizing customer touch points.o   Empower prospects and customers to join the conversation and exert greater market influence by sharing opinions and insights across social and mobile channels.o   Monetize new customer segments through more personalized and targeted content and campaigns.Create a virtuous cycle of engagement by measuring and refining all captured data points and interactions across channels to reflect the context of the customer at all times.o   Harness the power of your customer data and to create a feedback loop for greater engagement.o   Analyse the information to create more accurate customer segments based on what you are hearing.
  • Drupal is leading the change for management of dynamic content in the enterprise. Today it powers circa 2% of the web. The most recent release of Drupal, Drupal 7, had almost 1000 contributors to Drupal core. There were thousands more who submitted patches that were not incorporated. Arguably, Drupal shares with Linux the title of “most active open source projects”. In fact, Drupal has twice the number of developers who’ve contributed code as the Linux project (linux had 8,000 contributors since 2005, according to the Linux foundation in 2011)Drupal wins because it offers:Shorter innovation cyclesFaster time to market via assembly of modules More flexibility .. Want a slightly different behavior … you can ameliorate a module yourself or with a partnerNo vendor lock inBetter total cost of ownershipAcquia is the leading player commercializing Drupal, much in the same way that Red Hat commercialized Linux. Dries Buytaert, the founder and project lead of Drupal, is also Acquia’s founder and CTO. Dries’ co-maintainers for the last two Drupal versions are also members of our team. We lead the community in many ways, from design to thought leadership to writing the code, yet we’re able to leverage the community broadly, where roughly 90% of the code is written.
  • With that, Drupal is emerging as a new standard for managing integrated customer experiences. Drupal was born 10 years ago as a social publishing tool, and quickly evolved to become a robust web development platform that covers the full gamut of content, community, and commerce experiences. It has an architecture that allows it to treat content as individual objects that can be delivered in whatever context you choose, and has a flexible front end that lets it output to one or many distinct web experiences. You see drupal used as often for headless experiences where it is simply feeding applications and rich media as you see it being used for traditional web experiences.
  • We have long believed that Drupal is the answer to much of this problem. Only Drupal can deliver a single platform that seamlessly delivers content, social, and transaction experiences across a multitude of sites and devices. But the front-end experience is not enough. To power a truly digital business, your internal systems need to work just as seamlessly together and connect into that front end. Roots in open source.
  • With both companies built on open source platforms, The "free as in freedom" nature and rapid innovation that can only be found in Drupal and SugarCRM as vibrant open source projects, combines both front end experiences with integrated back-office tools to provide a best of breed customer engagement platform that no one else can match.
  • Joint customers will benefit in a number of unique ways including the ability to:1Deliver closed-loop programs that go from awareness, to consideration, through to purchase and retention. 2Create new Social CRM experiences to enable improved support, customer self-servicing, and loyalty 3Deploy content-rich and social experiences that seamlessly connect to order processing, management, and payments systems.
  • Thank you for joining our webinar. I am Brian Land with OSSCube. Vineet Agrawal, our Director of Operations will be helping me today to talk about how you can leverage the powerful capabilities of Drupal and SugarCRM…….the two leaders in open source CMS and CRM. We here at OSSCube have major practices in both of these solutions and it’s a perfect fit as both have roots in open source cloud computing and leverage the LAMP stack.In this presentation, we will talk about real world examples of how OSSCube has helped our customers integrate Drupal and SugarCRM. They’ve been able to leverage immense value by connecting and engaging more tightly with their customers, better qualify web leads, and increase revenue by marketing to abandoned shopping carts. We will talk about all of these and much more. So, let’s get started.
  • Let’s talk about some Use Cases
  • When we talk about SocialCRM, we are talking about a strategy including customer engagement, interactions, and as a beneficial byproduct……transactions! Drupal has great solutions for this. What happens when a user engages with my company? Leaves a comment, review, or the latest rage…..Pinterest it?Social has tremendous engagement and interaction possibilities with my customers and prospects. And, CRM is all about customers and prospects. Now, lets see HOW we can leverage this great social information with a CRM system.
  • First, let’s talk about the benefits and usages of Drupal, because in most cases this will be the primary point of engagement with your prospect or customer.You immediately think of the common components, such as Download, Comment, Shop, and Like. This is all great info for CRM.Let’s take a step further.1. Session Tracking: When user comes on the website, session tracking is initiated by Drupal. Using this, Drupal can know if this is a first time visitor or a repeat visitor, which provides valuable information from a CRM perspective.2. Browsing History: Users browsing history can be captured in Drupal under the same session, which is also great info.3. Recommendation: When user takes some specific action on the site, he gives more information about himself/herself (name, contact details). This additional information can further be tied up with the Browsing history of the user for analytics and possible recommendations. This is all great information to be integrated with SugarCRM. Based on this social data, I can queue up my inside sales team or marketing team to target these potential customers. For example, I can automatically create a Lead. I can also update an existing Lead with the “browsing data” and alert my rep of what just occurred.Let’s take the flipside though….what if a customer left a negative review? Would it be beneficial for your customer service team to proactively respond to this user? Because, we can automatically create a Case in SugarCRM based on negative feedback on your website. Could it save a customer? Perhaps. However, we’ve seen that by proactively engaging with the complainer can reduce any further erosion of your brand or loss of future sales.Again, by integrating Social CRM with your CMS, you can be ProActive. Based on a number of Drupal events and information, you automatically create Cases, Leads, Orders and provide great information to each system. Also, thing about the reporting side of the house. SugarCRM has very nice Reports and Dashboards, in which you can pull in Drupal information for reporting to your CRM user base.You could get visibility into communication about your product, service, and brand. Why not engage your internal service team to respond and Promote?Engagement is a key tool in the customer lifecycle. While at SugarCon a few weeks ago, the annual user conference, Guy Kawasaki spoke about Engagement and it was so enlightening. From his perspective, customer service is the new marketing. Because of the pervasiveness and openness of customers opinions, for example Yelp and Amazon……I see his point! I know I personally go to these sites before making a product or service purchase .So, to review:If someone gives you a negative review, why not respond in an effective manner? By integrating Drupal and SugarCRM, this is possible. This will help you protect the brand.If someone gives you a positive review, why not respond to thank them and promote goodwill? This could help you promote the brand.If someone provides product feedback, why not use this information to improve your products or services? This will help increase your products value.All this continuous feedback is possible with an integrated SugarCRM solution. There are so many ways to help you increase engagement, collaboration, and value by integrating Drupal and CRM. So, what about Sales?
  • SugarCRM has its own web to Lead form. You basically enter information on a form such as contact info, product request, etc…..and submit. This will automatically create a Lead in SugarCRM.However, what if you could take advantage of the valuable information in Drupal? Could you create rules and auto-assign based on users region deduced by IP address? Yes.Can you include search query to the Lead to help Sales understand their pain? YesHow did the user find your product? Why not include that in the lead form automatically?What about time spent? Can you create a workflow to prioritize leads with higher time spent on the page or website? Sure.Most importantly, what about the history of visits? If a user visits your site multiple times, would you like to know that from a sales perspective? I think so and perhaps you create a special workflow for wuch.All this is great information to help your Lead Scoring from the front end and help you become more efficient from a sales process perspective and Increase Revenue.
  • Drupal Commerce has fantastic ecommerce capabilities. It also has tools for managing abandoned shopping carts. However, what if you can leverage that key data in your CRM system? SugarCRM has great Campaign capabilities to follow up with those potential customers on an on-going basis. You can send periodic email campaigns. Or, create a custom workflow to create a Lead followup for high value items or click Thru rates on the marketing email.I say the term “click thru” rates because you can run a report in SugarCRM to see who actually opened your marketing emails. Then, a step further, who actually clicked on a pre-defined link within the email. This is a great indicator of interest in your product or service.Recall, that we are targeting Lost Sales due to abandoned shopping carts, to generate New Sales through Sugar’s Email Marketing Campaigns.
  • There are a number of Order Management integrations possible. Drupal can handle the front end of the transaction. From there, SugarCRM can handle integration with the ERP, since that integration may already be present due to other business requirements.Like I mentioned earlier, SugarCRM has a robust reporting and dashboard capabilities. We will in fact demo these shortly. Why not pull in all that valuable Drupal order information into Sugar for a holistic view of orders, both offline and online.Of course, the main benefit of using Sugar is engaging with your customer.Finally, our customers want to eliminate the management of two separate product repositories. Both Sugar and Drupal both have Product Catalogs. We have built synchronization processes so that a products are defined and managed only in Sugar, then updated in Drupal automatically. This reduces time and of course possible data entry errors.
  • Regarding Newsletter Management, obvious Drupal allows you to subscribe to mailing lists.With an integrated Campaign system, SugarCRM also allows you to:Manage mailing listsUtilize automated workflow within your campaign processTrack bounces, Opens, click-thrus, etcWhat about Leads? Can we create a Lead based on Newsletter interaction? You bet we can.Again, SugarCRM has extensive reporting to not only show newsletter distribution, but also ROI. Did you spend money for the campaign? Well, how much reveneue did you generate from the campaign, thus lets back into a ROI from a marketing perspective.

Unleash the Power of an Integrated Drupal and SugarCRM solution Unleash the Power of an Integrated Drupal and SugarCRM solution Presentation Transcript

  • Drupal and SugarCRMMay 20, 2012
  • Inside ManyLargeOrganizations, "the Web IsBroken
  • Inside ManyLargeOrganizations, "the Web IsBroken• Duplication of content"• Disparate sources"• Disconnected reporting"• Islands of excellence"
  • Inside ManyLargeOrganizations, "the Web IsBroken
  • Marketing Driving Re-Platform efforts Expand Digital Footprint Create captivating experiences to reach a wider audience Across new segments, channels, " and devices Build Brand Loyalty Connect more deeply to create loyal brand advocates that " through compelling global targeted, " buy more and recommend multi channel campaigns Generate Demand Convert more prospects Across new mobile, social, and web " With personalized, optimized " channels and reinvigorate offline experiences speak to your audience Measure and Refine Capture rich customer info future programs, campaigns, " that displays the history and context " and customer segments of all your customer interactions
  • The Platform is Drupal" Open source, web phenomenon Market Presence 1,500,000+ sites Global Adoption 228 countries Extensive Capabilities 16,000+ modules Broad Community 800,000+ members Active Development 17,000+ developers 2X the size of Linux developer community PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL - do not redistribute
  • Truly Agile Marketing Pinterest hits New Drupal module 15 Drupal sites go live 10M unique visitors created for website with Users pinned images Pinterest integration February 2012 March 2012 April 2012
  • Drupal Delivers Rich, IntegratedExperiences
  • Flexible, Open, Best of Breed Mobile Social! Email Community Video! Primary ! application! FB/Twitter! campaign! site! portal! site! Measurement and reporting! Integrated content store (local + aggregation)!Rich media assets User generated " CRM Feeds Marketing content automation
  • Easily Tailored for Various Devices ..that can be arranged
 Content components " .. for all form factors." for varying contexts .." A. Comments   B. Ratings   C. Video  Player   D. Personalized  Content   E. Related  Links   Campaign 1" F. Advertising   G. Share   H. Tags   I. Download   J. Learn  More   Campaign 2" K. RSS  Feed  
  • Drupal and SugarCRM: Grounded inOpen Source Continuous Innovation Project D Project C Requirements Specifications Project A Design Coding Project B Testing Project E Project A Ex. 1: Traditional Product Development Cycle! Ex. 2: Continuous Innovation!
  • Drupal and SugarCRM: Joint Solutions 1)  Advanced Lead Management: Deliver closed-loop programs that go from awareness, to consideration, through to purchase and retention. 2) Social CRM: Create new Social CRM experiences to enable improved support, customer self-servicing, and loyalty 3) Transformative Shopping: Deploy content-rich and social experiences that seamlessly connect to order processing, management, and payments systems. +
  • Acquia Product Offerings Drupal Enterprise Site Factory" Gardens" Acquia Managed Deployments" Cloud" Acquia Drupal Management &
 Network" SaaS Feature Services" Software "Distributions" CONTENT! COMMUNITY! COMMERCE!
  • Our Community. Your Platform. Purpose built for engagement: •  Built by web experience experts for experts. •  Single Platform: Content, Collaboration, Commerce •  Rapid Innovation Fastest time to market for web projects: •  Built at the speed of the web •  Rapid development and deployment •  Rapid cycle content and page creation Open SaaS drives the most compelling ROI: •  Drives cost and complexity out of IT. •  Scale IT investments with marketing success •  Avoid vendor lockin Best of breed ecosystem: •  Thriving partner ecosystem •  Pre-built integrations with ALL investments.
  • http://osscube.com Integrating Content with CRM Engage | Collaborate | Accelerate Brian Land" Vineet Agrawal" Director, Business Development Director of Operations Brian@osscube.com Vineet@osscube.com
  • About SugarCRM •  Business •  Leading provider of Open Source CRM Founded April 2004 in Cupertino, California •  Europe Head Office in Munich, Germany •  IBM Global Alliance Partner •  Market Traction •  Award winning products •  3rd largest global CRM Provider •  1M users, 80,000+ organisations •  350 partners on five continents •  Fastest Growing •  68%+ billings growth 2011 over 2010 •  > 10 Million downloads Leader Position in CRM for •  2,500+ New customers in 80 countries Midmarket - June 2010
  • What can SugarCRM do? MARKETING SALES Complete marketing campaign Sales force automation: from lead to management and analytics opportunity to close SUPPORT CUSTOMER LIFE CYCLECase Management, Knowledge Integrated Management of Accounts, Bases and Self-Serve Portals Contracts, Projects
  • Drupal & SugarCRM Strengths SugarCRMDrupal • Workflows• User Generated • Analytics / BI Content • Sales• Content Management • Marketing• Commerce • Customer Support• Social • Quotes / Orders/ Invoices• Collaboration • Campaigns• Products • Products
  • Integrated Drupal & SugarCRM Use Cases
  • Social CRM Social Actions Business Actions • Social Bookmarking • Are there any corresponding • Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook business actions? Like • Many businesses don’t take • Leaves a comment any actions on social • Or Pinterest it! • Business Users are • Recommends a product or disconnected from activities on service Website • Negative Review or Comments? • Email to friends Social CRM leverages all of this. How do we take advantage?
  • Search Engine Download Lead Search Query Comment Opportunity Region SugarCRM CRMDrupal Contact Order Intelligence IP Shop Case Source Quote/ Like Invoice Browsing Path Be proactive and take action Promote and Protect your Brand Increase Revenue and Margins Engage with your customers
  • Advanced Lead ManagementTake advantage of great information from Drupal:• Region• Search Query• Page Path• Page Source• Time Spent, Bounce Rate• History of Visits- Integrating with SugarCRM, you can build Lead Scoring Rules- Take Action on high quality leads to Increase Revenue
  • E Commerce – Shopping Cart Drupal Commerce / Ubercart Research says that following up with abandoned SugarCRM can be used to keep track of shopping carts can increase sales by X% (Quote Abandoned Carts Source) • Automated follow-ups and offers • Are you proactively following Abandoned Shopping Carts? • Integrate with your marketing campaigns • Custom workflows for High Value Items or Click Thru Rates
  • E Commerce – Order Management Order Management Drupal Can SugarCRM Can Reporting Customer Front End of Funnel Product Integration Process all orders Integrate with ERP Engagement and Transaction Dashboards with Drupal Management
  • Newsletter ManagementDrupal SugarCRM• Subscribe to mailing lists • Mailing List Management • Automated Workflows • Track Bounces, Opens, Click-Thrus • Automated Lead Creation • Extensive Reports
  • ReviewSocial CRM: Promote and Protect the BrandLead Scoring: Increase Revenue and EfficienciesEcommerce: Turn Lost Sales into New CustomersOrder Management: Integrate and Automate to Save MoneyNewsletter and Campaign Management: Visibility and ROI
  • Tech Talk
  • Simple Form Integrations•  Database Storage & Cron Method (Batch Job with API)•  SugarCRM API Method (Real Time) •  SOAP & REST API’s•  SugarCRM Lead Form in Drupal (POST to SugarCRM)
  • Single Sign On for Internal Users•  Transparent HTTP form-based Single Sign On between SugarCRM and Drupal •  Single Sign-On based on LDAP authentication of Drupal and SugarCRM•  Single Sign-On Through a SAML based integration provided SSO service provider or Identity provider is available.
  • Demo
  • http://osscube.com Q&A Brian Land" Vineet Agrawal" Director, Business Development Director of Operations Brian@osscube.com Vineet@osscube.com