Three Powerful Tools for Improving the Performance of your Drupal Site


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Three Powerful Tools for Improving the Performance of your Drupal Site

  1. 1. Making it easier to develop, deployand maintain Drupal web sites
  2. 2. A broad array of Software + Servicesto create and maintain killer web experiences built on Drupal
  3. 3. “Answers I need...”
  4. 4. “...has my back”
  5. 5. “ I can use.”
  6. 6. “Answers I need...” 800+ Articles 1000+ FAQs500+ Podcasts, Webinars and Videos and more to come!
  7. 7. Drupalize.Me One Free Account for ProsFive Free Accounts for Enterprise First Month for $1 for All
  8. 8. 24X7 Safety Net • World Class team of Drupalists for support and coaching • Located in North America, Europe and Australia • Ticket-based, rapid response • Automated site monitoring • Backup services
  9. 9. Tools I Can Visual Website Mollom uTest Extend and Manage Your Drupal Site Optimizer Free with SubscriptionLingotek API New Adding New Services for Relic Yottaa Mobify
  10. 10. Acquia Tools • Acquia Insight provides real-time analysis and proactive alerts for issues with your Drupal code and configuration. • Acquia SEO Grader helps you increase traffic from organic search by identifying areas for improvement in how your site is rendered by Drupal. • Acquia Search gives you a rich, faceted search engine (Powered by Solr/Lucene) that you can have up and running on your site in minutes.
  11. 11. Acquia Insight • Dynamic scoring: On demand scoring (0-100) based on site code & config • Drupal code analysis: Identify module code modifications to quickly identify and resolve issues • Configuration monitoring: Monitors more than 80 configuration, performance and security settings • Proactive alerts & recommendations: Configurable email alerts and practical ‘Help Me Fix’ recommendations.
  12. 12. Acquia SEO Grader • Page structure evaluation: Analyzes page and information structure as it relates to what search engines can find • Increased findability and crawlability: Evaluates on-page content and how easy it is for users to access key info • Improved user experience: Identify key search engine criteria that aren’t being met - content freshness, page speed, spam prevention - and receive best practices help on how to fix
  13. 13. Acquia Search • Quick/easy installation: A hosted Acquia Network Service that can be installed as a module on any Drupal 6 or 7 site • Improved search experience: Through the use of faceted search navigation, content recommendations and configurable results weightings • Cost effective: Built on Lucene/Solr on a redundant/hosted service infrastructure with no servers to deploy or maintain
  14. 14. Now available! • Site portfolio management tools: Realtime analysis across multiple sites and subscriptions, prioritized by production site issues first, including security and accessibility analysis • Enhanced Search: Geo-spatial, Multi- faceted, Super fast • More cloud services! Load testing, web analytics, and developer repositories
  15. 15. Insight Overview Page
  16. 16. Alert Overlay
  17. 17. Module Lists & Code Quality
  18. 18. Module Lists & Code Quality
  19. 19. Code Changes
  20. 20. Code Changes
  21. 21. Performance Overview
  22. 22. Score is good… now its time to load test
  23. 23. Identifying and Resolving Common Drupal Performance Issues with New Relic Bjorn Freeman-Benson Vice President of Engineering
  24. 24. What is New Relic?• The first APM solution delivered SaaS• See real-time, transaction-level visibility inside production web apps• Track end-to-end response times of critical web transactions with real user monitoring• The only service that supports Ruby, Java, .NET, Python, and PHP applications• Deep code-level diagnostics, and long term performance improvement tools• Designed for applications running in either the cloud or dedicated datacenters• 24x7 monitoring and alerting
  25. 25. Common Drupal Performance Issues Slow Database Queries HTTP Calls Traffic CPU Usage No Views Caching
  26. 26. Slow Database Queries
  27. 27. HTTP Calls
  28. 28. Traffic
  29. 29. CPU Usage
  30. 30. No Views Caching
  31. 31. How to get New Relic• Acquia Managed Cloud customers have New Relic automatically provisioned. If you think you don’t have New Relic, contact an Acquia rep.• Acquia customers hosting their own site can log into the Acquia Network, select New Relic from the Services page and follow the on-screen instructions. Implementation typically takes just a few minutes.• If you are not an Acquia or New Relic customer, simply visit to get started