Passer de zéro à 100km/h sur Drupal grâce à Acquia


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  • Like further presentation, this video is also very well presented as well as graphically and textually,I could gain many things of Drupal.
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  • Bonjour nous sommes heureux d ’être ici avec vous pour officialiser le lancement d’Acquia en France! En effet, Tout le monde attendait ce moment, Les clients nous attendaient Les partenaires nous attendaient La communauté nous attendaient Afin que nous puissions les supporter et les accompagner pour assurer le Succès des projets Drupal, ..
  • CMO : Mobile optimized experiences Harness social media Mass personalization / testing Translation Managing digital assets Marketing dashboards / reporting CTO : Mobile app development Big data / web scale Increase return from analytics Localization costs / quality Content distribution services Platform integration / ecosystem
  • Interwoven now HP
  • Interwoven now HP
  • The problem every business and marketer is trying to accomplish in their communications is simple, but the explosion of content, tools, and channels makes that goal harder and harder. CMO Mobile optimized experiences Harness social media Mass personalization / testing Translation Managing digital assets Marketing dashboards / reporting CTO Mobile app development Big data / web scale Increase return from analytics Localization costs / quality Content distribution services Platform integration / ecosystem
  • The drupal world has 1.5M.
  • However, we ’ re only a small planet in this universe! Drupal sites make up only 6.7% of all CMS sites Drupal as a platform vision Data from here:
  • Did you know that only 30% of all websites are built on CMS platform?
  • 5th technology cycle
  • Drupal is leading the change for management of dynamic content in the enterprise. Today it powers circa 2% of the web. The most recent release of Drupal, Drupal 7, had almost 1000 contributors to Drupal core. There were thousands more who submitted patches that were not incorporated. Arguably, Drupal shares with Linux the title of “most active open source projects”. In fact, Drupal has twice the number of developers who’ve contributed code as the Linux project (linux had 8,000 contributors since 2005, according to the Linux foundation in 2011) Drupal wins because it offers: Shorter innovation cycles Faster time to market via assembly of modules More flexibility .. Want a slightly different behavior … you can ameliorate a module yourself or with a partner No vendor lock in Better total cost of ownership Acquia is the leading player commercializing Drupal, much in the same way that Red Hat commercialized Linux. Dries Buytaert, the founder and project lead of Drupal, is also Acquia ’s founder and CTO. Dries’ co-maintainers for the last two Drupal versions are also members of our team. We lead the community in many ways, from design to thought leadership to writing the code, yet we’re able to leverage the community broadly, where roughly 90% of the code is written.
  • Drupal is composed of functional components known as modules, and was designed from the get-go to support great extensibility.  In fact, the Drupal community regularly “absorbs” contributed modules (created on top of CORE Drupal), making them part of Drupal’s next major platform release. Innovation in the Drupal community works like this: Individual community members identify new functional requirements for their Drupal sites, typically based on their own needs.  He or she develop and contribute a new module to the project based on those needs. If others share this requirement, they will investigate and use the module, often contributing patches and bug fixes, along with new capabilities, to improve the module. The more popular a module becomes, the faster it improves in quality - to the benefit of everyone who uses it. If a module becomes popular, or valuable enough, it may be considered for inclusion in a future release of Drupal core. This virtuous cycle of informal, networked collaboration is what drives innovation in the Drupal community, and on the web. Drupal core consists of approx. 30 such modules, which have been created, managed, and maintained by approx 800 community contributors. On top of Drupal core, there are at this time over 7,000 contributed modules -- from approx. 5000 contributors. hosts a testing environment with over 30,000 test to ensure the stability of core and contributed modules And Drupal is designed around a hook system which makes it possible for your developers to “override” module behavior to meet your organizations custom needs.
  • With that, Drupal is emerging as a new standard for managing integrated customer experiences. Drupal was born 10 years ago as a social publishing tool, and quickly evolved to become a robust web development platform that covers the full gamut of content, community, and commerce experiences. It has an architecture that allows it to treat content as individual objects that can be delivered in whatever context you choose, and has a flexible front end that lets it output to one or many distinct web experiences. You see drupal used as often for headless experiences where it is simply feeding applications and rich media as you see it being used for traditional web experiences.
  • [This slide builds] Core to Drupal ’s success since the project’s first release in 2001 has been an extremely elegant information architecture.  Drupal manages information of all kinds in the form of “nodes.”      Content on Drupal sites are almost always composed of multiple “nodes,” e.g.: a product description  - text a product image - jpeg file related product catalog information Because these atomic elements are managed separately by Drupal, site developers can assemble them in many ways and generate new user experiences easily. Administrators can also create custom content types -- to supplement a raw node with information which makes the content useful and meaningful to people. --- Raw nodes including text content can become “blog posts,” for example, by including information identifying the author, and a date for publication.  A node including a reference to an MP3 file can be converted into an “album tracks” with the inclusion of information identifying the artist, the title, the producer, and the date of publication. --- Content in Drupal can be “referenced.”  Examples: Users can create a comment, which is associated with a specific blog post; or they can add a vote or a tag to a product description page.  As we will see in a moment, this type of content is used in conjunction with roles and permissions to enable a broad range of social publishing capabilities. --- Finally, Drupal gives site designers and administrators great flexibility over how site content is presented to users through “views.”  Views provide a powerful capability to query content stored in Drupal nodes, and to present that content to users in meaningful ways.  Views can be used to do everything from creating simple, reverse-chronological lists of blog post titles, to creating a rich display of music track thumbnails ordered by average “star rating” based on user voting, to RSS feeds, navigational blocks and much more.
  • [this slide builds] Drupal provides an elegant user management framework which makes new, interesting types of social engagement on the web possible. --- Users can be “anonymous,” or they can have a profile on a Drupal site and become authenticated users.  Authenticated users can be organized into groups, known as roles.  As a simple example, anonymous users might be plain readers of public content on a Drupal site, while users in the “authors” role might be able to create new pages or blog posts on the site.  Another group of users might be “editors.” --- Author permissions might only grant users with that role access to public content, plus the pages or posts they have themselves created. --- Editors, on the other hand, might have permissions giving them access to see all contributed pages and posts, and to update the content of those pages and posts.  Furthermore, perhaps only editors have the right to set a custom field like “publication time,” which would specify when the content would go live on the web site. --- All of these are configurable by the site administrator, and completely customizable. The ability to create custom roles, and to define very specific access control permissions based on those roles, makes great social sites possible.  It is simple to define a role such as “Visitor.”  Visitors would like to comment on blog posts -- so they create a Drupal log-in, but that role’s permissions may give them only the right to add comments to blog posts.  “Customers” might be granted a different custom role, which would entitle them to add content ratings to product pages.  These ratings might be visible to “Product Managers,” but invisible to “Visitors.” Suddenly very rich interactive experiences can be offered to visitors, all in accordance with the access appropriate to them individually.
  • But it ’s not enough to have a solid architecture. The experience for marketers and site owners to be able to craft those experiences must be simple and elegant. Early versions of Drupal were primarily developer tools, and had the UI to prove it. That changed dramatically in Drupal 7, and Acquia has taken it even further by taking cues from some of the best web experience design tools in the commercial space and bringing them into the Drupal UI. Now, users can select and design content components, mash them up and arrange them into the experiences they desire, and deploy them to a plethora of devices – all without the help of a Developer.
  • 9 h 30 à 9 h 45   Introduction , Cyril Reinhard, Directeur Acquia France Acueil: remerciement public et partenaires Agenda Acquia Key Figure La france Intro avec Dries 9 h 45 à 10 h 30 Vision et le Futur de Drupal . Dries Buytaert, créateur de Drupal et directeur technique d ’Acquia, partagera sa vision et vous parlera de l’évolution de Drupal, ainsi que de son orientation pour 2012 et dans les années à venir. 10 h 30 à 11 h Étude de cas client - Radio France 11 h à 11 h 30 Pause café et exposition des partenaires 11 h 30 à 12 h 10 Bonnes pratiques. Comment gérer une expérience utilisateur Multi-canal et personnalisée, Comment industrialiser la création et gestion de sites.  12 h 10 à 12 h 30 Acquia France.  Une équipe, des Partenaires, une communauté pour vous accompagner sur vos projets. Cyril Reinhard, Directeur Acquia France 12 h 30 à 13 h Débat et session de questions-réponses   13 h à 14 h 30 Buffet et échanges  
  • Based in Orlando with 7 hospitals and more than 30 care centers, Florida Hospital is America ’s #1 hospital for inpatient admissions. The #1 reason visitors come to is to locate the nearest emergency room facility. Using open source Drupal, every visitor can prominently see, in the Red Bar, both a list of nearby emergency rooms, in order of location proximity to the site visitor, but also the current wait time at that facility. This valuable information, delivered anywhere their customers are located, helps FH improve their overall patient experience.
  • Acquia a été créée dans un objectif «Etre le guide Drupal des Entreprises» LA communauté est l ’une des plus importante et plus productives, et il manquait un Editeur pour la soutenir et supporter des projets toujours plus ambitieux. Les entreprises et administrations avaient et ont besoin d ’être rassurées sur la pérennité et l’avenir de Drupal et sa communauté, de pouvoir intégrer dans leur stratégie Digital sur le moyen et le long terme la Plateforme Drupal (Services Acquia, Partenaires) et c’est la raison pour laquelle le rôle d’Acquia pour soutenir les partenaires et la communauté est primordiale. Pourquoi la France, La France est très active dans l ’Open Sorce et très consommatrice de Drupal, et ont y trouve des projets de plus en plus importats, et notre rôle à tous et d’en assurer le succès, car le succès des projets d’aujourd’hui fera le le succès des projets de demain
  • Case studies
  • Passer de zéro à 100km/h sur Drupal grâce à Acquia

    1. 1. Acquia Votre guide Drupal Passer de Zéro à 100 sur Drupal avec Acquia Cyril Reinhard Twitter: @cyrilCR @acquia @acquia_france Directeur Europe du Sud mail:© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    2. 2. Agenda @acquia @acquia_france @cyrilCR #acquiafr #Drupal #CMS #WCM • Les besoins et enjeux des Entreprises • Drupal pour les Entreprises • Acquia pour aller de 0 à 100 … • Références • Réseau de Partenaires© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    3. 3. Le Monde change, la faç on dont nous inter-agissons aussi© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    4. 4. Diffé rents besoins,Diffé rents canaux,Diffé rentes interactions...© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    5. 5. Différents besoins, Différentscanaux,Différentes interactions...Diffé rentes solutions,Diffé rents formats,Diffé rentes expé riences... • Duplication des contenus • Inté gration customer interactions span an increasingly “As complex array of fractured touchpoints — such as • Maintenance complexe websites, apps, communities, and social networks — companies need to coordinate well-orchestrated • Capitalisation des experiences across all touchpoints.” Compé tences compliqué e© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    6. 6. MobileRéseaux SociauxMutli-sites, Multi-canal, Multi...PersonnalisationRich-Média Besoin d’une plate-forme Digitale permettant de gérer les expériences utilisateurs «Personnalisées et multi- canal»© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    7. 7. Plateforme Web/Digitale Entreprise Site(s) e-commerce Site Entreprise Site(s) Micro-sites Produit(s) Marketing, Evénementiel Communauté(s) Autres sites Réseaux sociaux© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    8. 8. Objectifs et challenges des Entreprises Délivrer le bon Au bon A la bonne Via le bon Message Moment Personne Canal© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    9. 9. Drupal 1.5 million de Sites© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    10. 10. Sites utilisant un CMS 6.7%© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    11. 11. Esemble des Sites 30% Sites CMS© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    12. 12. Mobile 25X de croissance Dans les 5 prochaines années© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    13. 13. Drupal est la plus grand Communauté Open Source dans le monde Open source, un phénomène web Présence sur le marché 1 500 000+ sites Adoption Mondiale 228 pays Capacités étendues 17 000+ modules Communauté 800 000+ membres Développeurs actifs 17 000+ développeurs© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    14. 14. Modularité, tout est une question de Modules ! Drupal “Core Modules” •30 modules •800 contributeurs Drupal “Community Modules” •16,000+ modules •17,000+ contributeurs Testing • with 30k tests “Module Extending” •“Hooks” permettent aux dé veloppeurs de modifier/surcharger avec pré cision le comportement d’un module© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    15. 15. La gestion de l’Expé rience utilisateur modulaire Architecture flexible permettant de rapidement «assembler» briques né cessaires à la construction du site au lieu de partir de zé ro. Core de Drupal Avec Les distributions modules recommandé s complè tes© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    16. 16. Drupal fournit les expériences riches et intégrés© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    17. 17. Comment Drupal gè re le contenu Vues Références article article page Contenu blog wiki Web vidéo image média Nœuds© Acquia, Inc. 2012. © 2010 Acquia, Inc. All rights reserved. Inc. © 2009 Acquia,
    18. 18. Comment Drupal gère les utilisateurs Administrateur Utilisateurs Utilisateurs authentifiés anonymes Rôles Auteurs Éditeurs Groups of like users Nombre illimité de rôles personnalisés, autorisations créer une page modifier la page Operations allowed by role des autorisations et des vues vues mes messages tous les messages Determined by permissions© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    19. 19. Comment Drupal gè re la couche de pré sentation (le « thè me ») • Dans Drupal la notion de Thè me(s) permet de sé parer la la mise en forme et le contenu (modè le de pré sentation) • Les thè mes incluent les fichiers de modè le pour dé finir la structure du site et de la page en PHP© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    20. 20. Permet une gestion multi-devices Contenu .. qui sera positionné en fonction .. pour tous types «composantes» des diffé rents contextes .. de modè les A.Commentaires B.Notes C.Lecteur vidé o D.Contenu personnalisé Campaign 1 E.Liens connexes F.Publicité G.Partage H.Balises I. Té lé charger J.Pour en savoir plus K.Flux RSS Campaign 2© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    21. 21. Drupal : La gestion de l’expé rience utilisateur ! • Pour l’IT : • Une plateforme de nouvelle génération pour gérer l’expérience Client. • Mutualiser et Capitaliser. • Pour le marketing : • Un ensemble de solutions de gestion de l’expérience client pour proposer des interactions numériques «immersives» et multi- canal / Cross-canal© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    22. 22. Drupal est... les expé riences dentreprise© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    23. 23. E-commerce, distribution, transport, industrie© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    24. 24. Drupal est…Contenu de riches expé riences© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    25. 25. Media : Editorial, forte audience, interaction, média© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    26. 26. Drupal est… lexpé rience des communauté s© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    27. 27. Organisation : Multi-langues, Culturelle, Communautaire© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    28. 28. Drupal est… services financiers© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    29. 29. Banques : Multi-langues, Personnalisation, Intégration© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    30. 30. Drupal est… engagement communautaire© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    31. 31. Politique : Réseau, Communautaire, Interaction, Média© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    32. 32. Drupal est… lenseignement supérieur© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    33. 33. Drupal est… les expé riences mobiles© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    34. 34. Drupal : Contenu riche et Gestion du multi-canal© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    35. 35. Drupal et le Multi-canal Responsive Themes© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    36. 36. Pour en savoir plus© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    37. 37. La socié té Acquia • Fondé e par le cré ateur et leader du projet Drupal, Dries Buytaert • Expé rience du Web et du monde logiciel pour l’Entreprise • Plus de 200 employé s • Pré sence: Boston, London, Portland, Washington, Paris, Benelux • 38.5 M$ de fonds levé s auprè s de partenaires financiers • Plus de 2000 clients • Plus de 50 partenaires (Europe du Sud)© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    38. 38. De nombreux experts Drupal© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    39. 39. Acquia, [ Dé marrage ! ] Votre Guide Drupal Apprendre - Réseau d’experts, Construire - Support et Conseil - Bonnes pratiques - Formations Déployer - Distributions - Plateforme PaaS - Solution SaaS Fonctionner [ ] Dé ploiement© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    40. 40. Solutions et Offres d’Acquia Conseil & Formation Expertise Drupal «Usine» à sites Drupal (SaaS) Gestion des déploiements Drupal (PaaS) Services, Savoir-faire, e-learning et Support Contenu Communauté Commerce© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    41. 41. Dans une organisation, différents modèles dedéploiement sont nécessaires (Mix) SaaS CREER Internal CONNECTER Hosting CONVERTIR PaaS
    42. 42. Acquia Network, le «liant» de vos usages Drupal Internal Hosting
    43. 43. Drupal : Gestion multi-sites Warner Music Group© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    44. 44. Vos sites web se dé placent ! Votre Site é volue au sein de l’usine à sites et devient plus spé cifique ? Acquia gè re les é lé ments Drupal et l’hé bergement Acquia gè re les é lé ments Drupal et l’hé bergement
    45. 45. Solutions et Produits Acquia Expertise OpenSaaS Distributions Drupal Gardens Commons Formation Drupal Platform as a Service Managed Cloud Dev Cloud Solutions Drupal Commerce Souscriptions OpenPublish Consulting OpenPublic Acquia Network Acquia Library OpenScholar OpenAtrium Insight Drupal Support Remote Admin Acquia Search© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    46. 46. Acquia Network Support * Professionnel * Entreprise * Elite Services * Insight * SEO Grader * Search * Mollom, New Relic... Library * (vidéos) * Best practices * FAQ * Articles
    47. 47. “Les réponses dont j’ai besoin...”800+ Articles1300+ FAQs500+ Podcasts, Webinars etVideoset bien plus à venir !
    48. 48. Outils et Services web pour étendre et manager vos projets DrupalGè rent des sites plus efficacement tendre les fonctionnalité s É•La surveillance des sites Drupal •Recherche à facettes et des recommandations de contenu•SEO Grader •Protection contre le spam automatisé•Tests de charge en libre-service •Conception de linterface mobile•La surveillance du rendement •Tests multivarié s •traduction par <<crowdsourcing>>
    49. 49. Gestion des applications Drupal•Vérifie 100+ paramètres spécifiques de Drupal•l’Analyse à la demande•Visibilité sur plusieurs sites•Notifications personnalisées en temps réel•Recommandations de meilleures pratiques
    50. 50. Acquia Insight
    51. 51. Acquia SEO Grader
    52. 52. Acquia Search
    53. 53. BlazeMeter – Test & Analyse de la performance • 100% compatibilité avec Jmeter tests de charge • Générer instantanément des stress tests massifs avec des outils de reporting et danalyse complets
    54. 54. Le blocage des spams automatisés et assurance decontenu • Protège tout contenu généré par lutilisateur - 99,95% efficace! • Tant lanalyse de texte ainsi que la réponse défi
    55. 55. New Relic surveillance du rendement • Surveiller, optimiser et dépanner votre site avec vues en temps réel • Unique pointage <<Apdex>> évalue lexpérience
    56. 56. Accélération du site avec Yottaa • Surveillance automatisée de la vitesse du site • Améliorer la vitesse de votre site de 50% ou plus • Aucun logiciel installe ou des changements de code nécessaires
    57. 57. Outils de développement automatisés• Automatisation de lintégration continue• Cloud API
    58. 58. Clients
    59. 59. Clients
    60. 60. Eco-systè me Partenaires© Acquia, Inc. 2012.
    61. 61. Acquia • Pour plus dinformation: • Suivez-nous: @cyrilCR, @acquia_france, @acquia, @drupalgardens • Contactez-nous: ou +33 1 79 97 25 70
    62. 62. Ensemble, Client, Communauté, Partenaire et Acquia •Pour le succès des projets Drupal© Acquia, Inc. 2012.