Managing Content in Drupal with Workbench
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Managing Content in Drupal with Workbench



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Managing Content in Drupal with Workbench Managing Content in Drupal with Workbench Presentation Transcript

  • Managing  Content  in  Drupal  with  Workbench   George  DeMet    &  Steve  Persch   Katie  Staveley   Acquia  
  • Managing Contentin Drupal withWorkbenchGeorge DeMet and Steve
  • About•  Founded in 1996; working with Drupal since 2006•  Web strategy, design, and development firm•  Team of senior-level Drupal and Web experts•  Leading contributors to Drupal core, contributed modules, and community•  Enterprise Select Acquia Partner
  • Why Workbench?•  Drupal lacked an out-of-the-box unified interface for workflow, moderation, and access control.•  Many organizations have multiple content managers with different levels of responsibility and technical expertise•  Workbench enables content managers to focus on their content, not on learning how to use Drupal
  • Public vs. Administrative
  • Drupal 7 administrative theme
  • Stock Drupal 7 content page
  • The main Workbench module
  • Workbench Modules•  Workbench•  Workbench Moderation•  Workbench Access•  Workbench Files and Media (not covered today)
  • The main Workbench module
  • Alternative create content page
  • Workbench ModerationChanged to
  • “Forward Revisions”
  • Additional default Views
  • Workbench AccessSections content for administrators
  • Museum’s Whale Songs kiosk•  Physically in the gift shop•  Publicly listed with gift shop on website•  Administratively still an “exhibit”
  • Workbench Access hierarchy•  The University •  College of Arts and Sciences •  English Department •  Biology Department •  Student genome blog •  Psychology Department •  School of Medicine •  Dentistry •  Nursing •  General Medicine
  • The Millennium Falcon Blog and.html
  • The Millennium Falcon culture•  Decisions made quickly•  Deep trust between Han and Chewbacca•  They have some specialized tasks•  Roles aren’t enforced with overt structure hobbes-for.html
  • No need for Workbench Access•  There are no internal divisions
  • Same Drupal roles
  • Standard Workbench Moderation
  • The Rebel Alliance Blog
  • Rebel culture culture•  Relatively flat organization•  High profile, in demand leaders•  Lots of turn over•  Trusting yet suspicious •  Specialization wars.html
  • Stock “My Workbench” paint.html
  • Front-end taxonomy
  • Big-name bloggers“Traps and how to avoid them”
  • Rebel Gatekeepers man-purse.html
  • Workbench Moderation states Needs   Dra$   Published   Review
  • The Empire Blog
  • Imperial culture•  Highly structured•  Strict hierarchy•  Monolithic to outsiders empire.html
  • Workbench Access sectionsMaps directly to Empire hierarchy
  • Workbench Moderation statesMaps directly to user roles
  • Notifications through Rules (dev version)
  • The main Workbench module
  • Override with Panels
  • The Emperor wants to know all
  • Moff ‘My Workbench’
  • Upcoming WorkbenchModeration features•  Nonlinear approvals•  Fields on the state change itself•  Varying workflows on arbitrary conditions•  Ctools-powered exportability
  • “The more you tighten your grip, the morenodes will slip through your fingers”
  • Thanks!•  George DeMet•"•  Steve Persch•"•  Visit us at•  Follow us on Twitter: @palantir
  • Acquia  is  Hiring  •  Do  you  love  working  with  Drupal?  •  Acquia  is  hiring  in  North  America  and  Europe   •  Engineering   •  Design   •  Client  Advisors   •  Sales  and  Marketing   •  Finance  and  Operation  
  • Questions  Acquia:  Contact:  or    888.9.ACQUIA  Follow  us:  @acquia    George  DeMet:    Steve  Persch:  Follow  us:  @palantir   Today’s  webinar  recording  will  be  posted  to: