Improving the ROI of Your Drupal Website with Updated Content Strategy


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Improving the ROI of Your Drupal Website with Updated Content Strategy

  1. 1. Improve the ROI of Your Drupal Site with an updated content strategy By: Dawn Borglund July 24th, 2014
  2. 2. Dawn Borglund Senior Digital Strategist @dawnborglund
  3. 3. A little about my history ● Senior project manager for Mediacurrent where I led large scale technical projects ● Brand manager for Drupal advertising agency ● Graduate and undergraduate professor of digital media, marketing, and transmedia storytelling for UCF ● Director and producer for international broadcasts ● Online story consultation testing for Halloween Horror Nights / Universal Studios Orlando, Institute for Simulation and Training, and Media Convergence Lab. ● Presented at several conferences and lead workshops nationwide. Recently presented at Drupalcon. Prepping Carey Hart for an interview
  4. 4. Design/Theming ● Usability Testing ● Responsive Design ● Drupal Theming ● Annotated Wireframes @Mediacurrent Development ● Drupal Support ● Custom Module Development ● Large Scale Systems Integration ● Security & Performance Expertise We help organizations build highly impactful, elegantly designed Drupal websites that achieve the strategic results you need. Digital Strategy ● Content Strategy ● Content Generation ● Result Metrics ● Marketing Automation Integration
  5. 5. Our Customers
  6. 6. ● Why is content marketing important? ● How do I increase conversions? ● Why are my traditional tactics no longer working? ● How do I reach a larger audience? ● How do I find a balance between advertising and social content? ● What Drupal tools can I use to help me get there? ● What metrics prove long term ROI for my Drupal website? @Mediacurrent Agenda
  7. 7. Why is content marketing important? @Mediacurrent
  9. 9. @Mediacurrent
  10. 10. @Mediacurrent
  11. 11. @Mediacurrent
  12. 12. @Mediacurrent
  13. 13. @Mediacurrent
  14. 14. How do I increase conversions? Content strategy: Creating and publishing material for the purpose of acquiring new customers and retaining existing customers. @Mediacurrent
  15. 15. YOU
  16. 16. Meme by Andrew Dennis
  17. 17. ● Make sure there’s nothing technically wrong ● Increase traffic ● Get the right traffic ● Improve your pitch @Mediacurrent #easy wins
  18. 18. Why are my traditional tactics no longer working? @Mediacurrent
  19. 19. Traditional Advertising/Marketing: Creating audiences via paid media @Mediacurrent
  20. 20. Content Marketing: Creating audiences via owned media @Mediacurrent
  21. 21. Content Marketing: Using owned media to get earned media @Mediacurrent
  22. 22. Today’s digital landscape: Crowded with companies & platforms @Mediacurrent
  23. 23. Why else isn’t it working? ● Consumers choose channels (Google, Facebook, etc) that serve their needs and channels try to serve content that matches those customer’s needs ○ ...which likely isn’t going to be bad owned media ● Each channel wants to be profitable as well. @Mediacurrent
  24. 24. @Mediacurrent ● 46 colleges and universities just in immediate area ● Colleges and universities in other states ● Online degrees ● ...all wanting their students. Example: Butler University
  25. 25. Take Aways: ● There needs to be a stronger focus on content distribution as well as content generation. ● You have to deeply consider new platforms and weigh the pros/cons before jumping in. ● If your intention is to provide valuable, interesting information to users, then you can live through the storms. @Mediacurrent
  26. 26. How do I reach a larger audience?
  27. 27. What is your audience’s perspective?
  28. 28. Going viral to build an audience ● You could leave it up to chance or you could make very deliberate plans: ○ Make your product easy to share ○ Ensure that it’s worth sharing / must answer “what’s in it for me?” ○ Be willing to adjust/pivot based on user feedback ● Focus on early adopters before the mass market. At least at first. ○ What are their interests and where do they frequent? @Mediacurrent
  29. 29. ● Customers got really great deals ● Inviting your friends via social media meant you could get your deal for free if enough of them sign up too @Mediacurrent Give users a reason to believe and share
  30. 30. How do I reach the right audience?
  31. 31. Getting the plan together ● Buyer persona development ● Competitive Analysis ● Content Audit / Gap Analysis ● SEO Keyword Analysis ● Propose Content Style guide ● Editorial Calendar ● Set Results Metrics @Mediacurrent
  32. 32. @Mediacurrent Example Persona ● Day in the life ● Current beliefs about you ● Problems and concerns that you can solve ● Common objections to your services ● Primary marketing channels ● Desired online experience
  33. 33. Content Gap Showing the strengths and weaknesses in your current content/digital strategy.
  34. 34. A typical month might look like ● Set campaign goals ● Write SEO’d articles and pages ● Release email campaigns ● Interact on social media ● Create lead-gen landing pages with downloadable content ● Connect with brand evangelists to help promote content ● Review analytics and ROI @Mediacurrent
  35. 35. How do I find a balance between personable content and advertising?
  36. 36. “I can’t wait to see some advertisements today!” - said only advertisers. @Mediacurrent
  37. 37. @Mediacurrent You Audience SW EET SPO T!
  38. 38. @Mediacurrent
  39. 39. @Mediacurrent
  40. 40. Thanks for the meme, jerlz-is-win
  41. 41. Quote All things being equal, people will do business with people they know, like and trust. All things being unequal, people will STILL do business with people they know like and trust. ~Jeffrey Gitomer, author of Little Red Book of Selling @Mediacurrent
  42. 42. What Drupal tools can I use to help me reach my goals? @Mediacurrent
  43. 43. Marketers love Drupal because: @Mediacurrent ● No licensing fees! ● Very, very secure ● You can control the major SEO elements of each page ● Easy to customize the workflow ● Integrates with marketing automation platforms ● Create dynamic, personal content ● Track EVERYTHING
  44. 44. Drupal tools that make life easier: @Mediacurrent ● Global Redirect ● Google Analytics ● Metatag ● Path Redirect ● Pathauto ● Redirect ● Search404 ● XML Sitemap ● Marketing Automation Modules ● Acquia Lift
  45. 45. @Mediacurrent Thought Leaders in Marketing Automation Module Maintainers
  46. 46. Acquia Lift: Drupal website personalization @Mediacurrent ● Build targeted content for your audience personas ● Content is served based on user behavior and interest ● A/B testing and learning ● Integrates seamlessly with your content creation workflow
  47. 47. What metrics prove long term ROI for my Drupal website? @Mediacurrent
  48. 48. ROI = (# of leads x value of each lead) - investment @Mediacurrent
  49. 49. Keep an eye on: @Mediacurrent ● Bounce rates, time on site, exit/landing pages ● Website traffic sources ● Campaign specific data ● Medium specific data- content quality
  50. 50. Report on: @Mediacurrent ● Conversions: ○ Primary ○ Downloads ○ Back channel ● Pages >1 hit from search ● Medium specific data- numbers and rankings ● Top performing keywords/referrals ● Reviews
  51. 51. SEO 53% increase in organic searching Marketing Automation Thought leaders, eBook, tracking all activity Email Marketing 40% increase Content Creation 129% growth in content conversions Mediacurrent’s Inbound Marketing Social Media increase across all channels
  52. 52. Now what? @Mediacurrent
  53. 53. Content Marketing Maturity Model @Mediacurrent
  54. 54. Thanks for the meme!
  55. 55. Thank You! Questions? @Mediacurrent