How to Use Drupal 7 to Meet Your Accessibility Goals

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  • 1. How to Use Drupal 7 to Meet Your Accessibility Goals Working effectively to eliminate barriers!by Mike Gifford
  • 2. Accessibility Goals● Barrier free / universal design● Are our goals achievable?● More than lip service● Web Content Accessibility Guidelines● Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines● Section 508 (Refresh)
  • 3. Continual Improvement● The Internet is constantly evolving● Always work to identify new barriers● Be open to feedback from your users● Schedule regular accessibility reviews● Best Practices are changing● Dont expect to get it right immediately
  • 4. Planning for Accessibility● Accessibility is complicated● Leverage expertise● Where possible eliminate unknowns● Re-use where you can● Contribute back● POUR ○ Perceivable; ○ Operable; ○ Understandable; ○ Robust.
  • 5. What Drupal 7 Gives You● Accessibility Best Practices Codified● Core enhancements that propagate● A transparent process for improvement● International community of experts● Core can be administered by people with disabilities
  • 6. The Tech Details● Skip to Main added to Core themes● Accessible alternative to drag/drop● Additional semantic markup (breadcrumbs/lists)● Improved colour contrast● Added limited Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) support
  • 7. Hidden ElementsAs an alternative to CSS display:none orvisibility:hidden consider● .element-invisible (screen reader)● .element-invisible.element-focusable (keyboard only user)● .element-hidden (nobody)
  • 8. Form Elements● All form elements by default associate the title as a label linked to input● Developer control of label placement to set before, after or invisible● Forms Application Programming Interface (API) - used by complex interactive modules● More headers added to User Interface (UI) to improve screen reader navigation
  • 9. Known Problems● Fieldsets (dates/phone numbers)● Inaccurate use of legacy HTML● Error messages● Published status● Data tables● Threaded comments● Internationalization● Modal Dialogs
  • 10. Best Practices● Regularly use automated tools like WebAIMs WAVE Toolbar● Train content owners about accessibility● Get an external audit from a professional● Also, ask your users● Contribute your findings back to the community
  • 11. Whats Next● Improving Drupal 7 Themes/Modules● Work on Drupal 8 Core (HTML5 & Responsive Themes)● Building the community of accessibility advocates - we need you!● ATAG 2.0 & Section 508 (Refreshed)● Drupal 7 Web Experience Toolkit Distribution
  • 12. Questions● Twitter: @mgifford● Email:●●●●●