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Going Global: How to Make Your Site Multilingual
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Going Global: How to Make Your Site Multilingual


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Going Global: How to Make Your Site Multilingual Dave Myburgh Senior Engineer Acquia Acquia Webinar: 23 July 2013
  • 2. About me •  incRn8 (user/51467) on •  using Drupal since 4.6.5 (7+ years) - second site was multilingual •  still have one 4.7 site live! •  was a freelancer until I started at Acquia almost 2 years ago •  contracted for Bonnier for a year and worked on •  jack-of-all-trades: originally a themer and site-builder •  lead dev on •  take commands from marketing department, which keeps things interesting ;)
  • 3. About me ... and in case you were wondering about the accent, I'm originally from South Africa
  • 4. Multilingual Drupal 7 Node (content) translationone node per translation vs Entity translation one node for all translations
  • 5. Multilingual Drupal 7 Node translation Entity translation Only works on nodes Works with any entity One node per language One entity for ALL languages Uses core node title "field" Requires Title module Views language filtering works Required a patch to filter on entity language XML Sitemap works XML Sitemap could not filter on entity language Block translation is tricky Bean block module Multiple menu items per language Single menu item per language
  • 6. Multilingual Drupal 7 Drupal 8 will use entity translation.
  • 7. Entity Translation requirements •  Entity Translation •  Entity API •  Title module ...replacing node titles with fields Recommended: •  Bean module Block Entities Aren't Nodes
  • 8. Multilingual Drupal 7 Demo
  • 9. Language issues •  menus didn't translate nicely - structure was different anyway •  menublocks only show English menu titles •  breadcrumbs often show English text •  XML Sitemap shows English only = switch to node translation
  • 10. Node (content) translation •  i18n module suite •  want to switch all entity translations to nodes •  change content type translation to regular translation •  evaluated how to do it programmatically, but simpler to do it manually (copy/paste) •  used backup site with ET running to switch languages •  redo url aliases to point to new nodes •  update Views to use content translation language filter
  • 11. Node (content) translation •  All translatable node types use node translation •  Menublocks in the footer work properly now •  XMLSitemap shows correct language nodes •  Breadcrumbs switch language correctly So now we have:
  • 12. Block translation Still using Bean blocks So we're running Entity translation module as well as content translation.
  • 13. Language switching •  Multiple languages use less real estate in a drop-down •  Language Switcher Dropdown •  disable javascript option •  hard to theme, so browsers control much of the output
  • 14. Q & A •  Entity Translation •  Entity API •  Title module •  Bean module •  Localization update Modules used
  • 15. Q & A •  Views & Entity translation 1330332#comment-7360440 •  Gabor Hojtsy Useful links
  • 16. Thanks!