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Join Jay Batson, Acquia co-founder, and Bryan House, senior director of marketing at Acquia, for a one-hour webinar presentation. Drupal Commons is a pre-configured distribution to help organizations quickly build and deploy community-based business applications. Built according to standard Drupal practices, Drupal Commons includes a collection of community contributed modules and Fusion-based theme, giving developers and themers a flexible platform to create custom social business applications.

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Commons webinar post

  1. 1. The Open Source Alternative to Social Business Software Jay Batson Bryan House Co-Founder, Product Lead Sr. Director, Marketing Acquia Acquia @batsonjay @bryanhouse
  2. 2. Introduction Jay Batson –Co-founder and Drupal Commons product lead, Acquia
  3. 3. You’re talking, but are you engaging?
  4. 4. This is what one-way conversations look like
  5. 5. Creates Social Loyal customers Business Passionate Software employees Business leverage
  6. 6. Choice 1: a pre-packaged social business software solution
  7. 7. Regimented community
  8. 8. Software license fees
  9. 9. Until now.
  10. 10. Drupal enables three key freedoms
  11. 11. FREE to let your community be themselves
  12. 12. FREE to adapt to your unique needs
  13. 13. FREE of old-world software license fees
  14. 14. Enough talk! Show me the demo!
  15. 15. FREE To let your community grow To adapt & extend Of software license costs
  16. 16. What does this mean for you? Lowers the risk of experimenting on the social web Makes everyone in your organization a marketer Stay ahead of your competitors, serve your community better
  17. 17. What’s Happened To Date? Built rapidly in a short time – Functionality defined by key customers Five launch customers – World-known organizations Community site launched
  18. 18. Our roadmap? Community.
  19. 19. What’s the Community Process? Future feature discussions on – Why? Lots of end-users there, who will naturally comment there They don’t know about – So stay focused Issues / patches / ... on d.o
  20. 20. Social Business Strategy is More than Technology
  21. 21. Social Business Strategy is More than Technology Community Management
  22. 22. Social Business Strategy is More than Technology Community Content & Management Programming
  23. 23. Social Business Strategy is More than Technology Community Content & Management Programming Measurement & Metrics
  24. 24. About The Community Roundtable A private peer network for community managers and social media practitioners offering: • Weekly roundtable calls • Comprehensive library of best practices • Interactive online community • Professional concierge services For more information: h"p://­‐TheCR @TheCR    @jimstorer  @rhappe
  25. 25. Community Maturity Model TM h"p://­‐CMM
  26. 26. The Acquia Advantage Social Business Application + Training and Education + Professional Services + Managed Drupal Hosting + Expert Drupal Support + Global Partner Thought Leaders + [A Social Business Sure Thing ]
  27. 27. Questions For more information, visit: – – – – Recording of today’s event and slides Contact us: will be posted at: – recorded_webinars – 888.9.ACQUIA Try Drupal Commons today, for free – Join the conversation at – Download at