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Presentation given by Christopher Roye at Masterclass Luxury on 18/06/2013

Presentation given by Christopher Roye at Masterclass Luxury on 18/06/2013

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  • Whole Foods has worked to develop a very distinctive retail experience at each of their stores. Each of their stores adopts its own character and experience as well.
  • The in store experience is an exceptional one
  • Whole Foods key digital goal is to deliver that same caliber of in-store experience to their digital audience
  • The previous website was not distinctive or engaging
  • The new website delivers a much more distinctive look and feel, but also greater functionality for Whole Foods to customize the experience by location and eventually for particular customers.
  • Each Whole Foods location is able to customize content. Visitors are automatically recommended stores to set as their own.
  • This is a store in CA, you can see how they’ve introduced their own imagery along with featured Sales, Events, and Recipes added by the store itself.
  • That localized content carries through to other areas of the site – like catering or the events calendar.
  • This is a store in Chicago, again highlighting a local initiative they support and adding their own content.
  • Whole Foods uses a wide variety of content types
  • They have 300+ content contributors across their central, regional, and local teams. Whole Foods uses roles to determine what users can post what types of content and how that content is weighted and displayed.
  • Drupal addresses the challenge of merging that content, from all of those sources, to be displayed to users.
  • We’ve worked closely with Whole Foods on revamping their mobile experience. They see not just a fair amount of mobile traffic, but a good portion of that traffic is from people actually in the stores.
  • They must integrate with a variety of native mobile apps as well.
  • And external social sites
  • Along with content, local stores also manage their own social presences
  • Drupal is well built to accommodate that variety of integration across systems and platforms.
  • And allows us to plan and make changes, without slowing down the local content authors.
  • Whole Foods is continuing to push the envelope with their digital experiences
  • It does NOT look like a Drupal site.
  • The next phase for Whole Foods involves delivering personalized content – for Vegetarians and those with special diets or goals (like weight loss) – Drupal allows them to collect that content about their users, and surface appropriate content.
  • Drupal, as a platform, enables the Whole Foods team to deliver a distinctive, and sustainable digital experience.
  • For Whole Foods, it’s about building a foundation that they can continually innovate and evolve from. And Drupal gives them the fundamentals to develop a great experience now, and even better experiences in the future.


  • 1. Christopher RoyeRegional Director
  • 2. Deliver thedistinctive storeexperience, onlineThe Mission:
  • 3. Make it LocalIt looks good, but how do we …
  • 4. Now how do we getthe content?We have the look…
  • 5. 300+ Content authors fromlocal stores
  • 6. Merging on to the content highway
  • 7. Multi-ChannelWe still need to focus on
  • 8. Flexible, Open, Best of BreedIntegrated content store (local + aggregation)SocialFB/TwitterPrimarysiteEmailcampaignVideoportalMobileapplicationCommunitysiteMeasurement and reportingRich media assets User generatedcontentMarketingautomationCRM Feeds
  • 9. 300+ Content authors fromlocal stores
  • 10. Continue to deliverunique experiencesMore than a website
  • 11. Truly personalizedexperiencesMore than a website
  • 12. DevelopTestDeployScaleMaintain Plan
  • 13. Now, and in the future