Acquia Insight Sneak Peek: Analyze, Manage, and Tune Your Drupal Site like Never Before


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Acquia Insight Sneak Peek: Analyze, Manage, and Tune Your Drupal Site like Never Before

  1. 1. Acquia Insight Sneak Peek:!Analyze, Manage, and Tune Your Drupal Site Like Never Before Bryan House! VP Marketing! Acquia! November 17th, 2011!
  2. 2. Operate Acquia Network ! The Ultimate Drupal Management Suite Knowledge Tools Support
  3. 3. with great power!
  4. 4. comes great responsibility!with great power!
  5. 5. comes great responsibility! with great power!Site stakeholders demand:! •  Visibility! •  Risk reduction! •  Rapid problem solving! •  Best practices!
  6. 6. Until Now, No Single Drupal Management View! •  Application optimization!Key concerns •  Performance tuning!for business & •  Security assessment!technical •  SEO quality! •  Issue identification and resolution!stakeholders:! •  Track improvement over time!
  7. 7. Flying Blind Introduces Unacceptable Eliminate unnecessary risks! Risks! •  Unexpected downtime! •  Poor site performance! •  Excessive hardware! •  Security vulnerabilities!7
  8. 8. Effective SEO = Continuous Improvement! •  Treating SEO as an afterthought will result in:! - Lack of visibility within search engine results! - Low organic search traffic to site! - Unnecessarily difficult to find relevant content!Implications of poor SEO! - Low overall site conversion rate!•  Low search traffic!•  Lack of visibility!•  Low conversion rate! 8
  9. 9. Solution – Drupal Management Suite!9
  10. 10. Novice!
  11. 11. Novice! Expert!
  12. 12. Novice! Expert! Drupal Hero!
  13. 13. Be a Drupal Hero!Best practices as-a-service! ! Powerful analysis tools! ! Rapid troubleshooting! ! Recommended fixes! ! Drupal hero!!
  14. 14. Comprehensive Multi-site Dashboard!•  Single-pane view of key site statistics!•  Visibility across multiple sites!•  Track changes over time!
  15. 15. Drupal Application Management!•  Checks 80+ Drupal specific settings!•  On-demand scoring!•  Personalized real- time notifications!•  Best practice recommendations!
  16. 16. Performance Tuning and Analysis!•  Checks 30+ performance specific settings!•  Analysis of code, configuration & theme elements!•  Recommended tunings & fixes!16
  17. 17. Security Configuration and Assessment!•  Checks 25+ security specific settings!•  Analysis of server, admin & end user settings!•  Identification of potential risks!•  Recommended fixes to address!17
  18. 18. Rapid Identification and Troubleshooting!•  Reporting on module versions and modifications!•  Visibility directly into module code!•  Analysis of server and database statistics!18
  19. 19. Analysis of SEO Quality!•  Checks 50+ SEO specific settings!•  Dynamic analysis based on:! - Page structure! - Ability to find and crawl website ! - User experience on site! - SEO best practices!19
  20. 20. Demonstration!20
  21. 21. Benefits for Drupal Developers:
Speed Development Processes!•  Practical analysis and recommendations, at your fingertips!•  Troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly!•  Eliminate mistakes and unexpected downtime!•  Increase understanding of Drupal best practices!21
  22. 22. Benefits for Site Owners:
Get the Most Out of Your Drupal Site!•  Increase traffic with SEO and performance improvements!•  Improve overall experience for site visitors!•  Increase time on site and return visits!•  Eliminate risks that negatively impact brand!22
  23. 23. Benefits for Site Administrators:
Simplify Drupal Site Operations!•  At-a-glance visibility into key site metrics!•  Identify and resolve potential problems faster!•  Improve reliability and performance!•  Reduce site downtime!23
  24. 24. Benefits for Acquia Partners:
Speed Development Processes!•  Improve communication with your clients!•  Practical analysis and recommendations, at your fingertips!•  Comprehensive checklist to help eliminate mistakes !•  Troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly!24
  25. 25. Operate Acquia Network ! The Ultimate Drupal Management Suite Knowledge Tools Support
  26. 26. Questions!•  For more information visit:!•  Follow us:!•  Contact us: or 888.9.ACQUIA! Todayʼs webinar recording will be posted to:!!