Acqueon - iAssist for Cisco Unified CVP


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Brochure of iAssist, the IVR-based suite of applications from Acqueon. It gives an overview of the offering involved - a Call Back Manager, a Call Survey Manager, Store Locator, Order Status Application and Call Steering.

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Acqueon - iAssist for Cisco Unified CVP

  1. 1. Your Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal can do a lot more…
  2. 2. An IVR is a great way to help customers access your business better. However, the technology is not without limitations. Common customer interaction needs and scenarios reveal these limitations and show how an easy-to-use 'entry point' can end up being a formidable barrier that customers face in relating to your business. iAssist is an IVR-in-box application which offers various customer interaction modules on a single platform. These modules deliver functionalities that everyday customer interaction scenarios demand. iAssist makes an IVR capable of calling customers back, executing timely customer surveys, automating order status information, helping customers locate offices with ease and directing customers to different businesses of the same enterprise. Riding on the Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal, iAssist enables enterprises to do more – interact and relate with their customers by proactively providing various applications on one single IVR platform iAssist's Global Features: ? administration and reporting for all applications Common ?login with Active Directory Integration Single ? Role Management ? Multi Tenant support ? User Management ? Multi Site support ? Group Management – DNIS Configuration Business ? and Historical reports Real time ? for TTS and Speech based applications Support ? It is simple, inexpensive, and easy to administer
  3. 3. ? Call Progress Analysis (CPA) – detect outcomes like busy, no answer among others and automatically CallBack Manager (CBM) reschedule callbacks after a configured time and retries ? business outcomes from agents to close or Accept reschedule callbacks Customer contacts a Business. He / she is put in queue as ? Configure hours of operation, breaks and holidays there are no available agents to attend. The customer gets frustrated and hangs up after waiting for 20 minutes. Imagine 10 customers being put in queue every day. The Reports possibility of frustrated customers switching to your competitor in this case is high. Now, what if you have an option to ask customers upfront, if they want to be contacted at a later time and day to resolve their queries? And at a time convenient to them? With iAssist's CallBack Manager (CBM) you can precisely do this. CBM is a Call Center queue management solution, which offers callers waiting in queue, to leave a callback for the system to call them back with an available agent. It is also possible to set up Web call back requests with this ? console is available to view status of the Real time application. number of callbacks registered, pending, failed or closed for every 30 minute interval in the day ? Historical reports uses Crystal Report templates and Features can exported to excel and PDF among other formats ? Historical reports are available in both tabular and graphical format – Callback success / failure report – Turnaround time report – Callback detail report – Request type report – Call traffic report – Customer detail report ? customer calling number (CLI/ANI & DNIS) Capture CallSurvey Manager (CSM) ? different types of callback options for different Offers customer types Why customer satisfaction and loyalty matter? ?later time Call at a The value of retaining customers is clear, and effectively ?later date and time Call at a measuring their satisfaction is critical to keeping them as ? Call Immediately loyal customers. ? On average, 96% of customers who have had a bad ? mentioned free slots Call during ? manager allows the call center to configure Callback service experience don't report it, and 91% of those low volume slots in a day and callbacks can only be unhappy customers don't come back ? Dissatisfied customers will also tell 10 other people - registered for these slots to distribute the call traffic ? callback for customer calling number (CLI / Register prospective customers - of their bad experience ? five times as much to attract a new customer It costs ANI) or a different number ? customer unique ID Capture as it does to keep an existing one, and is 10 times more ? customer name Record difficult ? increase in customer retention typically A 10% ? customer message Record ? Duplicate filtering – filter previously registered increases profits by 30%, while a 5% increase can callbacks based on CLI / ANI or customer unique ID increase profits by 25% to 125% ? The probability of selling to an existing customer is ? retain earlier callback or re-register new Offer to callback 60-70%; the probability of selling to a new prospect is ?callback requests by CLI / ANI Reject 5-20% ? said that, it is also an established fact that the Having ? Call priority based on customer type ? agents before calling a customer and playback Capture most popular mechanism of executing satisfaction collected callback details surveys in a Contact Center is manual calling!
  4. 4. Two of the biggest drawbacks to manual calling are the human element and cost. And according to Gartner Group, accuracy of a customer satisfaction survey being conducted Store Locator immediately after an interaction is greater by 40% when compared to the survey done 24hrs later. Allows companies to activate features for their end customers to locate the nearest business office based on And technology being the one of the most important Zip code or city names aspect of the civilized World, it is but imperative to employ the best in business. iAssist's CallSurvey Manager is the most capable IVR-based survey application available in the market. Let us look at it in some detail. Specific features ? Configure different type of surveys for different types of customers ? Play welcome messages ? Play promotional messages ? customer unique ID Collect ? with CTI engine to collect agent ID for Integrate Stores are searched using Longitudinal and Latitudinal agent surveys calculations. The least distance between Zip code entered ? phrases of questions and answers Record by the customer and Store Zip Code is calculated to locate ? Configure survey questions with multiple answers the nearest store. Store details like address and timings can ? static or dynamic surveys Design also be announced. ? customer messages for specific questions Record ? Bulk upload bank of questions and answers Features Types of questions Customer Segmentation based on DNIS ? ? different IVR flows based on DNIS Execute ? stores by customer input of any of the below Search ? postal code ZIP / Area code – For an area code, if they are multiple Zip ? codes, the Zip codes are announced for the customer to choose ? / city name Location Add manually or upload store details in bulk ? Store details typically contains ? ? Store code ? postal code ZIP / ? state details City & ? Individual store daily work times of the week ? group configurations Business ? Configure the minimum circular radius to search ? type question Yes / no stores in ? question for configurable choices from 2 to 5 Choice ? Configure number of stores to play out options to be collected Customer options ? ? input type question where minimum and Number ? store details like address and work Play out maximum digit length can be configured timings ? Date input type question where date format can be defined
  5. 5. lContact Person lContact numbers Option to transfer to Store – connect customer to l store Order Status Application (OSA) lAdditionally play welcome messages lAdditionally play service messages OSA allows companies to automate checking status of lAdditionally play promotional messages orders placed by their customers. Order placement and cancellation can also be built in. Benefits lMaximizes efficiency and improves Business automation lAutomates business location search options for customers as well as for enterprises Call Steering lAutomates capture of all store information required by end customers lAchieve customer service excellence An application which enables customers to be diverted to specific business groups that they want to interact with. Reports lReal time console is available to view status of the number of store locator calls that have completed or not completed for every 30 minute interval for the day lHistorical reports uses Crystal report templates and can exported to Excel, PDF, and other file formats, these two being the popular ones. lHistorical Reports available are in both tabular and graphical format lCall traffic report lStore request report – main report lAnnounced store response report – sub report lStore response reports. About Acqueon Acqueon Technologies Inc specializes in developing products and solutions for the Customer Interaction Management (CIM) industry. These products and solutions use business logic to deliver a distinctive customer experience by enabling organizations to not just interact with their customers – but relate. Acqueon products and solutions also offer a compelling Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), which is further enhanced by rapid deployment. Acqueon products and solutions handle millions of transactions every day at multiple sites and are implemented across various verticals such as Banking, Insurance, Retail, Telecom, Healthcare, and Education among others, in over 17 countries. Acqueon Technologies Inc. 100 Overlook Center 2nd Floor Princeton NJ 08540 Tel: 609-945-3139 E-mail: