Types of Digital Refractometers by ACMAS Technologies Pvt Ltd.


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This instrument is a special equipment for measuring the
reflectivity of rearview mirror (or similar product) of motor vehicle.

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Types of Digital Refractometers by ACMAS Technologies Pvt Ltd.

  2. 2. R REFRACTOMETER Weiber manufacture an extensive range of digital and handheld refractometers to measure the index of refraction of substances. These refractometers include Digital Brix refractometer, Abbe refractometer, Gem refractometer, Digital Coolant and Battery Refractometer etc. Refractometers are equipments that are used to measure the index of refraction of substances. These can be extensively used to measure the total plasma protein in blood sample, to measure the specific gravity in urine and these are also used in marine aquarium to measure the salinity of water. Refractometer is an optical device, which measures the Refractive Index of a substance which can be liquid, gases and translucent solids such as gemstones. Refractive index is a physical property that is characteristics of a pure compound it is a measure as to how much light is bent while passing/travelling through a gas, solid or solution. The amount of bending of light is used as a method of determining the properties of substances. This bending of light by the water is called Refraction. Light bends to different degrees as it passes through different substances. When the device is used to test liquids, it typically measures the salinity, fluid concentration, specific gravity, and blood proteins. The lenses and prisms inside the Refractometer create a shadow line inside it that can then be viewed through a magnifying eye piece to note the measurement. Refractometer has a built in Thermometer and circulating water to control their Temperature and also equipped with adjustments to eliminate the effects of Dispersion. Refractometer are commonly used in wine making in order to measure the grapes’ or fruits’ sugar content and assess their ripeness or used in chemical processing industries such as Sugar refining industries Making alcohol the percentage of alcohol is determined by its Refractive Index. ii) To determine the protein concentration in animal blood samples iii) To determine the salinity of a salt- water aquarium. iv) To determine the solute concentration in a solution. v) For checking the Refractive Index of solids especially gemstones and other transparent minerals. TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD.
  3. 3. R DIGITAL REFRACTOMETERS The Digital Refractometers have an extensive range of scale types for use in a wide variety of applications. The equipment is sturdy and has a long battery life. These digital automotive refratometers use latest and precise optical cells. These coolant and battery refractomers use digital picture processing technique and accurate temperature damages. Advanced microprocessor is centre of the digital coolant and battery refractometer which analyze the ethylene and propylene glycol and battery charge conditions with precisions displays as three and half figures number liquid crystal displayer. HAND HELD REFRACTOMETERS These instruments facilitate convenient and rapid measurement of concentration in a number of liquid and semi solid samples. They are also useful for determining salinity, blood levels of proteins, specific gravity etc. Hand-held clinical refractometer with a brighter than usual display. The prism house of the ACQ-1 is made of metal, the temperature of hot or cool samples quickly conforms to the temperature of the prism. A carrying pouch is included. Use it to measure salt concentration in a given liquid. TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD.
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