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Leebug seamlessly integrates private online event communities with powerful mobile apps. Our presentation here is directed to event producers.

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Leebug Product Brochure

  1. 1. www.leebug.comProduct Brochure:The Leebug Event Networking PlatformRob ArthursProject Managerrob@leebug.com
  2. 2. Why LeebugThere is no denying that a social networking solution is now essential to any success-ful conference or professional event. However, the options on how to best utilize thisonline medium vary widely, from LinkedIn Groups to high-end, custom built solutions.Leebug delivers a turn-key affordable platform that combines ease of use with cuttingedge technology - a platform that seemlessly integrates our web and mobile compo-nents. The online communities provide essential tools for pre-conference networking,while our mobile app keeps the delegates informed during the days of the event. Thecombined power of the web and mobile components makes Leebug the leader in on-line event networking.On each event a Leebug representative will work closely with the event prodcuer toensure everything goes smoothly and that the delegates receive the best possibleexperience. 2
  3. 3. The Platform: Event CommunityFeatures: • Delegate Import and Invite System • Virtual Booths (Interactive Company Profiles) • LinkedIn Integration (Profile Import) • Banner Ad Space (For Sponsors) • Internal Messaging System • Discussion Forums • Meet Ups (Create & Join Events Within the Main Event) • Branding Options 3
  4. 4. The Platform: Mobile AppFeatures: • Event Schedule • Delegate Messaging • Speaker Profiles • Banner Ad Space (For Sponsors) • Sponsor and Exhibitor Details • Build a Personal Schedule (Favorites) • Venue Information • Cross-Platform (works on any smartphone) • Ratings and Polling (ROI Tools) • Easy to use, self-service, CMS Speaker Profile Schedule Sponsors 4
  5. 5. Pricing:Leebug is the most economical way to bring a customized, event centric network-ing solution to any conference, forum or summit. The majority of our clients run200-2000 attendee conferences. We have made our services affordable to anyonebecause we believe that every professional event should have access to cutting edgetechnologies and an enhanced networking experience.Self-Service: $350Access all the Leebug technology, on both the website and the mobile app, for onelow fee. Self Service means loading up content for the app is managed by the eventproducer (Full Service available, see slide 6). Virtual booths and banners ads for spon-sors are available at an additional cost.• Use of our website and app technology• Loading in app content is the responsibility of event producer• Leebug will set up the community, upload delegates, add filters and provide tech support*• Virtual Booths and sponsor banners ads are extra* See slide 7 for further details on the services and support that Leebug will provide. 5
  6. 6. Full Service:Leebug can load mobile app content for time strapped event producers. Virtualbooths and banner ads can be offered to sponsors for further promotion on thewebsite and on the mobile app (see page 8 for more information).Full Service Fees:Mobile App Load In• Schedule: $5 per item• Speakers: $2 per item• Sponsor/Exhibitor Details: $2 per itemExtras• v-Booths: $200 each Virtual Booth• Community Banners: $200 each• Mobile App Banners: $200 each• Unlimited v-Booths and Banners*: $2,000* Limit of 50 v-Booths. If you would like more we can discuss. 6
  7. 7. Assistance and Tech SupportA Leebug representative will be assigned to work directly withyou on your event. This service applies to any of our packages- from Self Service through to Full Service. The Leebug rep willset up the event community and manage the process of invit-ing your delegates. The rep will also be a resource on how tobest use our technology and bring out the engagement of thedelegates. Leebug tech support is available 24/7 for event pro-ducers and the delegates. 7
  8. 8. Leebug: A Revenue SourceLeebug provides a service that is unavailable to anything provided by the large social net-works, such as LinkedIn Groups or Facebook Events. Our platform gives sponsors a way topromote themselves via banner ads and interactive virtual booths directly to the delegateswithin the online community. Sponsors can now extend their brand presence well beyondthe days of the event.Leebug works with event producers on offering these advertising tools. We charge a flat feefor the services, but this can be recouped through bundling with existing sponsor packages,or by charging more than our base price. Virtual Booth The most popular and flexible tool on the platform gives companies an interative advertising tool loaded with features such as the ability to show marketing materials, video and much more. Community Banner Ad Displayed on the left side of all pages within the event community, the Community Banner Ad will be displayed in the weeks leading up to the event and afterwards in the archive. Mobile Banner Ad Mobile Banner Ad The Leebug mobile app is runs on any smartphone with the banner ad featured prominently in the header of most pages Community within the app. As events move to paperless event guides, Banner Ad the app will be the delegate’s essential companion at the conference. Sample v-Booth 8
  9. 9. ResourcesRob ArthursProject Managerrob@leebug.comLeebug, LLC330 South Pineapple Avenue, Suite 102Sarasota, FL 34236 http://www.leebug.com http://www.twitter.com/leebugpro http://www.linkedin.com/companies/leebug http://www.facebook.com/leebugpro http://www.leebug.com/blog 9