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ETEC Presentation


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Katie Granju's presentation to ETEC on 16 April 2010

Katie Granju's presentation to ETEC on 16 April 2010

Published in: Business
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  • 1. ETEC Social Media for Business ROI April 2010
  • 2. What Is Social Media?
  • 3. Demographics
    • Facebook’s US user base grew from 42 million to 103 million in 2009. That’s a 144.9% growth rate.
    • The 35+ demographic now represents more than 30% of the entire user base.
    • The 55+ audience grew a whopping 922.7% in 2009.
  • 4.
    • Great for brand engagement with fans
    • Interactive space that allows direct engagement between brand and consumers
    • Best for low to mid-dollar retail, consumer, hospitality products
    • Excellent for giveaways and contests
    • Interactivity and engagement offers risks for brands
    • Low searchability
    Customer Communication
  • 5. Brand Exposure
    • Brand pages allow easy audience vectoring
    • Fans/foes can start “unofficial” brand presence online
    • Ability to create vanity URLs
    • Jump-start brand exposure via Facebook’s ad platform
    • Data mining opportunities limited, but growing
    • Limited B2B opportunities
  • 6. Traffic and Search Engine Opportunity
    • Facebook tends to retain traffic rather than refer it out
    • Facebook has little to no search engine value unless the link that you post goes viral outside of Facebook.
    • The value of a Facebook fan is dependent on how that fan is activated. What is your business call to action?
  • 7.
    • The fastest growing segment on Twitter is among people 24 and younger.
    • 45-54 year olds are the top demographic, with 25-34 year olds following closely behind. 
    • Unlike most social networks, Twitter started out being more popular with adults, before it caught on with younger users.
  • 8. Customer Communication
    • Easy search and reputation monitoring with tools like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck
    • Platform culture calls for minimum 80/20 value content to marketing balance.
    • Micro-communities and easy search make Twitter useful for B2B as well as consumer brands.
  • 9. Brand Exposure
    • If Facebook is who you know, Twitter is what you know
    • Excellent viral opportunities
    • More sophisticated, better educated audience
    • More specialized audiences (medical, scientific, etc)
  • 10.
    • Traffic and Search Engine Opportunity
    • Traffic referral opportunities are huge
    • Perhaps the greatest viral opportunities of any social platform
    • Mobile friendly/text integrated
    • Shortened URLs diminish benefits
    • High searchability can boost search engine rankings
  • 11.
    • 64% male
    • Average age 41
    • Average income over 100K
    • 95% college grads/ 37% post grads
    • 24% have portfolio value exceeding 250K
  • 12. Customer Communication
    • Not primary customer communication tool
    • Excellent B2B opportunities
    • Engagement opportunties possible by establishing self as industry or sector expert
    • Strong recruiting functionality
  • 13. Brand Exposure
    • Excellent personal branding tool
    • Great showcase for organization’s talent strength
    • Important to keep brand profile and individual team members’ profiles up to date
    • Networking opportunities can create lead generation
  • 14. Traffic and Search Engine Opportunity
    • Unlikely to drive significant traffic to site but limited traffic likely to be high value
    • Very high page rank for company name and individuals’ names
    • Status updates and group participation have best viral opportunities
  • 15. Demographics
    • Every minute, 24 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube
    • Second most popular search engine
    • 18-24 year old age group most likely to share a video with friends, colleagues
  • 16. Demographics
    • 53% male/47% female.
    • 55% urban with median income of $74K
    • Nearly 70 percent are college educated
    • 47% are married, median age is 33
    • 71 percent are employed
  • 17. Customer Communication
    • Powerful channel for engaging customers
    • Excellent viral potential
    • Can be used to entertain, interact, instruct or respond to customers
    • Has B2B applications, as well as consumer/retail
  • 18.
    • Very high traffic to branded videos
    • Traffic goes to the videos, so add hyperlinks, but don’t expect site traffic to correlate to video views
    • Post videos across platforms, including blog, Facebook
    Traffic and Search Engine Opportunity
  • 19.
    • Early adopter/tech-geek constituencies
    • Excellent B2B potential
    • Each platform varies
    • Excellent traffic drivers
    • Strong search engine ranking drivers
    • Community very sensitive to spam and advertorial
    Social Bookmarking Sites
  • 20. Old School Social Media
    • Huge and diverse ecosystem with very specific audience segmentation
    • Blogs and blog comments
    • Message boards
    • Listservs/email lists
    • Live chat
    • Can play very important role in carefully crafted business strategy
  • 21.
    • Get true expert guidance; this is a specific area of expertise
    • Define your goals
    • Align goals with overall business objectives – no silos
    • Listen before speaking
    • Know the language and customs
    • Strategy before execution
    • Consistent execution with regular adjustments
    Key Points in Crafting An Effective Social Media Strategy
  • 22. For More Information Katie Granju, Digital Strategies Director Ackermann PR [email_address] (865) 584-0550 Website: Twitter: @ackermann_pr Become a fan of Ackermann PR on Facebook. A copy of today’s presentation is also available on our blog, Ackermann Digital, at
  • 23. All-Inclusive Graphic Design Services continued
      • • Interior displays for sales centers
      • • Banners, signage (exterior and interior) and way-finding programs
      • • Premium items and branded clothing
      • • Website design, production and maintenance, ranging from simple to complex with interactive and E-commerce features, and social media applications
      • • Electronic newsletters and brochures