nextMEDIA: Making Sense of the Digital Landscape


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An overview of the digital landscape presented at RioContentMarket 2011 and at BANFF Meet Ups across Canada.

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nextMEDIA: Making Sense of the Digital Landscape

  1. LET’S<br />BREAK IT<br />DOWN<br />Let’s Break it Down<br />
  2. KEY 2010 GROWTH AREAS (US)<br />Consumer Electronics (19%)<br />Computer Hardware (17%)<br />Books & Magazines (16%)<br />Flowers, Greetings & Gifts (13%)<br />Jewellery & Watches (11%)<br />Average eCommerce growth: 13%<br />US stats: comScore<br />Europe stats: Digital Marketers United<br />Japan stats: Mastercard Worldwide<br />
  3. By 2015, Brazil, Russia, India, China and Indonesia will have 3 times the number of Internet users as Japan and the US combined.<br />
  4. Digital sales on track to soon make up one half of all international music sales.<br />*Nielsen<br />
  5. GROUP BUY<br />Leading player Groupon saw a 712% jump in monthly unique visitors in 2010.*<br />After being valued at 1.35 billion in April, 2010, Google offered to purchase Groupon for 6 billion in December, 2010.<br />Groupon’s success has brought other players, including:<br />*comScore<br />How can content creators get into the growing group buy market?<br />
  6. SUBSCRIPTION<br />TV still matters – $200 billion spent on TV subscriptions globally in 2010, set to grow by another %25 by 2013*<br />While online video subscriptions continue to grow:<br />600 Million Subscribers<br />1 Million Subscribers<br />20 Million Subscribers<br />Subscription model moving to other sectors, including:<br /><ul><li>Music: Rumoured iTunes subscription service offered to its 500 million + users**
  7. News: New York Times to head behind paywall this spring</li></ul>*PwC<br />**Reuters<br />Emerging field: big in 2011<br />Netflix – 20 million subscribers, $596 Q4 2010 revenues<br />Hulu – 1 million<br />Amazon – launching subscription-based Netflix competitor<br />New York Times – headed behind paywall this Spring, <$20US/mo<br />iTunes – subscription-based service rumoured, $10-15US/mo, unlimited music f/ cloud<br />2011 will be a year of widespread experimentation with digital subscription models, but TV isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.<br />
  8. MICROPAYMENTS<br />$10 BILLION<br />$1.8 BILLION<br />March 2011 investment valuation<br />Most of this revenue comes from in-game micropayments <br />Projected revenue for 2011<br />*New York Post<br />New model for micro-retail online.<br />Audiences are willing to pay-as-they-go for a premium experience. How can you translate this model to your content?<br />
  9. TABLETS<br />18 MILLION<br />83%<br />iPads sold in 2010<br />2010 Tablet Market<br />50 MILLION TABLETS TO BE SOLD IN 2011<br />*IDC<br />Among the 50+ iPad competitors, here are some major contenders:<br />Samsung Galaxy<br />HP Slate 500<br />Blackberry Playbook<br />Dell Streak<br />The tablet market is big, and it’s only going to get bigger and more diverse. <br />
  10. WHERE’S THE CONTENT?<br />Who is providing the content for all of those tablets?<br />News Corp spent 30 million developing their iPad only subscription-based magazine, The Daily.<br />Hot areas to watch:<br />CONTENT<br />AGGREGATION<br />NEWS<br />GAMING<br />VIDEO<br />Explosion in tablet adoption will lead to new opportunities for producers and content creators.<br />
  11. The smartphone market is now bigger than the PC, and Google’s Android is taking a big bite out of leaders in the US and Europe.<br />*comScore<br />
  12. THE APP MARKET<br />300,000+ apps<br />MOST POPULAR APPS<br />Games<br />Weather<br />Maps/Navigation<br />Social Networking<br />Music |News *<br />30,000+ apps<br />*App Development Trends Magazine<br />With a growing user base and a relatively small selection of apps, there’s big potential in the Android app market.<br />
  13. CONSOLES<br />48.1 million<br />52.1 million<br />85.3 million<br />Selling 10 million units in just 4 months, the Xbox 360 Kinect is the fastest-selling consumer electronics device of all time... for now <br />*vgchartz<br />Physical computing is emerging as a significant sector.<br />
  14. DIGITAL ADVERTISING DOLLARS<br />$12.1 billion US was spent internationally on digital advertising in 2010<br />*PwC<br />
  15. BRANDED ENTERTAINMENT<br />Spotlight on 3 unique case studies:<br /> Easy to Assemble – Brand-financed original series<br />The Bannen Way – successful brand integration<br />In the Motherhood – Intellectual property and new models of success<br />Branded entertainment is extremely versatile, adapting to different projects and brands.<br />
  16. Online web series created by Illeana Douglas and financed by IKEA<br />Scored 1.5 million views per month in its second season<br />Brand-financed projects are finding major viewership online<br />
  17. High-values web series by, Sony Pictures Entertainment’s digital arm.<br />Scored product placement deals with brands like Apple, Prada, Jaguar and Rayban.<br />Posted 13 million views online.<br />Moved to DVD and was broadcast as a TV mini-series.<br />Digital branded-entertainment projects can develop large audiences across multiple platforms.<br />
  18. Began as branded web series financed by Suave Shampoo, Sprint and MSN<br />After getting big viewership, the series was bought by ABC for a TV version.<br />For the first time, a brand became a licensor of intellectual property to a broadcaster. ABC paid the brands to use their branded content. <br />Working with producers and content creators, brands are becoming publishers and licensors of original content.<br />
  19. MOBILE<br />Tablet and smartphone designed content – Android market the one to watch<br />SUBSCRIPTION<br />2011 will see new experiments in subscription-based models<br />MICROPAYMENTS<br />Audiences are willing to spend as they go – how can this shape what you create? <br />Focus on what’s going to matter in 2011.<br />