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01. batool batalvi   the psyche of the digital consumer
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01. batool batalvi the psyche of the digital consumer


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  • 1. The Psyche of theDigital Consumer
  • 2. We ALL have a story to tell… but we don‟t always choose to do so
  • 3. However, the story wecannot avoid telling, is the one that our… BODY inevitably narrates
  • 4. Not all narratives are happy…
  • 5. We repress theimperfect, vulnerable part of our lives.
  • 6. ….We cannot give birth to ourselves.
  • 7. Our emergence out of theshared physical space is never absolute…
  • 8. Separation-individuation …is an extremely complex process
  • 9. What makes us aware that we are….BEINGS (in a body)?
  • 10. 1) The early gazing-relationship2) Skin to skin contact
  • 11. (m)other
  • 12. (m)………other
  • 13. We are the „subject‟ of the other‟s gaze
  • 14. other FALSE-Selfmother TRUE-Self
  • 15. Enter theworld of digitalmedia…
  • 16. ….our bodies know NO boundaries….our psyche knows NO limits
  • 17. The role digital mediaplays in our lives is that of the… „OTHER‟ (m)
  • 18. ….we become freed from the idea that birth is destiny
  • 19. ….we begin to see our bodies andpsyches as negotiable works in progress
  • 20. We begin to believe we can Redesignourselves at will… Reclaim our bodies…
  • 21. …giving BIRTHto ourselves
  • 22. virtual reality can fuel omnipotent fantasies…
  • 23. …virtual images of the transformed self… can give rise to pseudo representations of a pseudo-self.
  • 24. Our biggestchallenge…?
  • 25. …Digital consumersare being perceived as a growing NUMBER… A measurable metric
  • 26. “Twitter has over 500 million activeusers as of 2012…. generating over 340 million tweets daily…. and handling over 1.6 billion searchqueries per day… Facebook has over one billion active users…. trillions of e-mails sent, millions of apps downloaded…. footage uploaded….”
  • 27. Ray Kurzweil: The Secret of Human Thought Revealed “2045 will give birth to Singularity – a time of total transformation, in which we will have near-infiniteintelligence at our disposal…merge with our computers… cast off our bodies… extend our lives…”
  • 28. We haven‟t(& will not) suddenly become a newly evolved species.. Consumer 2.0… With a USB portbehind our head …emitting a quiet hum as we go online…
  • 29. We are… and will remain… what we always wereBeings in a body & subject to the (m)other‟s gaze…The numbers are large because they are simply a new manifestation of old human truths.
  • 30. How to connectto the psyche of the digital consumer…?
  • 31. empathy +experiment
  • 32. … Empathic marketingfor the digital consumer
  • 33. 5 tools for success
  • 34. …. Create a HOLDING environment
  • 35. …. Risk showing your TRUE self
  • 36. … allow opportunities for SERIOUS PLAY
  • 37. Parent Adult Child… Decode Transference to your brand
  • 38. Going on BEING…
  • 39. 5-KEYS to empathy
  • 40. 5KEYS cognitionsensation emotion personality behavior
  • 41. cognition automatic thoughts Attitudes, images, beliefs, cognitive distortionsCurrent thoughts Evidence for Evidence against Desired thought What must change HOT thought
  • 42. emotion affective states Moods, feelings and intensity Current Evidence for Evidence against Desired emotion What must changeemotions HighestCHARGE
  • 43. sensation physiological statesObservable bodily response Current sensations Evidence for Evidence against Desired sensations What must change BURNING sensation
  • 44. personality predisposition Temperament, proclivities, cultural contextCurrent personas Evidence for Evidence against Desired persona What must change EMERGENT persona
  • 45. behavior Actions/ReactionsCurrent behaviors Evidence for Evidence against Desired behavior What must change DOMINIANT behavior
  • 46. “Our body always bears the trace of the (m)other. It is the site where we negotiate the meaning of sameness & difference. Facing the reality of the body &psyche… means taking ownership of its desires & limitations. Of course, death is the ultimate „otherness‟…. When we have to hand it all back.” Dr. Lemma
  • 47. thank you For more information please contact: Ms. Batool Batalvi SB&B Research Suite# 4001 33, Charles St, East Toronto, ON M4Y 0A2 Tel: 416.417.4559 Email: batoolbatalvi@sbbresearch.netCONFIDENTIAL – THIS DOCUMENT IS THE PROPERTY OF SB&B RESEARCH DO NOT COPY OR DISTRIBUTE WITHOUT PERMISSION Presented: nextMEDIA Dec 3, 2012 The Carlu Toronto