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Quorum is a best practices group that meets weekly in San Jose California and is designed for business leaders to share relavent information with other business salespeople and executives.

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Quorum Brochure

  1. 1. M E M B E R S H I P - B A S E D B E S T P R A C T I C E S F O R S A L E S & M A R K E T I N G
  2. 2. . SOLVING THE CHALLENGES OF GAINING AND CLOSING MORE BUSINESS - TOGETHER quo·rum (kwôrm, kwr-) n. 1. The minimal number of officers and members of a committee or organization, usually a majority, who must be present for valid transaction of business. 2. A select group.
  3. 3. THE SALES & MARKETING BEST PRACTICES ROUNTABLE Business to Business networking, best practices and challenge solving is the heart of the Quorum Group . Business to business (B2B) is defined as companies that are actively deriving more than 80% of their net income from sales to other businesses. The Quorum group does not advocate membership by B2C (Business to Consumer) companies by charter. A B2C company derives 60% of it’s business from selling directly to consumers. Multilevel structured companies may apply for group candidacy if they sell primarily to business and only advocate the sales of their product or service and not engage in recruiting of group members. Any new group candidate must submit an application for consideration for membership. Membership is determined by a group majority of 80% or more. Group members must feel that the group candidate will contribute knowledge, leads and business value to the group. Participation in other networking groups or best practices groups is acceptable with the knowledge of such participation by the group. Group membership is at will and is not guaranteed. The group relies on a successful weekly quorum of members. Excessive absence or tardiness may invalidate your participation in the group. The group is built on trust and attendance and both are relied upon to maintain the health of the organization. Please inform group leader three days prior to the group meeting date if you will not be attending. Members are strongly encouraged to invite one potential new member each quarter and also encouraged to bring at least one lead opportunity to another group member per quarter. Building business within the group is a cornerstone of the group health. Group candidates should be invited ONLY if there is no other person in the group in the same industry. Group dues must be submitted quarterly and on time to remain an active member. Current dues are subject to change with advance notice. Other terms and conditions may be outlined in the group application or terms of service.
  4. 4. GROUP PURPOSE & MISSION Mentoring Provide a safe environment of non competing companies where members can share a sales/marketing or business challenge with the group and get feedback and advice. Feedback Create a sharing environment where feedback is valued and respected. Group members are encouraged to help others in the group by participating in the conversation where they have knowledge and advice. Peer Groups Create a group of motivated and successful individuals selling to businesses. Members would includes sales professionals, marketing professionals & business owners. Sounding Board A place people can bring challenges and ideas to a group of people who are motivated to help them move the challenge or idea forward, Best Practices & Training Members will share their successes with the group that have helped them close more business, find new markets or engage with more suspects/prospects. Trainers in the area of sales, marketing , NLP or business strategy are encouraged and invited to speak with the group. Leads Group members are highly encouraged to exchange leads with others in the group. Group members should be committed to referring other group members to their network and bringing in group abilities into sales engagements. 1-to-1 Meetings We encourage group members to create partnerships in the group with those who can help them get in front of more qualified prospects. Meeting with other group members on a one to one basis outside of group hours insures deeper understanding of potential business building relationships.
  5. 5. Announcements 5 Minutes - no more than 30 seconds per announcement please. Quick Intro Business type and question of the week. •Long Intro for Chosen Group Member •:30 Seconds W E E K LY F O R M AT Best Practice Presented by scheduled speaker. 10 Minutes Business Challenges 2 Minutes to Present - non-responding input on challenge - 5 minutes. Responding to challenge and solution clarification - 5 minutes (Total time investment of 12 minutes. ) Quick challenge of the week Time allocated 5 minutes total. Prospect of Client Introduction One client per week - 2 minutes for introduction and discuss the people in the group that might be a good provider and what the selling party might say to the prospect to help introduce others in the group to the opportunity. 1 minute per provider to identify how the seller could introduce them into this opportunity. No more than 15 minutes total for exercise. Rotates over 4 weeks to include: • Base 30 Second Profile • Value Add Profile • Ideal Customer Prospect Profile • Ideal Power Partner Profile
  6. 6. Sample Profile of Current Members • Commercial Real Estate Specialist • Credit Card Processing Specialist • Legal Benefits Specialist • Medical Benefits Specialist • Mortgage Benefits Specialist • Packaging Specialist • Sales Development Specialist • Sales Team Management Specialist • Sheet Metal Fabrication Specialist • Commercial & Residential Insurance Specialist • Small Business Attorney • Business Receivables and Funding Specialist • IT Services Specialist • Highly Experienced Business Coach Seeking Members in All Areas of Business to Business Selling including: • CPA – Accountant • Marketing Specialist • Other B2B Professional
  7. 7. 10 South 3rd St 3rd Floor San Jose, CA 95113 Group meets 7:30 – 8:45am every Friday The group is currently $69.00 per We always have good quarter while we build the group. coffee and donuts, bagels This helps us defray costs of space fruit or Danish and refreshments. FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO ATTEND, PLEASE CONTACT Parking meters are available near the Greg Holsen building. They are free until 9:00. 408-960.1180 For those who will remain after 9:00 gholsen@achievexcorp.com there are nearby lots.
  8. 8. Stand Strong in Knowledge℠