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Background employment screening brings out the best during the hiring process
Background employment screening brings out the best during the hiring process
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Background employment screening brings out the best during the hiring process


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  • 1. I nvestor Newslette r Background Employment Screening Brings Out The Best During The Hiring Process A thorough pre employment pre screening is the best way to ensure potential employees are truly qualified for the job. For the well being of the company, its clients, and fellow employees, background employment screening matches the right person with the right job. Hiring personnel have a tough job; they are their field, such as a certified accountant; tasked with selecting future employees that can be trusted to handle sensitive company will add value to a company and help information. Other times, they provide the achieve its mission, vision, and values. theoretical and practical framework for the Plus, they have to do it without ever seeing technical work that many professionals how these candidates actually perform in provide. their jobs. A pre employment screen is the best tool that hiring managers have in order More importantly, checking credentials also to evaluate applicants so as to make the shows due diligence on the part of a hiring best hiring decision. company. For example, civil engineers have to be licensed as a Professional Overall, background employment screening Engineer, or PE, to work on public projects is more involved than simply verifying like roads, bridges, or buildings. This fact credentials and checking references. This also applies in-house; truly qualified process allows human resources applicants will not put fellow workers and representatives to learn about a candidate colleagues at risk through negligent actions from third person sources and build a on the job. complete picture of an applicant including both their personal and professional Think of checking credentials during qualifications. The background employment background employment screening as a screening process also mitigates risk for a way to find the candidate that is best able company by finding the right hire the first to add value to one's company. time and limiting legal liability. Seeing The Whole Picture Finding Qualifications That Drive Business Traditional methods for evaluating applicants rely on resumes and interviews. Checking on a candidate's qualifications Yet, these are first person sources, and credentials during a pre employment meaning that a person is describing screen serves many purposes for hiring themselves. Even references and managers. Some credentials prove that a recommendations are carefully selected by person is trustworthy and knowledgeable in potential hires. The best way to really see
  • 2. What Hiring Managers Should Do With Background Criminal Checks the whole picture when it comes to the extend to employees that work with the hiring process is to use third person, country's infrastructure, shipping, and impartial references and background border control. Recent cases have held employment screening methods. companies liable if they do not do their homework, not to mention the damage Employers can learn many aspects of a done to a company from bad hiring candidate's personality through a decisions. comprehensive pre employment screen. For example, a check on driving records In the end, background employment would be necessary if a position required screening gives hiring personnel the tools driving company vehicles, but it also to hire candidates that will add value to provides good evidence on the applicant's their company. personality. Speeding tickets might be a sign of running late to appointments or carelessness, whereas a good driving record shows responsibility and attention to details. Credit reports would be useful when hiring financial professionals and a criminal background check should be run on employees that work with customers, especially children or the elderly. Legal Liability Due diligence during the hiring process also limits a company's legal liability. Healthcare and education professionals are required by law to be vetted according to their criminal history. These requirements also Kevin Connell is an author for AccuScreen, the industry leader in pre employment screening since 1994. AccuScreen specializes in delivering comprehensive background employment screening.