Welcome to the Bud House


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Welcome to the Bud House

  1. 1. Welcome to the Bud HouseThis article was originally published on the Acclaro blog.Category: Culture For the World Cup tournament, Anheuser Busch is working the tried- and-true marketing campaign path, executing two initiatives from previous years: 1. The “Man of the Match" award, where after the game viewers select the best player, who is then presented with a large trophy. (Who doesnt love trophies?) 2. The Budweiser Cup: A campaign that features local six-on-six tournaments around the world, with the champions winning a trip to see the World Cup, live.This year, however, Anheuser-Busch is also launching an upfront, in-your-face (you guessed it)reality show. All online, all action, all LIVE.(Well, as much as possible.)Called "Bud House," the show hasbeen described as “American Idol” meets“Survivor” meets “football.” Exactly 32 footballfans from 32 countries, each representing theirnational team, will be placed together in ahouse in Capetown, South Africa, with theirevery move and word recorded by videocameras.Started on June 11, the players battle against each other for the entire course of the World Cuptournament, in a fashion similar to the popular “Big Brother” reality show. The series broadcasts6-8 episodes (or rather, webisodes) a day, and the website features a live-streamed feed fromthe house.Page 1: Welcome to The Bud House Copyright © Acclaro 2012
  2. 2. The show certainly makes good use of the international reach of the World Cup, tying all 32countries into a Budweiser-branded experience. Using the web as the primary broadcastchannel is also a good setup: "webtime," unlike airtime, is cheap, and if all goes well, the showwill generate tremendous buzz among football fans and those enchanted by the charms ofreality TV.But theres a potential for reality webisode flare ups (perhaps, to some, this is exactly theshows appeal): feelings run high enough when you put a bunch of strangers in a housetogether, but they run even higher when something precious is at stake: namely, a sportsteams reputation and ultimately, national pride.One more item to consider: Though we might think the idea of a web series makes sense, itvery much limits exposure to the broadband-connected nations. In South Africa, where ourcherished World Cup is being held, and the Bud House is being filmed, internet penetrationis just over 10%. Seriously! That means about 1 in 10 South African residents can actually seethe action in Bud House unfold. So how is Anheuser-Busch integrating locals into their campaign? Well, there is a high level of SMS use in the country, so they can actively participate in “Man of the Match” voting, as it is determined by online and mobile text voting. But were any "Bud Cup" tournaments held in Africa? What else is this World Cup sponsor doing to promote the brandin-country, or otherwise targeting local consumers? Wed love to hear your thoughts!About Acclaro: Acclaro is an international translation and localization company thathelps the world’s leading brands succeed across cultures. We translate websites,marketing campaigns, documents and software to give clients an authentic voice inkey language markets. North America: 1-866-468-5106 Worldwide: +1-914-468-0222 www.acclaro.com sales@acclaro.comPage 2: Welcome to The Bud House Copyright © Acclaro 2012