Tips on Latin American Translation
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Tips on Latin American Translation Tips on Latin American Translation Document Transcript

  • Tips on Latin American LocalizationThis article was originally published on the Acclaro blog.Category: Marketing, Websites, Localization TipsWe hear a lot about localizing marketing content forU.S. Hispanic consumers — but what about thehundreds of millions of potential Spanish-speakingcustomers south of our borders? A few tips onmarketing to Latin American Spanish-speakingaudiences, from a localization professional viaMediapost: All gestures are not "OK." In Latin America, to give the OK sign they use a hand with index finger and middle finger raised, with the palm of the hand facing the person whose hand is used. But in the U.K. that same symbol is equivalent to giving someone the middle finger! Dollar bill, yall. Here in the U.S., the dollar sign ($) refers to U.S. dollars. But in Latin America, it could also refer to the local currency in other countries (e.g., Argentina). Also, just like Europe, numbers are written differently — $2,335.47 in the U.S. vs. $2.335,47 in Latin American Spanish.Of course, these are both items that your translation agency should know well! Dont get caughtoff guard by having to catch these yourself, or misunderstand the scope of your project. When itcomes to marketing, more has to change than simple document text translation.Still, you can be optimistic about the final results:"Marketing communications inherently seek to educate and to persuade.Theres no reason whymarketers should experience any drop-off in either as they migrate their copy from English toSpanish -- so long as they dont lose their grasp of nuance or their respect for what can becrucial linguistic and cultural differences."Page 1: Tips on Latin American Localization Copyright © Acclaro 2012
  • Final trend tip: a lot of gaming companies are recognizing the untapped market for video gamesin Latin America and creating localized versions of their games. Sony, for example, announcedthat they will release fully localized blockbuster Playstation games for Latin America in 2011. Ifyoure a gaming company...something to consider!About Acclaro: Acclarois an international translation and localization company thathelps the world’s leading brands succeed across cultures. We specialize inwebsitetranslation, marketing campaigns, documents and software localization to give clientsan authentic voice in key language markets. North America: 1-866-468-5106 Worldwide: +1-914-468-0222 www.acclaro.comsales@acclaro.comPage 2: Tips on Latin American Localization Copyright © Acclaro 2012