Accessibility and the Cloud


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Cloud-based services have the opportunity to provide incredible benefits to people with disabilities, allowing users to store personal preferences as well as assistive technology in the cloud so they
can be accessed anywhere at any time. They also provide incredible risks if they haven’t been developed with accessibility in mind.

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Accessibility and the Cloud

  1. 1. Accessibility and the cloudSarah Pulis (@sarahtp)Web Accessibility EvangelistAccess iQ
  2. 2. Getting to know youWho are you?What do you do?Why are you interested inaccessibility and the cloud?2 Twitter: #accessiq @sarahtp
  3. 3. Today we will…Introduction to cloud applicationsCloud apps and accessibility: how yourchoices affect accessibilityUsing the cloud to support people withdisabilities
  4. 4. What is the cloud?
  5. 5. ShareWrite down the cloud-basedapplications that you or yourorganisation regularly use5 Twitter: #accessiq @sarahtp
  6. 6. Software as a Service (SaaS)
  7. 7. Cloud Accessibility Project90%80% 77% 72%70%60%50% 47% 40% Non-sighted40% 32% Sighted 29%30% 19%20% 10%10% 5% 4%0% Dropbox Google Drive Google Documents Social Overall
  8. 8. Could Accessibility ProjectCloud makes work easier by 37% blind and51% sighted usersSecurity and accessibility more of aconcern from vision impaired than sighted
  9. 9. Cloud apps and accessibility: howyour choices affect accessibility
  10. 10.  It is unlawful for a person who, whether for payment or not, provides goods or services, or makes facilities available, to discriminate against another person  on the ground of the other person’s disability…Quote from Section 24 (Goods, services and facilities),Disability Discrimination Act
  11. 11.  Government 2.0 involves consulting and engaging  with stakeholders onlineThe AGIMO Government 2.0 Primer
  12. 12. Social Media
  13. 13. ShareDoes your Gov 2.0 strategy orsocial media policy take intoconsideration the accessibility ofSaaS?15 Twitter: #accessiq @sarahtp
  14. 14. ProcurementWho misses out if you procure acloud application that hasaccessibility barriers?
  15. 15. ATHEN Report on the Accessibility ofGoogle Documents (Oct 2011) Because of these and many other problems, which prevent entire populations of people from fully or sometimes even partially using the software, Documents and the Document List cannot be considered  accessible.
  16. 16. Legal casesNFP files complaints against New York Universityand Northwestern University (March 2010)Google Apps Accessibility: A Light at the End ofthe Tunnel (Oct 2011)NFB: Google Apps Accessibility Not There Yet(Jan 2012)Enhanced accessibility in Docs, Sites andCalendar (Sept 2012)
  17. 17. Using the cloud to support peoplewith disabilities
  18. 18. Global PublicInclusive Infrastructure
  19. 19. Needs and preferencesAssistive technology softwareScreen readers, screen magnifiers, onscreenkeyboardsHigh contrast and large fontCaptions“Situational disability”
  20. 20. Needs and preferencesin the cloud Access For All User Preferences
  21. 21. Assistive technologiesin the cloud
  22. 22. Smarter SaaS and PaaSAssessing device-specific capabilitiesAuto-config user interface based onpersonal preferencesDelivery of alternative resources
  23. 23. Benefits of the cloudOne initial input of preferences by wizardInstant setup on any deviceMeets specific needs and preferencesInterface consistencyDevice independentGlobal rollout of updatesLow cost
  24. 24. Current issues for the cloudBroadband accessCost of broadbandInitial setupSecurity and privacyTraining
  25. 25. Government involvementProposed cloud accessibility trial projects:Service delivery: NDIS reporting delivered bycloud with interface preferencesEmployment in regional areas: retail equipmentmodified using cloud profiles in NBN siteTAFE online course materials delivered by thecloud using accessibility profiles
  26. 26. Think-tankWhich government services wouldbe considered a high priority for acloud accessibility trial project?
  27. 27. Think-tankWho would be the key stakeholdersin the implementation of a cloudaccessibility trial?
  28. 28. Think-tankWhat practical steps can be takenby government to make a cloudaccessibility trial a reality?
  29. 29. Level 3, 616-620 Harris StUltimo NSW 2007t: +61 2 8218 9320e: @accessiqaccessiq.orgWeb accessibility know how