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10 Common Cloud Computing Myths
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10 Common Cloud Computing Myths


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AccessPay uses 100% cloud-based technology to transform payment, cash management and treasury systems for businesses and banks alike.

AccessPay uses 100% cloud-based technology to transform payment, cash management and treasury systems for businesses and banks alike.

Published in: Economy & Finance
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  • 1. 10 Common Cloud Computing Myths
  • 2. Executive Summary Cloud technology has become hugely popular in the business world. Most UK companies now use it in some form or other. But many are still unclear about what the cloud is, and what it has to offer - and they’re not helped by stubborn myths that refuse to go away. To help you decide whether cloud computing is right for your business, here are 10 of the most common cloud myths; fully debunked to reveal the truth…
  • 3. Myth 1: I don’t know what the cloud is! Truth: You probably use it already The cloud is simply remote access computing, with all the required hardware and software stored in a remote location. If you send emails using Hotmail or Google, you’re using it already.
  • 4. Myth 2: The cloud lacks security Truth: Security in the cloud is likely to be tighter than your existing system Cloud security is improving all the time. In most cases, cloud vendors will have data encryption and security procedures more stringent and advanced than your own…
  • 5. Truth: A few days is more likely… Good cloud providers take care of all aspects of migration, and they will make the process quick and painless – usually no more than a few days. Myth 3: Building a cloud can take months
  • 6. Myth 4: The cloud is expensive Truth: Cloud services can actually save you money With the cloud, you don’t have to buy or install anything, which removes the need for up-front capital expenditure. According to the International Data Corporation, almost every SME that uses cloud services saves money.
  • 7. Myth 5: The cloud comes in one size only Truth: It’s flexible, modular and can grow with your business. The cloud is a flexible solution, and can be used on a modular basis, so you only pay for what you use and can scale up or down on demand.
  • 8. Myth 6: You can get stuck in the cloud Truth: You can move in and out of the cloud with ease Being ‘locked in’ to a cloud provider is a genuine concern for many businesses. However, all good cloud providers offer seamless integration to move in and out of the cloud easily.
  • 9. Myth 7: The cloud is unreliable… I could lose data! Truth: The cloud is probably better at backing up than your current system If you have ever struggled to maintain backups you’ll love the cloud – good providers have regular automated backups to ensure data is fully recoverable in the event of a disaster.
  • 10. Myth 8: The cloud will affect my compliance. Truth: Any good cloud provider will ensure you comply You can easily meet the latest security standards in the cloud – a good cloud provider will ensure the latest security compliance requirements are always adhered to.
  • 11. Myth 9: I won’t have time to maintain the cloud Truth: Relax! You don’t actually need to do anything… There’s no need to worry - the cloud takes care of tasks like managing software upgrades and maintaining server equipment for you.
  • 12. Myth 10: The cloud won’t last Truth: It will outlast your personal computer We rely on the cloud so much already that we can be sure it isn’t just a passing fad. Gartner research has forecasted that more than 50% of businesses will adopt and implement some kind of cloud-based application by the end of 2015. And the cloud isn’t just for businesses - Gartner has also forecasted that the cloud will dominate the digital lives of consumers by 2014 - replacing the personal computer!
  • 13. AccessPay – 100% cloud-based payment solutions AccessPay provides 100% cloud-based Payment and Cash Management Solutions with bank-grade security. The cloud allows us to offer our clients key benefits such as: • Zero capex • Global mobile access • Cloud platform security For many businesses, the idea of cloud computing might still seem daunting; but the time, money and energy saving benefits can offer significant competitive advantages. The cloud is going to be a part of the business world from now on. There’s no escaping it, but little reason to fear it either!
  • 14. Any Questions? AccessPay CEC Winchester - Crawford Place, 259-269 Old Marylebone Rd, London NW1 5RA Tel: +44 (0) 203 282 7152 Email: Website: Blog: Connect with us: