Health & Medicine - NanoGold Activity2 Nicks Test
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Health & Medicine - NanoGold Activity2 Nicks Test






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Health & Medicine - NanoGold Activity2 Nicks Test Health & Medicine - NanoGold Activity2 Nicks Test Presentation Transcript

  • Nick’s Test
  • Last Saturday…
    • Nick and his group “Neisseria” were playing at the battle of the bands competition.
    • He left his water bottle at the edge of the stage.
  • Neiserria received an encore…
    • Nick was so excited that he forgot to collect his water bottle…
    • He had to wait until the interval.
  • When he returned…
    • There were several water bottles on stage so Nick just grabbed the one he thought was his…
    • He was so thirsty he took a big drink…
  • Several days later…
    • Nick is feeling sick.
    • He is vomiting
    • Has a temperature
    • And a very stiff neck
  • He goes to the doctor…
    • Who immediately orders a test for meningitis…
    • You are the scientist
    • Complete the diagnostic
    • test to discover if Nick has
    • Meningitis.
  • Prepare gold nanoparticles by adding antibodies…
    • Antibodies can be glued onto the nanoparticles. These will stick directly to proteins on the meningitis bacteria if Nick has the disease.
    Gold Nano Particle Y Y Y Antibodies Y
  • Click to add antibodies… Y Y Y Y
  • How it works…
    • When the disease protein (green star) is present, the nanoparticles clump together.
    • There is a colour change from red to blue.
    Y Y
  • Click to add the Nanoparticles
  • Let’s do multiple tests
  • To check that the test is working..
    • We need some controls…
    • Add Nanoparticles to the remaining wells..
  • Now for the samples…
    • First add the positive control- this should change colour because
    • it contains meningitis protein.
    Pipette image: Microsoft Clipart
  • Let’s repeat the test…
    • The positive control is working properly.
  • Then add the negative control…
    • the negative control should not cause a reaction because there are no meningitis proteins present.
  • Let’s repeat the test…
    • The negative control is working effectively.
  • Now let’s test Nick’s sample
    • The sample is negative…
    + - Nick
  • We had better repeat the test
    • The other samples are positive.
    + - Nick Luckily we repeated the test!
  • Nick was placed onto intravenous antibiotic therapy…
  • As a precaution his band and his whole family was treated and immunised..
    • Even his annoying little sister …
    • Who can play the triangle
    • And can’t wait to join the band!
  • Nick made a full recovery…
    • He still plays with his band…
    • And he is still constantly irritated by his kid sister.
    • Nick was very lucky to be treated so promptly thanks to your early diagnosis using nanotechnology.
  • Questions
    • What is bacterial meningitis?
    • How did Nick contract the disease?
    • Why was it so important that Nick be diagnosed early?
    • What are some of the serious implications of having this disease?
    • Explain what is meant by a positive and a negative control.
    • Why do scientists repeat their experiments?