(ATS6-GS01) Welcome


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This general session will introduce you to Accelrys Tech Summit (ATS6). The welcome overview will discuss what the audience can expect during the Tech Summit as well as how Accelrys plans on following up with some of the key discussion points and topics, and will inform the audience on how they can best leverage the tracks, sessions, and Accelrys employees to make the most of their time.
The Introduction to Scientific Innovation Lifecycle Management will provide the audience with context when attending the different technical sessions on how our solutions and technologies fit together to uniquely address the challenges faced by our customers worldwide and in different industries.

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(ATS6-GS01) Welcome

  1. 1. (ATS6-GS01) WelcomeAndy LeutheSr. DirectorProduct Marketingandy.leuthe@accelrys.com
  2. 2. The information on the roadmap and future software development efforts areintended to outline general product direction and should not be relied on in makinga purchasing decision.
  3. 3. • 50+ RegisteredAttendeesWho• Partners– BT– Discngine– IBM– Thomson Reuters
  4. 4. Accelrys R&D and Product Management
  5. 5. Wednesday, 22 May: Day 19:0010:0010:0010:3010:3011:1511:1512:0012:0013:1513:15 (ATS6-PLAT01) (ATS6-APP01) (ATS6-DEV01)14:00 Changes and Improvements to Direct 9 and PPChem Deploying Discoverant Across a Global Network What’s New for Developers in AEP 9.014:00 (ATS6-PLAT02) (ATS6-APP02) (ATS6-DEV02)14:45 Accelrys Catalog andHelping Users Make the Most of their Data withDiscoverantWeb Application StrategiesProtocol Validation14:45 (ATS6-PLAT03) (ATS6-APP03) (ATS6-DEV03)15:30What’s Behind Discngine Collections: the Tibco SpotfireConnector & Graph ToolboxLife Sciences Partner Building an Enterprise Web Solution with AEPEcosystem Overview15:3016:1516:15 (ATS6-PLAT04) (ATS6-APP04) (ATS6-DEV04)17:00 Query ServiceFlexible Data Capture for Improved LaboratoryErgonomicsBuilding Web Mashup Applications Using Accelrys RESTServices17:00 (ATS6-PLAT05) (ATS6-APP05) (ATS6-DEV05)17:45 Security Enhancements in AEP 9 Deploying Contur ELN to Large OrganizationsBuilding Interactive Web Applications with theReporting Collection17:4519:0019:0021:00How BT is Simplifying the Mining of Biological ‘Big Data’ – a CTO’s PerspectiveLunchBreakFree TimeGroup DinnerRegistration & Welcome Coffee(ATS6-GS01)Welcome & Introduction to SILM(ATS6-GS02)Integrating Contur and HEOS(ATS6-GS03)
  6. 6. Thursday, 23 May: Day 2Thursday, 23 May: Day 29:009:459:4510:3010:3011:0011:00 (ATS6-Roadmap02) (ATS6-Roadmap03) (ATS6-Roadmap04)11:45 LIMS Roadmap ELN Roadmap Discoverant Roadmap11:45 (ATS6-PLAT06) (ATS6-APP06) (ATS6-DEV06)12:30 Maximizing AEP Performance Accelrys LIMS and Accelrys ELN Integration Using Packages for Enterprise Application Delivery12:3013:4513:45 (ATS6-PLAT07) (ATS6-APP07) (ATS6-DEV07)14:30 Managing AEP in an Enterprise Environment Configuration of Accelrys ELN Building Widgets forto Clone to the Latest ELN Home PageTemplate Version14:30 (ATS6-PLAT08) (ATS6-APP08) (ATS6-DEV08)15:15 AEP in a Validated Environment ADQM Solution Deployment Integrating Contur ELNwith Other Systems Using a RESTful API15:1515:3015:30 (ATS6-PLAT09) (ATS6-APP09) (ATS6-DEV09)16:15Deploying Applications on Load Balanced AEP Serversfor High AvailabilityELN Configuration Management with ADMDeep Dive into REST and SOAP Integration for ProtocolAuthors16:15LunchBreakClosed(ATS6-Roadmap01)Platform Roadmap(ATS6-GS04)Partner Session -IBM: Performance Analysis of Accelrys EnterprisePlatform 9.0 on IBM’s Scalable IT solutionBreak
  7. 7. • Focus is on HOW• Your Questions – Our Answers• Our Questions – Your Answers• Please Ask Your Questions – We Are Going to Ask Ours• Speakers Objectives:– When the audience walks out of your session, they should haveinformation that will allow them to improved their ability to performtheir jobWhy
  8. 8. SILMPLMERPIdeation Development Validation ManufacturingScientific Innovation Lifecycle ManagementMESScientific Innovation CommercializationIdeation Development Validation ManufacturingLife Science(small molecule drug,biologic,pesticide, etc.)Non-Life Science(chemical, material,catalyst, polymer,formulation, etc.)
  9. 9. LEANotebookVaultIsentrisOther3rd PartyVendorsLIMSORACLEEnterprise Lab ManagementWorkflow AndAutomationModeling andSimulationData Managementand Informatics3rd Party, Partner& ISV AppsDiscoveryStudioMaterialsStudioIsentris Registration Pipeline PilotScientific and Generic Services Data Management ServicesAccelrys Enterprise PlatformELN LEAText & ImageAnalyticsStatistics &AnalysisReporting Laboratory OpsMaterials AnalyticalInstrumentationBiologyChemistryScientificModelingSmartLab13An Open Scientifically Enabled Infrastructure
  10. 10. Accelrys Enterprise PlatformAccelrys Enterprise Platform• User Administration• System Administration• Security• Load Balancing• HPCIT Services• Scientific Collections• Generic CollectionsScientific and Generic Services• Data Integration• Data Access• CartridgeData Management Services• Web Services• 3rd Party Integration• SDKs / APIsDevelopment Services• Catalog• Protocol Execution• Web PortApplication Services
  11. 11. The Need for a Platform to Underpin SILMAccelrysCustomersPartners• Access to broad scientific informaticssolutions across different domains• Integration into existing IT environments• Lower cost of IT administration• Rapidly bring new applicationsto market• Create applications that areconsistent and integrated• Leverage common IT-relatedservices• Easily integrate partner technologiesfor broader solutions• Leverage domain expertise ofexternal partners
  12. 12. Modeling andSimulationDiscoveryStudioMaterialsStudioWorkflow AndAutomationPipeline PilotAccelrys Enterprise PlatformData Managementand InformaticsIsentris RegistrationEnterprise Lab ManagementELN LEA SmartLab13Do you have AEP?• Accelrys Enterprise Platform – or –Accelrys Enterprise Platform for Application• Some conditions and criteria, check with your Accelrys accountmanagerAccelrys Enterprise Platform
  13. 13. EngageSessionsDisplaysBreaks and DinnerForumsAsk, Ask, AskRecorded sessions inCommunitySurveyAccelrysCustomersPartners