(ATS6-DEV02) Web Application Strategies


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AEP provides a range of options for developing web applications. Understanding these options, their strengths and the decision making process involved in choosing the right strategy is key to leveraging the power of the platform and ensuring you achieve your goals and do so on schedule. From simple reporting protocols developed exclusively using Pipeline Pilot through to Rich Internet Applications built using JavaScript and ExtJS, we'll take a look at the work involved, required skillsets and time considerations to ensure you make the right choice for your project.

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(ATS6-DEV02) Web Application Strategies

  1. 1. (ATS6-DEV02) Web ApplicationStrategiesJames RedfernLead Software EngineerR&Djames.redfern@accelrys.com
  2. 2. The information on the roadmap and future software development efforts areintended to outline general product direction and should not be relied on in makinga purchasing decision.
  3. 3. Content• What strategies are available with AEP?• How to choose the most appropriate approach?
  4. 4. What strategies are available with AEP?Enterprise AppSoftwareDeveloper(s)Form & ResultAny PP userDashboardPP Developer
  5. 5. Project Requirements*We want to search an SD file usingid and display the compounds in atableYou have 2 hoursWhat can you do?* Hypothetical project
  6. 6. We want to search an SD file usingid and display the compounds in atableYou have 2 hoursWhat can you do?Form & ResultReporting Collection• Simple Web PortApplication
  7. 7. DemoForm & Result Application• Web Port hosted Reporting Collection Protocols
  8. 8. Form & Result – Technology• Reporting collection / Web Port ...– provides application container– gets the values from the form– runs the work protocol– puts the result file(s) in a new tab (IFrame)– provides built-in Help support• Protocols without custom JavaScript• Reporting Collection creates the Ext JS table(grid) for you
  9. 9. Form & Result – Key Points• Simple to get started• Focus on Solution• Reporting collection manages complex elements
  10. 10. Change Request 1*Can you add "some drill downs"?And some interactive chartsshowing the property distributionof the hits?* Hypothetical change request
  11. 11. DashboardReporting Collection with JavaScript• Use JavaScript toenhance the Web PortapplicationCan you add "some drill downs"?And some interactive chartsshowing the property distributionof the hits?
  12. 12. DemoDashboard Application• Enhance interactivity withData Connector and JavaScript
  13. 13. Dashboard - Technology• Protocols with some simple JavaScript• Protocol Function & friends– Run work protocols via Ajax withno / little custom JavaScript needed– Exposes / simplifies JavaScript Client SDK to PP Devs
  14. 14. Dashboard - Technology• Data Connector & Scriptable APIs– Make chart selections talk to tables and vice versa etc– Simplified way into advanced JS scripting• Include Ext JS library– Enhance report with Ext JS features
  15. 15. Dashboard – Key Points• Data Connector increases interactivity• JavaScript enables customization of solution• Can include Ext JS• Too much JavaScript can become unwieldy
  16. 16. Change Request 2*We’d like more powerful searching, while stillbeing easy to use; our own enterprise searchengine maybe – can you do that?Searching is great, but it’s the results we’rereally interested in – could we create lists?And if we have lists, could we have both publicand private ones?* Hypothetical change request
  17. 17. Enterprise Application• Employ 3rd-party RIA JavaScript Library
  18. 18. DemoEnterprise Application• Taking full control of the application UI
  19. 19. Enterprise Application - TechnologyAccelrys Enterprise PlatformJavaScript RIA LibraryAjax requests toREST APIDOM Manipulation/ EventsJSON / XML / HTMLresponse
  20. 20. Enterprise Application - Technology• Deployed as AEP package– JavaScript files – Ext JS scripts / plugins etc– CSS / images– Protocols providing JSON encoded content– Static html page• Build process + IDE integration - Ant• Under version controlAEPPackage
  21. 21. Enterprise Application – Key Points• Simplifies Deployment• Separates Service / UI– UI Maintainability– No AEP / Pipeline Pilot knowledge required for UI
  22. 22. Who Implements the UI?Form & Result Dashboard Enterprise AppReporting Collection UIProtocols are BLUE & GREEN:RIA JavaScript UIProtocols are BLUE:
  23. 23. Who Implements the UI?Protocol only 3rd party RIA Library• Use of Standard Development Tools• JavaScript Maintainability• Ease of collaboration• Highly customizable UI• REST API supports multiple clients• Simple setup• Speed of development• Robust UI code• No JavaScript / Ext JS skills required
  24. 24. Which one should I use for my app?Form & Result Dashboard Enterprise App• How complex are my requirements?• How much time do I have?• What are my skill sets?Complexity, Time, Skillslow highIt depends…
  25. 25. • (ATS6-DEV03) for a detailed look at Enterprise Application• (ATS6-DEV05) to further explore using the ReportingCollection for developing Web Applications• (ATS6-DEV06) to see how to deliver bundled applicationsin packagesNext Steps?