(ATS4-GS01) Welcome & Introduction to SILM

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This general session will introduce you to Accelrys Tech Summit (ATS4). The welcome overview will discuss what the audience can expect during the Tech Summit as well as how Accelrys plans on …

This general session will introduce you to Accelrys Tech Summit (ATS4). The welcome overview will discuss what the audience can expect during the Tech Summit as well as how Accelrys plans on following up with some of the key discussion points and topics, and will inform the audience on how they can best leverage the tracks, sessions, and Accelrys employees to make the most of their time.

The Introduction to Scientific Innovation Lifecycle Management will provide the audience with context when attending the different technical sessions on how our solutions and technologies fit together to uniquely address the challenges faced by our customers worldwide and in different industries.

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  • 1. (ATS04-GS01) Welcome& Accelrys Product Portfolio Andy Leuthe Senior Director Product Marketing andy.leuthe@accelrys.com
  • 2. Who’s Here• 54 Registered • Intel & BT Sponsor Attendees • Accelrys• Customers & Partners – R&D – Customer Support – Product Management
  • 3. Agenda: Day 1 Day 1Start End 10:00 10:30 (ATS4-GS01) Welcome & Accelrys Product Portfolio 10:30 11:15 (ATS4-GS02) A Lap Around Accelrys Enterprise Platform (AEP) and Pipeline Pilot 9.0 11:15 12:00 (ATS4-GS03) Balanced Cloud Solutions for the Healthcare Enterprise (Intel) 12:00 1:15 Networking Lunch 1:15 2:00 (ATS4-PLAT01) Core Architecture Changes in (ATS4-APP01) Tips and tricks for a (ATS4-DEV01) Accelrys Draw Enterprise AEP 9.0 & Their Impact on Administrators Successful Installation of Accelrys Edition is More Than an End User Electronic Lab Notebook Application; It is a Rich Toolkit for Developers 2:00 2:45 (ATS4-PLAT02) New Security Enhancements (ATS4-APP02) Accelrys Electronic Lab (ATS4-DEV02) Accelrys Query Service: in AEP 9.0 Notebook Home Page Administration Technology and Tools 2:45 3:30 (ATS4-PLAT03) Balancing Security with (ATS4-APP03) Top 10 Things Every (ATS4-DEV03) Accelrys Query Service: Apps Access for Development Electronic Lab Notebook Admin Should and Examples Know 3:30 4:15 Break 4:15 5:00 (ATS4-PLAT04) Chemistry Data Model (ATS4-APP04) Instrument Service Overview (ATS4-DEV04) Protocols as RESTful Services Enhancements in Pipeline Pilot 9.0: What & RESTful URL Routing Are They & How Will They Impact Your Users 5:00 5:45 (ATS4-PLAT05) Accelrys Catalog: A Search (ATS4-APP05) What’s New in Isentris 4. 0 (ATS4-DEV05) Pipeline Pilot 9.0 Advanced Index for AEP SP1 Protocol Development Topics 5:45 7:00 Free Time 7:00 9:00 Group Dinner
  • 4. Agenda: Day 2 Day 2Start End 9:00 9:45 (ATS4-GS04) Technology Previews 9:45 10:30 (ATS4-GS05) Unlocking Healthcare Data with Pipeline Pilot (BT) 10:30 11:00 Break 11:00 11:45 (ATS4-PLAT06) Considerations for Sizing and (ATS4-APP06) Isentris Integration with the (ATS4-DEV06) Building Morphit Binders Deployment Accelrys Enterprise Platform within Accelrys Electronic Lab Notebook 11:45 12:30 (ATS4-PLAT07) Interactive Charts Revamped No Session at this time (ATS4-DEV07) How to Build a Custom Search Panel for Accelrys Electronic Lab Notebook 12:30 1:45 Networking Lunch 1:45 2:30 (ATS4-PLAT08) Server Pool Management (ATS4-APP07) Accelrys Insight (ATS4-DEV08) Building Widgets for the Accelrys Electronic Lab Notebook Home Page 2:30 3:15 (ATS4-PLAT09) Kerberos & SAML with (ATS4-APP08) Managing Notebook (ATS4-DEV09) Visualizing SmartLab Data Accelrys Enterprise Platform Configurations with Accelrys Deployment Using the Accelrys Enterprise Platform Manager 3:15 3:30 Break 3:30 4:15 (ATS4-PLAT10) Planning Your Deployment (ATS4-APP09) Tips & Tricks for Managing (ATS4-DEV10) Creating Pipeline Pilot for a 64-bit World Accelrys Electronic Notebook Server Components by Wrapping Third-Party Performance Tools
  • 5. Why Are We Here? • “How” Focus • Newer Releases including preview • Ask your questionsQuestions • We’re going to ask ours • When the audience walks out of the session, they should have information that will allow them to improved their ability toObjective perform their job
  • 6. DisclaimerThe information on the roadmap and future software development efforts areintended to outline general product direction and should not be relied on in makinga purchasing decision.
  • 7. Follow Up• Sessions are recorded and • Forums: will be posted in Accelrys – IT/Dev Forums – Notebook IT and System Administrators• Survey • Events: – 2012 Accelrys West Coast Science Symposiums • Oct 23rd - (SFO) Burlingame, CA • Oct 24th - Del Mar, CA
  • 8. Your Assistance Please • Beta Test Participants • Usability – Looking for interested – Focus on workflow and parties usability – Products: – Get our customers • Pipeline Pilot 9.0 engaged in our • Accelrys Enterprise development efforts Platform 2012 – At our events and site visits
  • 9. Scientific Innovation Lifecycle Management Scientific Innovation Commercialization Life Science Ideation Development Validation Manufacturing (small molecule drug, biologic, pesticide, etc.) Non-Life Science (chemical, material, Ideation Development Validation Manufacturing catalyst, polymer, formulation, etc.) SILM MES PLM ERP
  • 10. The Challenge: The Innovation Productivity Gap • Only 25% of R&D projects reach market (IDC Insights) Innovation • The full value may not be realized even for Commercialization those that make it to market • Costly errors slow down time-to-market, impact quality• Science-led innovation is difficult to automate due to unstructured scientific data and complex processes• Information access and reuse is a significant challenge in building a learning organization• Manual data collection creates costly bottlenecks and re-work• Key players in the process are not well-orchestrated due to organizational and infrastructure barriers• Lack of access to relevant data at key points drives serial processes to market• Critical insight and context from discovery and development does not make it downstream to ERP and PLM systems
  • 11. Closing The Innovation Productivity Gap • Provide a Scientific Informatics Platform to enable our customers to better manage their Scientific Innovation Lifecycle – Better manage scientific workflows – Improve insight and management of complex scientific data across disciplines – Increase use of modeling and simulation to improve outcomes and efficiency – Integration of SILM systems with existing core downstream systems – Improve velocity across the innovation to commercialization process
  • 12. An Open Scientifically Enabled Infrastructure Modeling and Data Management Workflow And 3rd Party, Partner Enterprise Lab Management Simulation and Informatics Automation & ISV Apps Discovery Materials ELN LEA Isentris Registration Pipeline Pilot Studio Studio SmartLab Accelrys Enterprise Platform Scientific and Generic Services Data Management Services Notebook ORACLE LEA Isentris Chemistry Biology Materials Analytical Vault Instrumentation 3rd Party LIMS Other Vendors Text & Image Reporting Statistics & Laboratory Ops Scientific Analytics Analysis Modeling 13
  • 13. Accelrys Enterprise PlatformThe Accelrys Enterprise Platform isour scientific informatics platform SOA Web Services and SDKsproviding: Common Application Services: Packaging, Installation, – Scientific and Generic Licensing, Authentication, Administration, Logging, Componentization services – Data access and Query services management services Chemistry Biology Material Science Analytical Instruments – Common application ORACLE Docs Chemistry Biology Text & Image Reporting Statistics & Laboratory Modeling Ops 3rd services Analytics Analytics LIMS Party Other Vendor – SOA Integration – Workflow Automation
  • 14. Application Development Strategy Tailor Extend Build & Integrate
  • 15. SILM Value Proposition• Reduce costs with predictive science via modeling and simulation• Automate data access, analysis and reporting• Capture best-practices for developing, validating, executing and transforming methods, SOPs• Improve decision-making through knowledge Research capture, sharing within and across Research, Development and Manufacturing Development• Protect intellectual property, enable IP capture and reuse QAQC• Ensure traceability ManufacturingDeliver better products, sooner and more costefficiently…
  • 16. Maturity ModelDefinition:Process Improvement approach and benchmarking framework whose goal is tohelp organizations improve their performance. Where I Need To Be… Incremental Improvement Level 5: Optimized Where I Am Level 4: Managed Now… Level 3: Integrated Level 2: Defined Level 1: Initial
  • 17. Accelrys Scientific Maturity ModelMaturity model developed by Accelrys, patterned after the widelyused and industry accepted CMMi1 model, but tailored to scientificorganizations. Establishes a mapping of characteristics and behaviors in each of 4 key areas to a “Level” People Level 5: Optimized Process Level 4: Managed Level 3: Integrated Tools Level 2: Defined Data Level 1: Initial
  • 18. Characteristic Traits & Behaviors For Each Level
  • 19. Summary• Thanks for your time• Please make the most of your time here, engage us