Have content, will travel securely sharing mobile content in the cloud part II


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TechForum’s Security Forum: Emerging Trends in Enterprise Security April 19, 2012. Presented by: Presenter: Reza Nabavi Director, Mobile Product Marketing Accellion, Inc.

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  • The Challenge also extends to implementing all of the various Security Consideration for Content Sharing and Access.These Include:However, the most important consideration Is the understanding that:
  • …. An enterprise mobility solutions that addresses the Risks and Challenges of CoITConsumer Clouds is not about restricting device functionality and its access.Most IT departments adopt an MDM solution, restrict devices and force everybody to play in a sandbox. I have sat in many meeting with our financial services customers and prospects where they have begun with an MDM solution only to find out out that it is not sufficient. And it’s funny that they usually begin by saying if we partner with their MDM solution vendor.Embracing the new model is not sufficient through managing and restricting mobile applications either. Many of the MDM vendors today offer some level of app management as well. It is either through a walled Garden or white listed approach, or an Enterprise App Store model. These MAM solution may provide monitoring and securing app and app data (and quarantining apps if they act suspicious), but what about the content they access?A comprehensive EMM solution that addressesBYOD, Consumer Cloud challenges and mitigates their Risks has to have three components:Mobile Device Management, Mobile Application Management and Mobile Content Delivery and control. The good news is that most enterprises are beginning to catch on this important distinction that mobility of content has to be a solution as solution of its own. Cause that is exactly what Accellion offers, which MDM and MAM players do not offer. The bad news is that as not many Enterprises know who Accellion is. We are a best kept secret.
  • What we provide to our financial services customers is, simply said:an enterprise-class mobile file sharing solution that enables secure anytime, anywhere access to informationwhile ensuring enterprise security and compliance.
  • We are a private company with HQ in Palo Alto. We were founded in 1999 and today have over 1400 Enterprise Customers and 9M Enterprise users.Our solution is a robust enterprise offering and has gone through many years of innovation and maturity.Our solution has received several Excellence Awards by Tech-Ed, Network Computing and three times by Info Security, most recent of which was in 2011, for its Customer Trust.That is why we currently enjoy a 96% loyalty rate by our customers. That is to say, 96% of our customers renew their licenses with us.
  • We focus on secure delivery and control of content that is used by mobile users. Almost none of the players in the MDM or MAM market segments offer the content mobility aspect of the total EMM.What I’d like to talk about next is the criteria and the value propositions that you should look for in a content mobility solution.My emphasis here is to identify for you what mobile file sharing solutions should bring to the table, to enableyou to harness the benefits of Cloud and mobility of content, securely.How we implement this is simply by providing a container within which mobile users can access content, with their popular mobile devices. It is transparent to the mobile user, but offers a secure environment.All content accessed by Accellion mobile apps--whether the app is running on an iPhone, iPad, Android or BlackBerry device; and all content accessed from an Accellion Cloud--whether it is a private, public or hybrid Cloudis kept in a container that is encrypted and can only be accessed by that authenticated user. It can not leak out, as long as it is in that container.
  • This is what we mean by secure, anytime, anywhere access to your files and your corporate content that sits in other content management systems with Accellion.
  • It has to act as an enabler. It has to remove impediments for IT to allow employees to access, collaborate, share content securely while mobile. In other words, it has to have a mobile app that lets biz users do what they want, and have the management and control capabilities to stop things if they go wrong.Only 20% of large enterprises have a remote mobile workforce. What accounts for such low %age areis because most solutions do not offer this very basic aspect.
  • It must offer Secure Mobility. Business users have to take comfort in knowing that the enterprise content they work with is always secure.Everything that a mobile user does with a file, (download, upload, save, edit, send, or just keep locally) should be allowed to happen in a secure environment transparently and w/oburdening the mobile user. And behind the scenes, it should offer the best encryption technology, and support logging and tracking of content required to comply with regularity requirements. Even files that are just at rest in on a device are placed in a container.This is vital, particularly for enterprises in regulated industries.
  • Cross PlatformToday’s road warriors are not limited to sales people who have been given provisioned BlackBerry devices. They include everyone, with a variety of smartphones and tablets across multiple mobile platforms. The mobile file sharing app must run on all popular platforms, including Apple, Android and BlackBerry OS, which basically cover 95% of mobile devices in use today by business users.
  • To an average mobile biz user, it must look like it is just a simple Mobile app that one downloads from the App Store. But it talks to a back-end.That back-end has to be Enterprise ClassIt must be scalable, offer availability and redundancy, but speed of delivery of content to a large number of mobile business users out-of-the-box, and still provide room for growth.Most solutions today begin to degrade beyond a couple of thousands of subscribers. Accellion’s offering maintains the same delivery performance for organizations of 100,000+ mobile users.Further, the solution should integrate with existing corporate directory implementations such as LDAP and AD.
  • The solution has to addresses both categories of CIO objectives: those who want to deploy a highly secure Cloud solution that meets key regulatory standards, and those who’s need is to simply deploy Cloud-based mobile file sharing solution that is robust and just works.It should be able to be deployed as a private Cloud (i.e., on-premise), public Cloud, or as hybrid of both. Not all companies would like to put their sensitive corporate content on a public cloud. Incidentally, This deployment option capability is not just a value proposition of Accellion Solution, it is also an important differentiator for Accellion; William Fellow of 451 Research Group totally supports this.
  • Have content, will travel securely sharing mobile content in the cloud part II

    1. 1. Have Content, Will Travel: Securely SharingMobile Content in the Cloud Part IITechForum‟s Security Forum: Emerging Trends inEnterprise Security
    2. 2. Security Considerations for Mobile Content Access & Sharing  User  Encryption Policies, Profiles (cloud, device, tr  MDM, Apple ansit) Security Policies  Authentication  Authorized  SSO Access  Auto Credentials  Passcode (LDAP, AD) Policies for local  Compliance device 2
    3. 3. EMM = MDM + MAM + MCM Mobile Application Managemen t Mobile Content Delivery, Control &Mobile Device ManagementManagement 3
    4. 4. Accellion Secure Mobile File Sharing Solution Provide enterprise-class solution thatenables secure anytime, anywhere access to enterprise content while ensuring security and compliance.
    5. 5. Who is Accellion?• Founded 1999• HQ in Palo Alto, CA Top 100 Companies that Matter.• 1,400+ Enterprise Customers, 9+ Million Enterprise Users• 96% Loyalty Rate
    6. 6. Who Are Our Customers?Government Healthcare Pharma Financial Consumer Advertising Energy Services Products
    7. 7. Accellion Mobile Content Secure Container
    8. 8. Secure Anytime, Anywhere Access to Enterprise Content8 = Accellion Deployment in the Cloud
    9. 9. 1. Mobile Content Enabler
    10. 10. 2. Mobile File Security • File Encryption in transit and at-rest • User Level Authentication • FIPS 140-2 Level Certification • SAS-70 • HIPAA, SOX, GLBA compliance 10
    11. 11. 3. Cross-Platform 11
    12. 12. 4. Enterprise-Class 12
    13. 13. 5. Hybrid Cloud Deployment “For most enterprises, a virtualized, automated on-premises infrastructure with a hosted, elastic option will be the best approach – the „hybrid‟ model.” 13 -- William Fellows, Agatha Poon –