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Advertise successfully on $50 week: Day 2
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Advertise successfully on $50 week: Day 2


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  • 1. How to AdvertiseSuccessfully on$50 per Week(Day 2)Kat Kailey, Kitsap Sun & Bainbridge IslanderKen Sethney, Marketing Coach/Ad GuyMike Cyger, & Mag
  • 2. Once more, with feeling...● Kat - Kitsap Sun and Bainbridge Islander● Ken - Marketing Coach and Ad Guy● Mike - Bainbridge Island Magazine and
  • 3. Poll the audience...What do you hope to get out of todays session?
  • 4. Reality check?● How do I choose where to advertise? ○ Are you selling B2B or B2C? ○ What does your customer look like? ○ What can you afford?● Is one ad ever enough? (funnel) ○ It takes 7 exposures to make a first impression. ○ If youre not there, youre not an option.● Should I be branding or selling? ○ Is "direct response" a dirty word?● Lets dissect some local ads. (ad guy CSI)
  • 5. The new marketing funnel. Our thanks to SR VP at Fleishman Hillard, Boston
  • 6. (BACK)
  • 7. Anatomy of an Effective Ad● Focus (branding or selling)● Headline● Image (if any)● Body copy (if any)● Call to action● Identity (name/logo)● Contact info● Extras (coupon, reply envelope)
  • 8. What is he selling?
  • 9. What are they selling? Over 50 years of service?
  • 10. What does their customer look like? Whats their call to action?
  • 11. What pain do they cure?
  • 12. Can you hear me..... !?!!?
  • 13. Would you change anything?
  • 14. Spreadsheet Overview/Comparison(see Google Spreadsheet)options (show & tell)differencesexamples
  • 15. Comparison ShoppingHow to find media kits/rate cards - Websites, where to look - How to read a media kit - Call when in question - Example email for specials
  • 16. Example EmailHi,Id like to receive information about advertisingin your publication. Can you please email amedia kit and rate sheet?If you have specials, please include them.Sincerely,You
  • 17. Are you getting results?Its up to you to keep track.What can you measure?● phone calls● walk-ins● coupons● special offers● what else?
  • 18. Remember, one ad is never enough.If youre not there, youre not an option.Think long-term...● Buy 13 weeks, 6 months, 1 year● You get a discount, and...● You can cancel whenever you want... but you pay the higher rate
  • 19. Ad guys dirty little secret."When should I update/change my ad?"● When your response rate drops off.● Keep the basics, change some elements.● But keep things looking the same until your ad stops working.
  • 20. Summary/Wrap Up● Open discussion Questions or comments?