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URDT newsletter (13.6.2007)

  1. 1. JUNE 2007 AWAKENING VOL. . ISSUE 3JUNE 2006 AWAKENING VOL. 1. ISSUE 11 June 2007 2006 AWAKENING VOL. ONE ISSUE. 13 VOL. ONE ISSUE.11 URDT COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER OG R A M M E PR AWAKENING THE SLEEPING GENIUS IN EACH OF US To cultivate the spirit of self reliance so as to enhance Self-generating development in rural communitiesURDT COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER URDT COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER i
  2. 2. JUNE 2007 AWAKENING VOL. . ISSUE 3 URDT NEWSLETTER Afric Table of Contents EDITORIAL......................................................................... 3 URDT. OPEN. DAY. :. . Twenty. years. of . capacity. build- ing/human.development..................................................... 4 Editorial Team African.Rural.University:.A.Student’s.Perspective........... 6 Akello Jacqueline Editor / Advisor VISIONARY.LEADERSHIP.KEY.TO.SUCCESS:.ARU. PRESIDENT.REVEALS.HER.EXPERIENCE........... 7 Hamim Masudi Editor AFRICAN.RURAL.UNIVERSITY:.GUILD.GOVERNMENT. TAKES.OFF.STEADILY............................................................. 8. URDT.INSTITUTE:.Student.tells.succcess.story..................... 9 Contributors Social Cultural Economic Development Programme (SCEDP) URDT’S. APPROACH. TO. MODERNISING. AGRICUL- Rural Communication Development Programme (RCDP) TURE..............................................................................................10. . Institution Development Programme (IDP) Poems...................................................................................12 . Printers Uganda Rural Development Printing Centre ART:.A.TOOL.FOR.SOCIAL.TRANSFORMATION.........13 Acknowledgement This issue of the URDT Newsletter is funded by a grant from (KKCR) VALUES.DETERMINE.ONES.LIFE.STYLE......................14 Kagadi, Kibaale All queries and address corrections should be addressed to the address below: Pictorial............................................................................................14 Uganda Rural Development and Training Programme P.O. Box 24, Kagadi, Kibaale Email address: urdt@iwayafrica.com URDT.COMMUNITY.SCHOOL.-.NKONDO....................16 . No part of this publication may be reproduced, in part or whole, in English or any other language without permission from URDT. All copyrights reserved 2007 YOUR.LETTERS..............................................................17 . To Obtain a copy Write to the above address (Subscription Fee is 1500/=). CHALLENGES.OF.WOMEN.IN.THE.JOB.MARKET....18URDT COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER 2
  3. 3. JUNE 2007 AWAKENING VOL. . ISSUE 3can.Rural.University:.A.Student’s.Perspective........... 6 Editorial U ganda like other UN member countries aims to halve its popu- lation living in absolute poverty by half by 2015. She domesti- cated the MDG goals in the Poverty Eradication Action Plan planning frame- work. Indeed a lot of quantitative progress has been made in the Universal Primary Education, Gender Equality and empowerment. Since the start of UPE, there is 87% enrollment for school going children in Uganda, secondary school enrollment ranges between 12-15%. This pauses a high development challenge for Uganda and more so for the challenge of realizing the eradica- tion of extreme poverty and higher, child mortality, environment sustainability, HIV/AIDS and other diseases. The greater challenge is; a nation with low literacy rates cannot go far. To delve into development discourse, a nation has to breed its own thinkers, rather than just adopt what has worked in other areas. This does not necessarily mean reinventing the wheel, but promote independent research and development that can propel a country to progress. Rather than make two steps forward and two steps back. Uganda has been independent for more than 40 years; we cannot speak of the human resource it enjoys. Makerere was once renowned as the Harvard of Africa. After celebrat- ing the silver Jubilee, we still have 38% of Ugandan living below the poverty line. We have de- gree and Diploma graduates fleeing the country in search for better paid jobs in more developed countries, graduates with no jobs, and high levels of apathy, life expectancy at 49 with 88% of Ugandans living in rural areas with very poor economic and social conditions. How can we best harness an education system that will get the country out of the poverty trap? A holistic education system where by each person finds identity, meaning, and purpose in life through connections to the community, to the natural world, and to spiritual values such as com- passion and peace. Holistic education aims to call forth from people an intrinsic reverence for life. An education where at whatever level one is, they are relevant to themselves and to the com- munity. Jacqueline Akello 3 URDT COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER
  4. 4. JUNE 2007 AWAKENING VOL. . ISSUE 3 URDT OPEN DAY :Twenty years of capacity building/human development.By Masudi Hamim “We. invited. the. minister. of . in- Over.the.years.URDT.has.exhibit- ternal. affairs. because. it’s. our. line. ed.unprecedented.achievements.in.L orena.stoves…bugler.proof . ministry.. We. wanted. them. to. be. the.areas.of .capacity.building.and. window. frames…leav- grateful. for. giving. us. the. license. in.particular.alternative.education.. ing. room. seats…. wood- to.operate.an.NGO..The.Gender,. In. an. elaborate. but. measured.en. beds…award. trophies…art. Labor.and.Social.development.was. way. the. Director. of . programme.works…heaps.of .reminiscence. invited.because.we.recognize.that. URDT,.Ms.Akello.Jacquiline.used. Gender.issues.are.a.factor.in.social. her. speech. to. draw. attention. on.These. heaps. of . recollections. development.. the. following. phases. URDT. has.formed. the. URDT. open. gone.through.day. celebrations. on. May.2nd. 2007.. It. was. on. this. 1).From. 1989-1992. focus.day. twenty. years. ago. that. was. on. extension. services.URDT. came. into. existence.. which. included. agricultural.The.government.of .Uganda. extension,. demonstration.confirmed the registration farm,.health.and.sanitation.of .URDT.as.an.NGO..Since. 2).1993-1999. Focus. was.then.things.have.never.been. on. education. and. capacity.the.same.again.for.the.com- building.. It. was. during. this.munities.of .Kibaale..On.this. period.that.the.institute.was.day. the. communities. had. started,.the.Artisan.Support.gathered.to.show.case.where. Program.Launched,.the.East.URDT.has.taken.them. Guests admire community products On URDT Open Day 1 African. Community. Media. project.(an.off .spring.of .the. Indeed.the.Gender,.Labor.and.So-Present. to. witness. the. showcase. cial. development. Minister-Hon.. Rio.Conference).concretized.were. the. state. Minister. for. Gen- Syda.Bumba.was.the.guest.of .hon- 3). 2002-Todate,.Focus.is.on.stra-der,. Labor. and. Social. develop- or.. And. in. a. speech. presented. to. tegic.intervention.and.capacity.ment,. state. minister. of . internal. the.audience.by.her.deputy.Minis- building..This.period.has.seen.affairs,. state. Minister. for. Local. ter,.Mr.Suleiman.Madada.reiterated. the.expansion.of .the.institute.government,. area. members. of . the.words.of .Mwalimu.Musheshe. to.include.Media.Studies.and.parliament,.the.prime.minister.of . “You.are.talking.about.gender.and. evaluation. done. externally.Bunyoro. kingdom. religious. lead- development,. vulnerable. groups,. by. the. national. examinations.ers.and.local.leaders. board.. The. URDT. Girl’s. children.and.women,.this.puts.you. School. and. the. more. recent. directly.in.the.middle.of .the.Min-The. fact. that. all. the. guests. re- istry.of .Gender,.Labor.and.social. African. Rural. University-an.sponded. positively. was. a. state- development..It’s.our. mandate.to. all. women’s. University. were.ment.in.itself .of ...work.well.done.. mobilize. people,. for. social. and. started.This.had.earlier.on.been.echoed.by. economic.development..What.you.Mwalimu.Musheshe.the.CEO.and. are. doing. here. is. complementary. Against. all. odds,. the. African. Ru-chairman. URDT. during. prepara- to.what.the.government.is.doing.. ral.University.started.and.has.reg-tory.sessions.for.this.occasion..He. I.want.to.announce.that.I’m.your. istered. remarkable. achievements..underlined.the.reasons.behind.the. partner. in. development”. Madada. This.was.clearly.portrayed.through.invitation.of .each.guest. declared. Continued on page 6 URDT COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER URDT COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER
  6. 6. JUNE 2007 AWAKENING VOL. . ISSUE 3 African Rural University: Twenty years of ca-A Student’s Perspective pacity building/human development. principles. of . creative. process,. we. are. supported. in. knowing. our. Continued from page 4 dreams. while. cultivating. awareness. the.speech.made.to.the.Guests.by. of . the. current. reality. around. us.. the. University. Vice. Chancellor.. This. forms. the. uniqueness. of . our. He. said. “the. URDT. constitution. University.. This. dual. awareness. of . Article.‘n’.envisioned.the.creation. what.we.want.and.what.we.have.of- of .a.university.way.back.in.1987.. ten.creates.a.state.of .tension.that.by. In. 2006. it. was. launched. and. as. its.nature.seeks.resolution..Actually,. we celebrate the end of the first the.most.natural.desired.resolution. academic,.let.me.announce.to.you. of .this.tension.is.for.our.reality.to. what. we. have. so. far. achieved”.By Nyangoma Grace move. closer. to. what. we. want.. To. Dr.. Remegious. Munyonyo. pro-Guild President ARU give.an.example.of .this,..at.African. claimed.E Rural. University. we. set. our. goals. ducating.a.man.is.educating. say; “Having a first class degree” an. individual,. and. Educat- (Vision/Desired. state). we. do. re- “We. have. formulated. the. URDT. ing.a.woman.is.educating.a. search,.revise.our.notes.before.and. strategic.documents.for.formal.ap-nation,.when.a.woman.is.marginal- after. lectures,. consult. our. lecturers. plication.of .a.provisional.accredi-ized.the.nation.remains.back.ward.. to.make.our.tension.resolve.so.that. tation. from. the. National. Council.Over.a.large.population.in.African. by.the.end.of .our.course.we.achieve. of . Higher. Education.. We. have.countries.comprise.of .women.who. what.we.want.(Our.Vision)..Hence. successfully.admitted.students.and.are.marginalized.in.education,.gen- our.working.motto.“Nothing.is.got. recruited. committed. staff.. Stu-der.imbalance,.imbalance.in.incomes. on. a. sliver. platter”. /. “No. treasure. dents.have.helped.in.the.develop-and.many.cases.of .the.day.where.by. on.a.platter.”. ment.of .the.Kahunde.Parish.Five.the.number.of .professional.women. year. development. plan. and. have.is.dismal.. In. African. Rural. University,. we. successfully. launched. themselves. explore. the. dynamics. of . personal. on.Radio.programs.with.a.central.However,. supportive. Organi- mastery. and. self . knowledge. not. theme-who. is. a. woman”. Munyo-zations. like;. URDT. in. Kagadi- only. to. have. the. capacity. of . pro- nyo.saidKibaale. district. mid. western. ducing.results.our.selves.and.to.our.Uganda. deserves. credit. for. it. has. communities.but.also.mastering.the. Munyonyo. ended. his. speech. by.given. women. an. opportunity. with. principles. underlying. the. way. we. announcing.the.next.item.expect-a. difference,. in. opening. up. Afri- produce. results.. Therefore. we. al- ed.from.African.Rural.University-can.Rural.University.an.all.women’s. ways.recognize.that.part.of .our.pur- A micro finance model that en-University. to. awaken. the. sleeping. pose,.is.making.sure.we.succeed..We. hances.sustainable.development.in.genius. in. each. of . us. for. human. bring. our. thoughts. (aspirations). to. contrast.to.conventional.ones.that.development.. The. University. edu- align.around.the.things.we.have.in. promote.commerce...cates. women. folk. of . all. ages. de- common.to.achieve.what.we.want..siring. further. education. in. Uganda. The. curriculum. offers. us. sub- The.day.ended.on.a.forward.note.and. abroad,. strengthens. our. roles. jects. that. have. cumulative. learn- with.speaker.after.speaker.pledging.in. national. and. rural. development. ing. effects.. This. provides. us. with. greater. cooperation. with. URDT..and.even.achieving.equity.for.us.in.Uganda.and.other.African.societies.. knowledge. and. skills. that. also. will. One. guest. promised. to. convince. enable. us. facilitate. rural. develop- the. president. of . Uganda. to. pay.Education. being. core. in. URDT’s. ment.through.holistic.and.integrat- URDT. a. visit. and. take. a. lesson.integrated. approach. based. on. the. Continued on page 8 about.wealth.creation. URDT COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER
  7. 7. JUNE 2007 AWAKENING VOL. . ISSUE 3 VISIONARY LEADERSHIP KEY TO SUCCESS: ARU PRESIDENT REVEALS HER EXPERIENCEBy Nyangoma Grace mense. challenges.. . What. matters. is.the.way.we.deal.with.them..My.Guild President ARU When you know where challenges.have.taught.me.lessons.How I got to become the guild you are going you can not that.no.tutor.would.have.taught.me.. .president of African Rural Uni- When.you.know.where.you.are.go-versity. get lost. These chal- ing.you.can.not.get.lost.......These. challenges. are,. to. me,. tests,. tools.I. became the first guild presi- lenges are, to me, tests, of . analysis. and. evaluation. of . my. dent.of .ARU.through.listen- actions.and.as.a.result,.they.thrust. ing,.patience,.consistence.and. tools of analysis and me.forward...Challenges.can.lead. to. a. good. situation. and. relation-prayer...I.look.at.these.inquisitive. evaluation of my actions ship. if . used. to. create. it.. Having.friends.as.guides.seeking.to.plunge.me. into. deeper. thought.. . Then. and as a result, they leant.from.my.errors,.they.are.the.there. always. comes. the. most. in- basis.for.planning.new.situations.. .teresting.one,.‘Guild.Presidents.al- thrust me forward. Chal- I.have.learnt.that.life.is.not.about.ways.fail.exams.and.get.third.class. wining. or. losing. but. about. win-degree.. . What. are. you. going. to. lenges can lead to a good ning.and.learning...Surprises.have.do.about.that?’.These.are.all.chal- served. as. eye. openers. and. guides.lenges..I.am.an.ardent.believer.of . situation and relationship to.transcendence,.thus.trying.mo-the.visionary.orientation..I.believe. ments. are. met. with. a. conscious. if used to create it. mind..Through.sharing,.true.con-there. are. no. diminutive. or. im- versation,.and.self .knowledge.and. surprise. among. other.tenets.of .life,. I.have.served.my.as- pirations..I.not.only. love.to.work.but.feel. comfortable.to.take. the.lead.in.activities,. even. those. that. are. viewed as difficult by. my. contempo- raries. and. this. has. been.key.in.my.elec- tion.and.leadership.. I. have. come. to. ap- preciate. the. course. I. take. at. African. Rural.University.for. it. is. preparing. me. for.the.world.. ARU students think, learn together. ARU lectures in progress 7 URDT COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER
  8. 8. JUNE 2007 AWAKENING VOL. . ISSUE 3 JUNE 2007 AWAKENING VOL. . ISSUE AFRICAN RURAL UNIVERSITY: GUILD GOVERNMENT TAKES OFF STEADILYBy Nyangoma Grace for.Foreign.Affairs).Nabuke-Guild President ARU nya. Madrine(Councilor). and. Busobozi.T hrough.utilizing.the. Catherine(councilor).. We. technologies. of . the. have.made.a.work.plan.and. creative.process.and. have had our first Guildsystems. thinking,. we. are. council. meeting.. Through.contributing. positively. to. projects. and. a. fundraising,.the.development.of .Uganda. we. hope. to. raise. our. guild.and.the.whole.of .Africa..Af- fund. as. we. observe. sov-rican.Rural.University.Guild. ereignty. and. self . reliance.. .government. has. taken. off . However.we.still.need.sup-steadily.. The. members. of . ARU guild compaign port.. We. are. involved. in.the.guild.council.are;.Nyan- different. projects. including.goma. Grace(Guild. President). The unwritten encyclopedia at making. an. integrated. com-Nanteza.Christine(Guild.Speaker). African Rural University is also munity. development. plan. for. a.Kobusingye.Ruth(Guild.Secretary). an advocate for children’s rights village. in. Kibaale,. HIV/AIDS.Nansubuga. Catherine(Minister. as we discuss sensitive issues sensitization,. and. development.for. Internal. Affairs. and. Culture). like abortion, parenting, HIV/AIDS of a Micro finance model. In ourBirungi.Gertrude(Minister.for.Fi- poultry.project.we.aim.at.protect- prevention, peace, who a woman is,nance). Ninsiima. Susan. (Minister. and development. Continued on page 9 African Rural University: A Student’s PerspectiveContinued from page 6 games,. research. in. communities. as. Microfinance, Radio program and far.as.our.project.work./.communi- community. participation. for. rural. ty.development.programme.is.con- development.and.not.forgetting.ad-ed. approaches. thus. being. change. cerned..Focus.has.been.put.on.Gen- visory.services..As.pioneers.of .the.agents.. Our. University. curriculum. der. and. HIV/AIDS. sensitization,. university. being. trained. to. become.is. integrated. and. allows. us. to. have. rural. transformation. specialists,. we.our. own. understanding. of . life. in. complement. government’s. efforts.different. aspects. and. enables. us. to. to. bring. services. to. our. people. by.live. a. balanced. life. in. and. out. side. empowering.them.(communities).to.our.campus..Therefore.life.at.ARU. A University with re-build. Africa;. and. therefore. add.is.holistic.and.integrated.. enlightened healthy value. to. education. of . profession- als.in.rural.transformation,.there.by.As. students. of . ARU,. we. testify.and. appreciate. the. beauty. of . our. and active students being.trained.to.be.job.creators.but. not.seekers.as.far.as.creative.process.University. say;. the. introduction. of . (women) who wish to is.concerned..Therefore.we.aim.to-women.learning.circles.which.have. wards. reversing. the. education. that.determined. our. strength. and. re- participate as equal contributes. much. too. rural. brain.vealed. our. weakness. there. by. pro- drain...You.are.invited.to.share.the.gressing.in.our.selves.accompanied. partners in the global approaches. and. strategic. thinking.by. stature. growth. lessons,. routine. of .African.rural.university..I.believe.foundation. course. that. add. value. events. this.is.the.way.to.go.now.that.all.at-on. us,. public. lectures,. sports. and. tempts.tried.have.betrayed.us. URDT COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER URDT COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER
  9. 9. JUNE 2007 AWAKENING VOL. . ISSUE 3 URDT INSTITUTE: Student tells succcess storyBy Magezi Bernard as. men. are. believed. to. be. always. we.truly.want.in.life..Now.with.the.URDT Institute pursuing a diploma in strong. and. women. are. rendered. skills.obtained.from.URDT.insti-Journalism weak.. While. burring. my. uncle. I. tute,.i.do.the.same.work.with.my. was.cautioned.on.crying,.that.this. sisters.at.home.and.even.at.the.In-B efore. I. came. to. stitute. level.. URDT. has. im- URDT. institute,. parted.skills.of .entrepreneur- I. could. not. even. ship,.from.workshops.and.in.think. of . helping. my. sisters. the. lecture. rooms.. This. has.in terms of collecting fire- enabled. me. to. establish. my.wood,.fetching.water,.pealing. own.school.under.the.name.matooke,.washing.plates.and. of . Infant. Nursery. and. Pri-finally cooking food. I nev- mary. School. which. has. got.er. thought. that. these. roles. baby.class.up.to.primary.four.could.as.well.be.executed.by. operating.in.Migamba.village.any.one.in.the.family.setting.. Rwahunga. parish,. Mpara.This.was.because,.the.struc- sub-county,. Kyaka. County,.ture.in.which.I.was.brought. Students of secretarial studies in a lecture Kyenjojo. District.. URDT.up,.has.got.set.roles.for.each. has. widened. my. scope. of .and. every. person. based. on. sex.. is.for.women.alone..But.who.said. understanding. through. morning.In.my.culture.it’s.even.a.shame.to. that. men. don’t. have. feelings. that. sessions. done. in. the. foundation.see.a.boy.kneeling.while.greeting,. can.out.rightly.be.expressed..These. course. (FC).. During. the. founda-this.I.was.told.is.done.by.females.. are.all.the.misconceptions.that.still. tion. course. most. of . the. facilita-There. are. such. misconceptions. hold.us.back.from.achieving.what. Continued on page 10 ... GUILD GOVERNMENT TAKES OFF STEADILYContinued from page 8 ten.encyclopedia.at.African.Rural. and.have.planned.to.visit.as.many.ing.the.indigenous.birds.from.ex- University.is.also.an.advocate.for. schools.in.Kibaale.to.inspire.chil-tinction.. ARU. aims. at. preserving. children’s.rights.as.we.discuss.sen- dren.to.aspire.for.the.greatest..ARU.the. African. culture. and. have. it. sitive.issues.like.abortion,.parent- is.also.working.with.the.youths.in.used. as. a. laboratory.. The. unwrit-ing,.HIV/AIDS.prevention,.peace,. Kagadi.Town.Council.to.improve. who. a. woman. the.well.being.of .youths.....We.aim. is,. and. develop- at. encouraging. each. other. to. get. ment.. We. pres- involved. in. productive. economic. ent. three. radio. activities.like.brick.lying,.bee.keep- programs. every. ing,.tailoring,.carpentry,.hand.craft. week. address- making.and.education.for.the.nec- ing. such. is- essary. skills.. . We. thank. all. those. sues.. ARU. has. that.are.supporting.us.and.hope.to. attended. and. support.us...We.have.a.rich.exter- contributed. to. nal.program.that.includes.visiting. the. promotion. institutions.of .all.levels...We.hope. of . education. to. work. with. as. many. individuals. in. Uganda.. . We. and.communities.as.we.can...You. Martha Dolben facilitates ARU women have.fund.raised. are.welcome.to.African.Rural.Uni- circles lecture for. two. schools. versity.
  10. 10. JUNE 2007 AWAKENING VOL. . ISSUE 3 JUNE 2007 AWAKENING VOL. . ISSUE URDT’S APPROACH TO MODERNISING AGRICULTURE responsible. for. the. high. default. sources.but.there.is.an.information. rate.by.many.clients.and.so.reduc- gap.especially.in.the.rural.areas.and. ing.the.value.of .the.biggest.asset. the.value.chain.remains.a.challenge..By Twesige Dominick for many micro finance institu- All. these. need. a. holistic. and. inte-Agricultural Credit Extension Officer- tions.(MFIs).and.also.in.sustaining. grated.approach.that.is.available.at.URDT. the. process.. Many. of . them. have. URDT. to. address. the. pressing.U closed.down.because.of .this.prob- needs.that.have.existed.for.so.long. RDT.is.developing.a.con- lem with no side benefiting. in. Uganda,. Africa. and. across. the. stituent. credit. program. world.. Well. and. above. the. as. an. intervention. dysfunctional.methodologies.into. development. projects. that. produce. various. mani-of . the. parents. of . the. girls. festations.of .weaknesses.and.at. URDT. Girls’. School.. the. infrastructure. which. is.The.parents.will.access.real. not.enough.to.support.agri-agricultural. loans,. pegged. business.needs.a.creation.of .to.the.crop.production.and. an. enabling. political,. social,.the. parents’. will. pay. after. and. economic. environment.marketing..The.loans.will.be. nationally.and.internationally.phased.at.each.stage.of .the. as.efforts.to.promote.sustain-crops;.funds.will.be.released. able.agriculture.by.involving.to.support.all.the.agronom- households.as.a.unit..ic. practical. activities.. The. The alumni of Stanford Universirty, Staff and Students ofproduct.will.be.instrumen- African Rural University designing a constituent credit There. is. a. call. to. promote.tal. in. avoiding. loan. diver- program model for parents of URDT School Girls. The pro- appropriate. investment. in.sion.that.have.been.and.are. gram ia an intervention into the development activities of the parents of the girls agricultural. sector. through. sensitization. to. change. the. Agricultural.loans.are.not.popular. mentalities.of .investors.to- Student tells products for so many micro fi- wards.agriculture.so.that.it.attracts.succcess story nance.institutions.(MFIs).because. funds.as.well.as.strengthen.the.in- of . the. market. orientation. and. it. stitutions.involved.. This. will.help.Continued from page 9 explains. why. many. of . them. are. espouse. the. value. of . agriculture.tors. discuss. International. Issues. centered.in.the.urban.areas;.many. and. create. all. round. agronomists.like. Iraq. War,. America,. North. fear. the. risks. that. go. with. them. who. will. design. a. friendly. agro-Korea,. Somalia,. Sudan,. Rwanda,. but. at. the. same. time. not. taken. nomic. environment. to. farmers’.Eritrea. among. others.. As. URDT. time. to. mitigate. them. but. simply. need. on. best. practices. in. agricul-concentrates. in. rural. transforma- abandoned. the. product.. It. takes. ture.. This. is. the. path. we. have. to.tion,.it.has.sensitized.people.to.be. a.development.oriented.organiza- choose..Join.us.in.this.thought.so.creative. and. have. a. vision. when. tion.to.dare.into.the.business.. as. to. transform. agriculture. that.you. want. to. be. a. creator.. I. have. will. bring. meaning. to. Uganda’s.used.these.skills.to.transform.my. URDT. is. venturing. into. what. has. biggest. sector.. This. will. create. a.community.on.what.to.do.differ- been defined as impossible to make shift.from.subsistence.to.Commer-ently.. URDT’s. methodology. is. it.possible.by.looking.at.the.missing. cial.specialization.so.as.to.achieve.based.on.a.blend.of .home-grown. link.in.agriculture..This.is.based.on. both.monetary.and.non.monetary.approaches. in. multidisciplinary. the.belief .that.farmers.have.the.re- goals.¡ ■planning.. Its. linked. to. the. work.of . USA. business. thinkers. Peter. 0 URDT COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER URDT COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER
  12. 12. JUNE 2007 AWAKENING VOL. . ISSUE 3 AFRICAN RURAL UNIVERSITY (ARU) reactions I think I was born to join We open up to achieve a ARU desired picture It accommodates students And share the past who have Good mental models and But guess what, systems thinking ARU is hard to find To get one, you try thousand ARU, a university of comfort of universities and confidence By Akugizibwe Dinah It is like sweet melody It is amongst the BEST Urdt Girls school S It helps a person with universities in academics personal mastery With its encouraging and I have walked all around To succeed it mends the caring lecturers Africa broken hearts through teamLooking and searching for learning We are blessed to have ARU ARU The mother University of AllI have failed to find out the How grateful and fortunate Females meaning to have one we call ARU With personal mastery andOf African rural university. For she is rare and hard to shared vision find People of Kibaale, Uganda I guess ARU is like other One may leave diplomatic and Africa at large universities courses and achieves, Awaken the sleeping genius We share the visions with degrees, masters by joining ARUWe care for in visionary and For ages with ARU creative approaches Chance + opportunity We respect actions and I wish you knew how I love =success joining ARU NEWS LETTER News about Environment, Wealth creation, System thinking Linked to, External and internal forces with Team learning, Technique, By Akugizibwe Dinah Urdt Girls school S Encouraging Rural development. URDT COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER 2
  13. 13. JUNE 2007 AWAKENING VOL. . ISSUE 3ART: A TOOL FOR SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION like.popular.theatre. On any exhibitions orga- Weaving. is. an. important. section. nized in Kibaale district of . art. and. URDT. girl’s. school. is. exploiting it to the benefit of the ones eyes will not miss community..On.any.exhibitions.or- the URDT girls’ booth filled ganized.in.Kibaale.district.ones.eyes. will.not.miss.the.URDT.girls’.booth. with all sorts of locally wo- filled with all sorts of locally woven ven items like mats, bas- items. like. mats,. baskets. and. shop- ping. bags.. A. variety. of . craftwork. kets and shopping bags. makes. up. most. seating,. bedding. and. wardrobe. facilities. in. Kibaale.By Hasakya Kulusum. homes.. Textiles. (decorated. fabrics. blended.well.with.drama.to.get.the.A or.clothes).though.faced.with.an.at- rt. seems. to. be. a. complex. girls. from. the.kitchen.to.the.class- titude.problem.and.of .course.cheap. term. because,. where. as. room.. The. impact. of . this. is. enor- imported. second. hand. designs. is. some. people. take. it. at. a. mous..The.fact.that.the.school.was. another.area.that.the.girls.have.mas-level.of .drawing.in.a.classroom;.an. declared. a. model. school. by. the. tered..Using.tie.and.dye.clothes.are.innovator.regards.it.as.an.opportu- Kibaale district Education office is a decorated. in. interesting. patterns.nity.for.development.in.our.respec- statement.that.“we.wish.all.schools. that. if . used. to. make. dresses,. they.tive.communities..It’s.a.pity.that.in. in.the.district.do.as.you.do”.Among. can. make. great. ‘bitenge’. (an. Afri-our. education. systems. in. Africa. it. the. reasons. given. for. choosing. the. can dressing outfit/fashion) andhas. not. been. taped. on. as. a. factor. school. to. become. a. model. school. curtains. which. make. dressing. look.in. development-it’s. only. perceived. are:. It. brings. both. the. girl. and. the. natural.and.therefore.African.as. an. amusement.. At. URDT. girls. parent.back.to.school.and.it’s.educa-school,.the.story.is.different-it’s.per- tive.community.outreach.programs. Other.than.the.above.contributions.ceived. as. a. tool. for. social. art.is.making.to.boost.so-transformation cial.transformation.efforts. in. Kibaale. district,. it. en-URDT. girls’. school. ex- ables. families. bring. food.presses. feelings. and. ideas. to.the.table,.send.children.that. are. essential.in. devel- to.hospital.and.leave.a.rea-opment..In.music.the.girls. sonably. happy. life. from.design. messages. demysti- the. extra. incomes. earned..fying. socially. constructed. The. girls. themselves. have.prejudices. against. women. been beneficiaries-theyand. education.. The. same. raise. incomes. from. their.art. of . singing. is. used. to. back.home.projects.which.promote. gender. equal- they. use. to. supplement.ity-a. factor. development.. scholastic. materials.. The.Massages. such. as. educate. youth.have.tapped.on.this.a.man.and.you.educate.an. URDT Girls School Students in opportunity. and. set. up.individual,. educate. a. woman. and. an Fine Art session workshops. where. they. make. and.you. educate. the. nation. have. been. sell.artworks.for.their.livelihoods.. 3 URDT COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER
  14. 14. JUNE 2007 AWAKENING VOL. . ISSUE 3 Pictrorial VALUES DETER- MINE ONES LIFE STYLEBy Akugizibwe DinahUrdt Girls school senior sixV URDT open day guests tour the green house on URDT campus alue can be defined as the worth of some thing. It also means quality ofbeing useful. A more personalmeaning of value is how im-portant certain beliefs or ideasare to a person or what onetreasures. Our behavior isshaped by what we attach val-ue to; for example a child whovalues his or her parents willdo every thing to please them.A person, who values health,will not engage in any thingthat will put his or her healthat risk. A student who values End of Term URDT Girls’ School students’ workshopeducation will try to study hardand intelligently to excel. Whatwe value may be influencedby our upbringing, families,culture, religion, media andpeers. It is important to notethat value begins with yourself.You can not give what you donot have unless we are posi-tive about ourselves, we willnot be able to value any thingaround us however valuable itmay be. Here are some tips toadd value to yourself, be com-passionate to yourself, speakpositive about yourself, andconsider yourself valuable. URDT Girls School dance for the guests on URDT Open Day URDT COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER
  15. 15. JUNE 2007 AWAKENING VOL. . ISSUE 3Sharpen your competence “The desire to gain vocational, journalism and leadership skills offered by URDT Institute were the primary reasons for my joining the Institute” Ntegyerize Gard Benda; Graduate of URDT Institute Radio KDR Station Manager Country Representative, World Voices Uganda URDT Institute Integrating Business, Vocational and Media studies Vision: Center for Transformation, Excellency and Development. Mission: Providing people with mental tools needed to become productive members of their communities STITUTECONTACT: INPrincipal,URDT IP O Box 24, Kagadi Kibaale UgandaEmail: urdt@iwayafrica.comContact Office Tel. 256 414 256 704Mobile, 0772 843 526 Awaken Your Genius URDT COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER
  16. 16. JUNE 2007 AWAKENING VOL. . ISSUE 3 URDT COMMUNITY SCHOOL - NKONDO The ray of hope for Nkondo villageBy Patrick Opachu perience.and.challenges. ling. in. with. the. intervention. of . URDT,. an. indigenous,. voluntary.A s.the.people.within.the.Bu- The. government,. both. local. and. non-governmental.organization.op- nyoro. counties. of . Buyaga. central,. non. governmental. organi- erating. in. Kibaale. district. with. its. and. Bugangaizi. struggle. sations. (NGOs),. both. indigenous. headquarters.in.Kagadi.town.coun-to.regain.their.lost.glory.and.status. and.international,.community.based. cil..Driven.by.its.mission.and.vision.as. “lost. Counties”,. it. is. surprising. organisations.(CBOs).and.all.other. to.enable.the.people.of .Kibaale.in.that.some.sections.within.this.same. development. partners. can. hardly. particular. to. create. for. themselves.group.are.still.“lost”.as.a.result.of . be. seen. locating. Nkondo. village. happiness,.wealth,.peace,.prosperity,.traditional.and.social.vices..Nkondo. for.their.interventions..These,.have. health. and. freedom,. URDT. after.village,. the. home. of . URDT. com- made. people. of . Nkondo. to. lag. discovering.the.current.situation.of .munity. school. is. one. of . the. com- behind..Issues.of .clean.safe.drink- the. people. of . Nkondo. decided. to.munities.where.the.people.seem.to. ing. water,. sanitation. and. hygiene,. extend.its.arm.to.Nkondo.in.order.have. lost. hope. in. themselves,. the. proper. nutrition,. Basic. health. care,. to. facilitate. the. process. of . change.place. and. all. other. aspects. of . life. food.security.among.others.are.still. among.the.people..simply.because.of .historical.and.so- a.dream.to.the.majority.of .the.resi-cial.vices. dents. Through.its.integrated.development. programme,.URDT.decided.to.start.The. people. still. sub- up. a. community. sec-scribe. to. traditional. ondary.school.(URDT.and. social. practices. community. school-like. witchcraft,. super- Nkondo). “Education.stitions,. etc. which. dis- for. Rural. and. Social.courage. majority. not. transformation”.to.engage.in.productive. For. the. one. year. the.work,. initiate. develop- school. has. existed,.ment. projects,. attend. signs. of . change. are.formal. education,. and. starting.to.set.in..The.participate.in.any.other. number. of . children.activities. that. would. attending. second-lead. to. improvement. ary. education. has. in-in.their.lives.for.fear.of . creased,.students.who.being. bewitched,. mur- had.failed.to.continue.dered,.etc. with. education. after. Students of Nkondo on their demonstration farm senior.four.and.senior.The. few. educated. six. are. now. able. to.who. would. be. the. champions. of . Cases. of . poor. health. among. the. continue.with.studies..Homes.with.change.and.social.transformation.in. people,. domestic. violence,. social. students. at. the. school. are. begin-most.cases.could.not.even.afford.to. conflicts, murder, theft, robbery, ning. to. look. different. in. terms. of .make. a. stop-over. at. Nkondo. trad- over. drinking. of . crude. waragi. hygiene,. sanitation,. nutrition. and.ing.centre,.nor.a.visit.to.share.with. among.others.are.common. relationships. between. the. family.their. relatives. and. friends. their. ex- But.rays.of .hope.seem.to.be.trick- members.and.the.neighbors. URDT COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER
  17. 17. JUNE 2007 AWAKENING VOL. . ISSUE 3 YOUR LETTERS Hullo Editor Sir I would like to recommend you for the job well done. I wish to react to the articlethat you published in the last edition on HIV aids: real realities: In most cases people have traded on lies and have acquired the virus. This has been greatly due to low or no sensiti- zation and poor testing and counseling services at the village level. I would like to advise the readers of the URDT community newsletter to take life as a primary choice. Thank you Mutegeki Godfrey Kyenjojo mechanics, Kyenjojo District Dear Editor Am impressed by the URDT community newsletter. It offers us a channel through whichwe can share our views. I would like to appreciate the impact created by the URDT artisansupport program for the knowledge and skills imparted on us the artisans. We can now cre- ate what we want in life and most of all manage our artisan projects effectively. Thank you Dear editor, Thanks for the good work. Through our publication, I would like to move a vote of Appre- ciation for what you are doing. Nitwe abazaire bomwaana naziwa manjeri. Twina omuhimbo mwingi nokusemererwa hamu na cabinet yawe byemutukolire, omukutukonyera hamwaana waitu ogwo. Nitubasima munomuno mukama abongere emigisa mingi munomuno. Kandi nitwongera kusima radio ennu gyemwatu-letire etwegeseze bingi bwetwali tutamanyire. Waitu abakuru nkaba ntakusobora obwebem- bezi, hati natunga obwebembezi habwokunyeyesa, engeri gyemwatwetaga nimutwegesa nyebembera. Abalema hamuna P.D.C.Abegesa nimbasima muno omulimo gwemwakazire hamwaana waitu, mwebale muno kumwigura amaiso. Ninsima omukuru Maloba habwa programme ze zatekoho tuzikwata. Bakuuru mwe- bale nitwe abazaire bomwaana naziwa mangeri. Bugangaizi-county, Kikaada - parish. Rwenkanga - village, P .o. Box 522 kakumiro 7 URDT COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER
  18. 18. JUNE 2007 AWAKENING VOL. . ISSUE 3 CHALLENGES OF WOMEN IN THE JOB MARKET cietal. set. up. that. often. determines. although.this.is.not.most.times.put. what.transpires..As.we.know,.struc- into. value. terms. because. of . the. ture. determines. behavior.. That. is. structures. in. place.. Thus. women. why.an.employer.would.freely.offer. are. never. recognized.. This. luck. of . a.tractor.driving.job.to.a.man..This. recognition. and. appreciation. from. job. is. left. to. a. working. father. and. their. counter. parts. living. in. the. the. entrepreneur. feels. very. com- same. society. has. always. rendered. fortable.with.this..However.women. them.marginalized..Working.moth- have.equal.rights.with.men.even.at. ers. are. also. taken. to. be. a. cost. to. the.job.market..In.a.related.scenario,. the. company.. To. the. organization. most. of . the. laws. that. are. destined. whose.greatest.target.is.to.maximize.By Kabaru Everest to. portray. equality. to. women. have. profit, such expenses are immenselyO not.been.enforced..Whereas.its.stip- unconducive.. Organizations. have. ver.along.period.of .time,. ulated.in.the.law.books.that.as.well. always.avoided.giving.sensitive.jobs. women.have.been.among. as.giving.a.two.month’s.paid.leave.to. to.mothers,.by.giving.them.to.men.. the.most.marginalized.lot. a.working.mother,.companies.have. With.this.situation.of .double.roles,.in.most.societies.if .not.all.in.Afri- to. further. give. one. hour. to. such. a. women find it difficulty to offer sat-ca.. This. folk. are. looked. at. as. non. mother. for. breast. feeding.. An. en- isfactory.services..Working.mothers.valuable,. just. there. to. be. exploited. trepreneur.will.never.be.happy.with. have reached an extent of sacrific-without.any.regrets..For.this.article. such.expenses. ing.their.motherhood.to.build.their.I.will.put.my.emphasis.on.the.chal- carriers.. Some. women. have. been.lenges. faced. by. the. women. in. the. denied.the.right.of .having.the.num-performing. societal. set. roles. and. An employer without a gender poli- ber.of .children.they.want..This.has.the.job.market. cy will raise such questions as who been.done.in.the.name.of .satisfying. will serve in her position while on the. job. and. career. demands. set. by.It.is.noted.that.the.responsibility.of . maternity and what therefore will the.employers..One.such.strategy.is.mothering.a.child.is.entirely.left.to.a.woman.. Women. always. carry. their. be the effect or performance of that family. planning. used. as. an. excuse. particular department where the whereby.very.few.children.are.raised.babies.on.their.backs.in.an.attempt. woman is working at the end of the to.avoid.interruptions..Where.as.at.to.offer.extra.care.and.attention.to. production cycle. this.level.the.discussion.is.all.about.their. children.. During. that. period. how much in terms of profits haswomen. are. subjected. to. hard. time. the.woman.brought.(contributed).to.more. especially. where. nutrition. An.employer.without.a.gender.pol- the. organisation,. little. is. discussed.and. medical. services. are. of . poor. icy.will.raise.such.questions.as.who. about.her.health.status..This.is.taken.standards.. As. women. continue. ris- will. serve. in. her. position. while. on. for.granted..Women’s.health.is.very.ing. children,. their. bodies. gradually. maternity. and. what. therefore. will. important.and.delicate..It.should.be.weaken.. In. this. they. are. rendered. be. the. effect. or. performance. of . looked. after. with. the. greatest. care.weak.to.compete.with.men..Despite. that. particular. department. where. compared.to.the.men..Finally.I.call.the. input. from. men,. this. is. latent. the. woman. is. working. at. the. end. upon.the.government.to.enact.laws.and.limited..In.the.employment.sec- of . the. production. cycle.. Although. which. will. protect. child. care. and.tor.there.are.all.sorts.of .disparities:. these. might. be. pertinent. in. terms. the.working.mothers.in.the.working.there.is.a.feeling.that.some.jobs.are. of . economic. analysis,. they. don’t. communities. by;. enabling. them. to.for.men.and.others.are.for.women.. hold.true.in.the.daily.realms.of .life.. properly.enjoy.their.rights.like.This.is.hinged.to.the.patriarchal.so- Women.are.always.doing.something. URDT COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER
  19. 19. JUNE 2007 AWAKENING VOL. . ISSUE 3KAGADI KIBAALE COMMUNITY RADIO KKCR 91.7 FMCommited to Rural Development (Tune in Now!) We are committed to serve for human and rural development HABWENKURAKURANA YAMAKA NEBYARO. KKCR 91.7 F.M is the only community Radio in Uganda and unique for its programming. Our most popular programmes are: “Ekiteekerezo ky’amaka’ (Family Life Education); “Obugabe bwawe” (Human Rights Programme); Children’s programme and ‘Facts and Sense”. URDT COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER