LEADING THOUGHTS    2010 – 2011
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Team Academy: Leading Thoughts 2011


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Team Academy: Leading Thoughts 2011

  1. 1. LEADING THOUGHTS 2010 – 2011
  2. 2. LEADING THOUGHTS 1 (7) of Team Academy Finland 9th of Feb 20111 WHY DO WE NEED LEADING THOUGHTS?Leading thoughts are always born from within. They are important, above all, for ourselves.Together we review and, if necessary, revise them annually. They serve as a source ofinspiration, and they are founded on mutual trust, self-discipline, and pride for ouraccomplishments.Our leading thoughts express what we are fighting for and why we exist. It is the duty ofTeam Academy’s coaches and team entrepreneurs to maintain them. Our leading thoughtsare our guidelines as we strive to become the leading Team Entrepreneurship Centre ofExcellence in Europe. The most important thing to know is who and what you are, because asthe world changes, so does your destination.Our purpose is to create the future, not predict it. We have created a community where peoplework together to reach a shared goal. Team-companies are the foundation of this community,so their coaching must be effective and of the highest quality.We give time and attention to each individual and team-company, because Team Academy isas strong as its weakest link. Abiding by our leading thoughts and accepting the challengethey pose are vital for Team Academy.We must find people who are enthusiastic about our thoughts and are willing not only to standfor them but also to follow them in practice. There is a language that everyone all over theworld understands. It speaks about inspiration and work driven by love, determination, andstriving to reach something that we hope for and believe in.In Jyväskylä, 1st of April 2010Team Academy’s team entrepreneurs and team coaches © Team Academy Finland 2011 www.tiimiakatemia.fi
  3. 3. LEADING THOUGHTS 2 (7) of Team Academy Finland 9th of Feb 20112 T E N G U ID E L IN E S F O R T E A M E N T R E P R E N E U R S1. Take the initiative, search for instructions.2. Learn to manage chaos. It is the first step in your creative process.3. You are allowed to make mistakes. You can learn from them.4. Focus your energy on solutions, not on worrying about problems.5. Do your best and set your goals high.6. See opportunities, not obstacles.7. Dare to experiment and to be yourself.8. Smile, enjoy, and leap in.9. Be humble and recreate your success again and again.10. Respect others and make use of the experience and knowledge already inside TeamAcademy, so you don’t end up reinventing the wheel.“If you have an idea, say it out loud and start doing it.” - An unknown Team Academy student in 1993 © Team Academy Finland 2011 www.tiimiakatemia.fi
  4. 4. LEADING THOUGHTS 3 (7) of Team Academy Finland 9th of Feb 20113 VALUES1. Relationships, Building and Maintaining PartnershipsOur personal relationships with each other, our families, and customers are necessaryrequirements in business, which runs on creativity, trust, respect, and transparency. We giveand receive constructive feedback and develop as human beings.2. Team EntrepreneurshipWe grow into team entrepreneurship through continuous coaching and cooperation. We coachourselves to create our own workplace. There is power in networks. We know and understandour responsibility for our environment and we help one another.3. Continuous Experimenting and Creating Something NewWe break boundaries and boldly do things we have never tried before. We seize opportunitieswithout prejudice.4. Learning by Doing and PracticalityAt Team Academy we learn to apply the newest theories into practice according to the ATPModel, interacting with our customers and networks. We take responsibility for our ownactions and our team. Actions speak for themselves.5. Travelling and InternationalismYou have to go far to see close. We search for new operating models everywhere we go, toapply them to our own work. We make use of Team Academy’s international network. Wetravel a lot, because we want to be international operators on every continent. In this way welearn even more and faster. © Team Academy Finland 2011 www.tiimiakatemia.fi
  5. 5. LEADING THOUGHTS 4 (7) of Team Academy Finland 9th of Feb 20114 P R IN C I P L E S T O C O M P L E M E N T T E A M A C A D E M Y ’S V A L U E S1. The Individual’s ResponsibilityEverything always starts from the individual. Team entrepreneurs must earn their membershipin their team-company every day. Freedom entails responsibility. Therefore we do not blameothers, only ourselves.2. The Nature of Our WorkWe learn and achieve results in our team-companies in cooperation with our customers. Ourway of working is fun, productive, and transparent.3. Team EntrepreneurshipEvery team-company must assess what additional value it brings to Team Academy. Wedevelop ourselves in team-companies, where everyone helps one another. Our goals andperformance define the way we work.4. Information FlowEvery team entrepreneur must understand the big picture of our operations, create newknowledge, and spread it across borders.5. LearningNew insights spring from dialogue, discussion, and sharing experiences, as well as fromobservations, books, and practice.6. Our HeritageWe foster our culture and will leave a heritage for future team-companies. © Team Academy Finland 2011 www.tiimiakatemia.fi
  6. 6. LEADING THOUGHTS 5 (7) of Team Academy Finland 9th of Feb 20115 M IS S IO NAt Team Academy, we learn to be team entrepreneurs with the help of our team-companiesand customers. In short: we boldly create team entrepreneurs.6 V I S IO NBy 19 November 2037, Team Academy’s vision is to be the world’s leading Centre ofExcellence in its field.By 19 January 2013, Team Academy’s vision is to be the leading, boundary-breaking TeamEntrepreneurship Centre of Excellence in Europe.7 ANNUAL THEMES2010 – The year of External Networks = Which networks do we wish to belong to and build?2011 – The Year of Learning from Customers = How can we increase shared experiences andjoint production with our customers?2012 – The Year of Learning European Business = What kind of shared projects are we doingwith the Team Academies around Europe?“No successful organization has ever been born without a shared vision!” - Peter Senge © Team Academy Finland 2011 www.tiimiakatemia.fi
  7. 7. LEADING THOUGHTS 6 (7) of Team Academy Finland 9th of Feb 20118 OUR GOALEvery team entrepreneur will take a trip around the world with the money made in his or herown projects, and with the help of Team Academy’s international network. It is the teamcoaches’ task to keep the goal clear in sight, and team entrepreneurs are to encourage eachother toward the goal.9 T E A M A C A D E M Y ’S E X P A N D E D M I S S IO NWe are removing unemployment from Europe while revolutionizing team entrepreneurship,team learning, and team leadership.We are abolishing old structures to pave the way for a new, entrepreneur-led society. Teamentrepreneurship offers individuals of new communities the opportunity to take their destinyinto their own hands and allows them to work for themselves.Our methods conserve nature, lead to sustainable development all over the globe, and fostercommunity spirit through team entrepreneurship.“We must be the change we wish to see from the world. That requires us to be courageousand single-minded.” - Mahatma Gandhi 1947 © Team Academy Finland 2011 www.tiimiakatemia.fi
  8. 8. LEADING THOUGHTS 7 (7) of Team Academy Finland 9th of Feb 201110 NEW IDEAS CREATED BY TEAM ENTREPRENEURS1. Responsible business is characteristic of Team Academy.2. We are sincerely happy when other teams succeed.3. During the first year, we focus on supporting other teams, thus laying the foundation ofsuccess: humility. We help each other and participate in shared events.4. We do a lot of cross-pollinating and foster an outward attitude.5. To develop Team Academy’s community spirit, we launched Tiimiakatemian ystävät ry(the Friends of Team Academy Association).We put all these thoughts into practice every day. © Team Academy Finland 2011 www.tiimiakatemia.fi