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Acacia Research and Learning Forum: World Cafe
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Acacia Research and Learning Forum: World Cafe


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Published in: Education, Sports, Technology
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  • 1. World Café Lowering the barriers for participation in the information society? Based on text from the café to go reference guide. Authored by the World Café community.
  • 2. Purpose Collaborative dialogue Connect diverse perspectives Opportunity to meet new people
  • 3. World Café at a Glance…
    • Three (3) progressive rounds of conversation with each round addressing one question.
    • At the end of each round , participants are invited to move to a different table
    • New question discussed while linking and connecting ideas with previous conversation rounds. Paper tablecloths provided to create a visual memory of the conversation
    • World Café principles include the following…
  • 4. Focus on what matters
  • 5. Contribute your thinking. Speak your mind and heart.
  • 6. ttp:// Listen together for insights and deeper questions. Link and connect ideas.
  • 7. Play Draw Doodle
  • 8. One more thing… Before getting started, each group will need to identify a table host (not facilitator) who remains at the table during the 3 conversation rounds to:  
    • welcome newcomers
    • share the  main ideas, themes and questions
    • encourage guests to link and connect ideas (USING THE PAPER TABLECLOTH)
  • 9. Round 1
    • Talk about a time when you have seen participation in the information society enhanced because a barrier was lowered or removed.
    • Who was involed? What was the barrier? How did you research results enhanced participation? What was the outcome?
  • 10. Round 2
    • What factors have contributed to (i) keeping the barriers in place and (ii) removing or lowering them?
  • 11. Round 3
    • What does participation look like in a utopian information society?
    • What should we be doing, as researchers and practitioners in the ICT4D field, to enable the participation that we would like to see?
  • 12. World Caf é Wrap-Up
    • Insights from Jeremy De Beer, Kazanka Comfort and Dwayne Bailey (15 mins):
      • How does what you heard reflect your experiences?
      • What one recommendation would you offer others working to lower barriers to participation in the information society
    • Insights from the audience (15 mins):
      • What idea or insight should be taken away from here?