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Commercial Energy Consumers:
GUARANTEED Energy Savings of 10% and Beyond

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  • Products - Products are typically sourced through direct suppliers such as ABB and others such as Channel Partner arrangements Technical services – From trouble shooting a clients energy bill to reviewing why a specific technology may not be working appropriatelyInstallation – All our products must be installed by our team to ensure consistency and quality as well as if we are guaranteeing any outcomesCommissioning and reporting – Before and after installation reports and troubleshooting reports as well as Energy Assessments
  • Environmental Intelligence Energy Saving Pres

    1. 1. Environmental Intelligence Energy Reduction Campaign Mission Statement: To leave the world in a better way than how we found it.
    2. 2. Who we areWe are a consulting business working with a group of industryleading partners in the fields of energy, water and environment.We specialise in energy and water reduction and enhancementsolutions, which improve business’s bottom line and help theenvironment in the process.We will share with you some of the ways we make a difference. 2
    3. 3. How we can helpOur three most popular solution areas are:Energy Monitoring Platform: A world class system which helps our clients tosee where energy is going in real time, enabling them to initiate real solutions.Created by a world leader. Used by world leaders.Energy Reduction Solutions: We have a suite of cutting edge energyreduction solutions which reduce wastage and improve profits.Manufactured by world leaders. Used by world leaders.Environmental Sustainability Certification: This is an internationallyrecognised program which saves more money than it costs to implement.Used by world leaders. Backed by a world leader. 3
    4. 4. How can we help you? What’s important to you? Reduce consumption Save money Reduce your carbon footprint Extend the life of your equipment Obtain world leading credentials Reduce exposure to dangerous elements Improve accountability 4
    5. 5. Energy Prices SkyrocketingWith energy costs predicted toincrease by over 100% in the next fouryears, now is the time to act.Since privatisation, electricity has climbedmore than 18% in one year.Accounts are expected to increase by atleast 20% this year.What are the effects of the Carbon Tax on your business?Escalating energy costs hit businesses bottom line.Do you believe this trend will ever reverse? 5
    6. 6. Energy Prices SkyrocketingHow much energy do you use?How much energy do you waste?What are you doing toreduce wastage and save money? 6
    7. 7. What can you do?You can Save up to 50% of Your Energy CostsWe GUARANTEE to Save You a Minimum of 10% 7
    8. 8. Energy MonitoringIf you can’t Measure it, you can’t Manage it
    9. 9. Energy Monitoring and Assessment Who is using Eniscope? Coca-Cola Crowne Plaza DHL DSGI FedEx Ford Motor Company Harley Davidson Inter Continental Hotel McDonald’s NASCAR Sheraton Hotels & Resorts Sony Stylemark Inc Subway 9
    10. 10. Eniscope Energy MonitorHow can you control, reduce and eliminate your ‘invisible’ energy waste?“We’ve hadEniscopefor about amonth and “EniscopeI’ve been has reducedable to save our night43% of hoursenergy consumptioncosts” by 87%”Chief E-LearningEngineer Centre,Bethune IrelandUniversity,USA 10
    11. 11. Eniscope Energy Monitor If you can Measure it, you can Manage it... Research shows that up to 50% of allenergy a company uses is wasted. Thissystem helps you to hunt down andeliminate that waste. Essentially a shoe box size systemthat is installed into the main switchboardIt shows exactly where your energy is going second by second monitoring avariety of parameters such as Kilowatts, Power Factor, Voltage, Amps, Carbonand Actual Costs ($) Make a change such as switching off a light and it will immediately show youthe effect on your energy consumption It can be monitored from your mobile phone, iPad or internet connectedcomputer from anywhere in the world 11
    12. 12. Eniscope Energy Monitor How can you be sure which strategies are working best? Monitor individualequipment and troubleshoot Isolate energy leaks See voltage spikesand other abnormalities Check on theaccuracy of your bills Check on theeffectiveness of energysaving products andactivitiesAll in Real Time 12
    13. 13. Eniscope Energy MonitorExample: An Eniscope was recentlyinstalled into a shopping centre atHelensvale in Queensland and theair conditioning was immediatelyfound to be faulty.The centre management now havetheir air conditioner maintenance tiedinto the system allowing automaticreviews by the engineers.BENEFIT – Immediate awareness of energy unnecessarily being consumedBENEFIT - Gave the client a positive and qualified approach to the areas of concernso that they could start rectifying themBENEFIT – The centre management could see energy savings straight awayThey now want to engage more initiatives to save more energy in other areas of theirbusiness and have asked for this entire plan to be presented to all of their othercentres. 13
    14. 14. Eniscope Energy Monitor The data can be sent to a visual display system for viewing by the public if required. The RACV are doing this at their club house in Melbourne. If they are spending money to reduce costs then why not inform their clients and the public? Actively and in real time it shows what they are doing to reduce consumption and emissions The screen can also be set up to display their corporate messages and is active in that it moves across the screen 14
    15. 15. Energy Reduction Solutions Reducing energy reduces costs
    16. 16. Energy Reduction Solutions 16
    17. 17. E-Box Power Quality Unit Who is using the E-Box? McDonalds West Tigers FC Thredbo Ski Resort Saves you 5-25% of Sims Metal Management Royal Children’s Hospital your energy costs The Royal Melbourne and extends the life of your equipment + many other business’s and organisations 17
    18. 18. E-Box Power Quality UnitThe E-Box Power Quality Unit is aline conditioner which is custommanufactured for your supply andload requirements.Manufactured by ABB who is a leader inpower and automation technologies.The ABB Group of companies operatesin around 100 countries and employsabout 135,000 people.ABB assist utility and industry customersto improve their performance whilelowering environmental impact. 18
    19. 19. E-Box Power Quality Unit BENEFIT – Saves money BENEFIT – Reduces carbon emissions reducing potential exposure to carbon tax BENEFIT – Reduces harmful EMF’s BENEFIT – Extends the life of your equipment 19
    20. 20. Other Energy Reduction Solution Areas• Air Conditioning• Refrigeration• Electric Motors• Lights• Alternative Energy Supplies 20
    21. 21. Environmental Solution Areas• Electro Magnetic Field Reduction• Water Filtration and Enhancement• Water Saving• Asbestos Removal and Conversion 21
    22. 22. Environmental Sustainability Certification Further Reduce Costs and become Sustainability Certified
    23. 23. Green Business is Good Business GreenBizCheckAn internationally recognised SustainabilityCertification program. Who is using GreenBizCheck?GreenBizCheck is a fantastic way to save energy Australia Postand money without spending a large amount in your Telstrabusiness. ANZ BankBenefits: Corporate Express Increase profits RACQ NRMA Attract new business Versace Improve efficiency (averagely by 25%) Marriott Hotels Take the lead and help protect our planet + many other business’s and organisations Obtain world leading environmental credentials 23
    24. 24. Certification Process Complete assessment Comprehensive report which includes detailed scores 250+ actions Desktop audit: Bureau VeritasBurea Veritas is a is a global leader in certification services,which brings your company unending credibility and showsthat you are serious about energy, carbon and cost savings. Assistance to market green credentials 24
    25. 25. Annual Pricing Entry Small Medium Large Enterprise Tailored Environmental Environmental Environmental Environmental Environmental Environmental Certification Certification Certification Certification Certification CertificationNo. of Staff 1 - 10 11 - 20 21 - 50 51 - 100 101 – 500 501+Price in $ $849 $1,650 $2,900 $5,600 $9,800 $14,500Package Includes: Assessment and interactive report of Certification level audit(s) by Bureau Energy, Water, Waste & Recycling, Veritas Transportation, IT efficiency and Supply Chain integration Green Credentials Marketing Guide Ongoing support and extensive free materials Certification logos for stationery and website 25
    26. 26. Electricity Supply Alternative This means that you are saving money before the electricity even reaches you
    27. 27. Supply AlternativeOur energy partner provides retail electricitysupply on 3 and 5 year contracts.The rates are very competitiveCurrently we supply electricity in Queensland,New South Wales, Canberra and NorthernTerritoryWe will be retailing in Victoria and SouthAustralia in January 2013When bundled with our other energy savingproducts you have the option of receiving anEnergy Performance Contract GUARANTEEING10% reduction in costs 27
    28. 28. Bundled Sustainability Package Save 5-25% Save averagely 25% E-Box Power Quality Unit GreenBizCheck Sustainability Certification Eniscope Energy Monitor Retail ElectricitySave up to 87% Save averagely 3-5% Energy Performance Contract which GUARANTEES a Minimum Saving of 10% of Your Site Energy Costs 28
    29. 29. Bundled Sustainability PackageBenefits of an Energy Performance Contract (EPC) withguaranteed outcomes:Gives commercial clarity and certainty to you as our clientfor any works undertaken, with minimum performanceexpectationsGives a qualified approach to superiors or boardShows our serious commitment to saving you money 29
    30. 30. ReportsWe provide annual inspection and reportingservices dealing with energy management andmaintenance of our products.This gives proof of efficacy in product performancesAdvises you as the client what areas you shouldconsider upgrading and justifies it economicallyGives you a way forward to stage future works andupgradesVerifies the Carbon Emissions on your sitePractically demonstrates the “Triple Bottom Line”international standard approach to accounting practice“Economic, Environmental, Social” Inspection, Report and a Happy Client 30
    31. 31. SummaryIn a nutshell we will help you to... Reduce consumption Save money Reduce your carbon footprint Extend the life of your equipment Obtain world leading credentials Reduce exposure to dangerous elements Improve accountability 31
    32. 32. Sustainability Package Save 5-25% Save averagely 25% E-Box Power Quality Unit GreenBizCheck Sustainability Certification Eniscope Energy Monitor Retail ElectricitySave up to 87% Save averagely 3-5% Energy Performance Contract which GUARANTEES a Minimum Saving of 10% of Your Site Energy Costs 32
    33. 33. Process and Communications This is the engagement process that we follow1. Using the Client Site Information form we collect information about the business and the site2. We request the Interval Data from the client or their energy provider3. We also require a copy of one peak cost power bill and Energy Supply Contract if available4. Deliver the documents to technical staff and wait for an Engineer to process5. A proposal is then provided to the client, outlining recommended energy reduction solutions, costs and the expected return on investment6. Once the client approves we commence implementation of the agreed strategies 33
    34. 34. Energy Prices SkyrocketingHow much energy do you use?How much energy do you waste?What are you doing toreduce wastage and save money? 34
    35. 35. Sustainability Package Save 5-25% Save averagely 25% E-Box Power Quality Unit GreenBizCheck Sustainability Certification Eniscope Energy Monitor Retail ElectricitySave up to 87% Save averagely 3-5% Energy Performance Contract which GUARANTEES a Minimum Saving of 10% of Your Site Energy Costs 35
    36. 36. Environmental Intelligence Energy Reduction Campaign END www.environmentalintel.com.au