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Abstrakt's social media package. Find out more!

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Attrakt Social Media

  1. 1. BUSINESS GROWTH SOLUTIONS (314) 577-0342
  2. 2. A BUSINESS GROWTH COMPANY BUILT ON EXPERIENCES 2 A Business Growth Company – NOT AN AGENCY – PAST SUCCESS Started by entrepreneurs who have 5 Inc. Magazine Fastest Growing Lists 4 STL Business Journal Fastest Growing Lists been at the helm of successful 2 Forty Under Forty Awards companies just like yourself
  3. 3. ABSTRAKT HAS TRIPLED OVER PAST 18 MONTHS 3 Abstrakt Marketing Group Sales 6mos 12mos 18mos
  4. 4. JUST A FEW OF OUR CLIENTS 4 OVER 80 CLIENTS – ADDING 5 PER MONTH “Abstrakt made the cold call…that turned into a multi-million dollar deal” “Abstrakt stood out to me as a lead generation service because it was more personal”
  5. 5. 5
  6. 6. WHY ATTRAKT? 6
  7. 7. ADVERTISING MIX 7 ASK YOURSELF THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR EXISTING MARKETING TV Radio Paper Print Outdoor Direct Mail SEO Social Media• Can You Target Customers Who Actually Need Your Service? NO NO NO NO NO NO YE YE S S• Can Your Customer Share Your Info With Others? NO NO NO NO NO NO YE YE S S• Can Customers Develop A Relationship With You? NO NO NO NO NO NO YE YE S S• Are You Seen Before your Competitors? NO NO NO NO NO NO YE YE S S• Can You Monitor Positive And Negative Feedback? NO NO NO NO NO NO YE YE S S• Can You Change Your Message In Real-time? NO NO NO NO NO NO YE YE S S• Can Your Customer Learn About You On Their Schedule? NO NO NO NO NO NO YE YE S S
  8. 8. COMPONENTS 8 1 Upfront Website SEO AnalysisWe will analyze your current website todevelop an SEO Analysis composed of We did an analysis of your site’s Design and Onsite SEO and came up with the following suggestions to improve the SEOthe following: potency of The suggestions are as follows: Add bread crumbs: For ease of user navigation to and from • Google Analytics subsections, add bread crumbs. It will help when looking for collection pieces or for those on the design team. • Advanced Web Ranking Report Alt tags on images & page links - Originally a way for visually-impaired users to better read a web page, title & alt • Onsite SEO tags tell search engines more about website links as well as • Website Structure images. Filling these out provides great little places for additional keywords. • Content Analysis Fill out Title Tags & Metadata - Metadata sits underneath your website page, in the website’s source. Metadata tells web browsers • Offsite SEO many different directions and commands. For SEO, the three most important ones are: page Title Tag, Meta Description, Meta • Keyword Rankings Keywords. Filling out these sections with targeted keywords and • Backlinks Analysis phrases instead of using the same data for every page will help improve website flexibility, help clarify page themes for the search • Exposure on other websites engines and, 9 times out of 10, are the sections the search engines use to display your page’s listing in their results. • Full Recommendations Right now, aside from the page titles, all the metadata is the same. Each page needs fresh metadata - especially themed around the targeted keywords.
  9. 9. COMPONENTS 9 2 Upfront Social Media Site DesignStart up• Creation of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Blog• Design of “Landing Page” and profile icons• Create and organize “launch campaigns” for optimal fan inclusion
  10. 10. COMPONENTS 10 3 Customized Social Media StrategyDevelop methods to be used toaccomplish the following goals andobjectives: Action Items for LinkedIn: • Overall Goals Audience Ensure that all company employees have a LinkedIn profile, completed in their entirety, and have correctly identified • Audience Determination themselves with the company, as this will have an effect on search engine optimization. • Action Items for Each Site Provide training for staff on how to setup a LinkedIn profile, use the site to build connections and participate • Content Recommendations in Groups. See provided LinkedIn Guide for assistance. • Social Media Policy • Includes how to respond to Q & A Participation: This part of LinkedIn gives ValleyCrest the opportunity to get a negative comments feel for what customers are looking for, the dilemmas they face and the questions they have. ValleyCrest is able to search for questions that relate to the landscape industry and share expertise with others in the field and provide insights and guidance to key decision makers who are looking for services such as those provided by ValleyCrest.
  11. 11. COMPONENTS 11 4 Monthly VideosCreate and share 1 new 90second video per month ⏏ EXAMPLES: ⏏ • Testimonials • About Us • Product WHY HOW SEO: Videos Rank Highly Tagging and Naming Videos with Proper 2nd Largest Search Keywords Engine Efficiency: Video Crew People Are More Likely Records first Six in To Watch a Video One Day
  12. 12. COMPONENTS 12 5 Monthly Keyword Rich Blogs Create and share 10 monthly keyword rich blogs TOPICS: • News • Industry Trends • Success Stories • Product Service Tips • Industry Insights • Q&A WHY HOWOptimize SEO Build Content CalendarThought Leader Engaging WritingPermanent Content Analyze Keyword
  13. 13. COMPONENTS 135 Repurpose 2 Blogs per Month1 Email Blast 1 Press Release
  14. 14. COMPONENTS 14 6 Monthly Search Engine Submissions Submit to 10 relevant directories a month • Increase Google Ranking • Expands Awareness in Niche Industries • Allows Readers Drill Down to Specific Interest WHY HOWCreate SEO Backlinks Posted When NewShared To Relevant Content Is CreatedSites
  15. 15. COMPONENTS 15 7 Monthly Social Site Updates To keep you social sites active, we post to all mediums ten times a month. • Create Content For Posting • Post To Facebook • Post To Twitter • Post to Linked IN WHY HOWContinue Engagement Ask Customer QuestionsEntice Interaction Industry NewsIncrease Visibility Promotions
  16. 16. COMPONENTS 16 8 Monthly Progress Reporting Set initial benchmarks and provide monthly progress on the following areas: • Total Number of Fans, Followers & Subscribers • Activity on Social Pages • Advanced Web Rankings • Google Analytics • Video Insights WHY HOWKnow Your ROI Mine Google AnalyticsSee Progress Monitor InteractionsAdjust Strategy Wisely Utilize Keyword Tools
  17. 17. WHY OUTSOURCE? 17 Imagine this team for less than the price of one full–time employee: A Business Growth Team Second To None! Annual Salaries of Over $500,00 Over $41,000 Monthly
  18. 18. Investment 18 What you get… 1 Upfront Website SEO Analysis 2 Design and Setup of Social Media Sites 3 Customized Social Media Strategy 4 Monthly Videos 5 Monthly Keyword Rich Blogs 6 Monthly Search Engine Submissions 7 Monthly Social Site Updates 8 Monthly Progress Reporting