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Presentation on KOOP 91.7 in the Pecha Kucha Format

Presentation on KOOP 91.7 in the Pecha Kucha Format

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  • 1. Communications AnalysisSUCCESSES & RECOMMENDATIONS
  • 2. KOOP’s Mission The mission of the Corporation is to provide high quality, innovative, and diverse community- oriented programming to Austin with an emphasis on those communities that are ignored or underserved by mainstream media; including serving and promoting specific communities of African-Americans, Asian- Americans, Chicanas/os, elders, gays, lesbians, homeless, immigrants, Indigenous peoples, Latinos/as, peoples with disabilities, women, working and poor people, youth, and other underserved communities. KOOP Community Radio supports the struggle for social justice and peace. KOOP Community Radio will operate with a high level of participation and accountability to the communities being served.
  • 3. KOOP at a Glance - A community orientated & cooperatively ran radio station in Austin, Texas - 12 hours of broadcasting on weekends, and 9 hours of broadcasting on weekdays - Shares the 91.7 FM frequency with KVRX, UT’s student-run nighttime radio station
  • 4. Examples of Programs
  • 5. Funding Budgeted Funding  55% from listener-donations, during the bi-annual pledge drive.  45% from business underwriting. Additional Funding  Year-round online donations  Year-round vehicle donations
  • 6. Partners Austin Energy
  • 7. Expenses Staff  2 paid, full-time staff members  1 part-time staff member Membership Drive  Premium Gifts Equipment Upkeep
  • 8. Cooperative All donations above $25 give the benefit of becoming a member of KOOP  Members have voting rights in the annual elections for board of directors Anyone is allowed to go through DJ apprenticeship free of cost  Most on-air DJs have no prior radio experience, before joining KOOP
  • 9. Website• Current Radio Program On- • 6000 Facebook LikesAir •2,200+ Twitter Followers
  • 10. Website Highlights
  • 11. KOOP Blogs Shows have a blog linked to the webpage  Some of the longest running shows have over 400 posts  Most blogs consist of playlist schedule, relevant concerts/shows, and other events
  • 12. KOOP Blogs
  • 13. Social Media
  • 14. Communications AnalysisCHALLENGES &RECOMMENDATIONS
  • 15. Website Organization• All link to separatepages with similar, orexactly the samecontent• More links at thebottom link to similarcontent
  • 16. Website Design• Very busy•Loud Colors•Difficult toNavigate
  • 17. Social Media Multiple Facebook accounts for the station  Staff forgetting passwords often joked about on- air Few shows have their own Facebook profile  Similar case of duplicate profiles
  • 18. Blogs Lack of consistency  Some shows not represented at all  Some currently running shows updated extremely infrequently Dated-ness  Shows canceled over 4 years ago, still listed
  • 19. Recommendations Site design-aesthetic overhaul Condensing and clarifying site organization Incorporating links to social media, besides “like” buttons
  • 20. Recommendations Removing and cleaning up show blog list Increase the frequency of the station’s, and certain show’s, blog updates Clean-up repeated new volunteer web-pages