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Konversi komposisi kimia metal (AA)


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Published in: Education, Technology, Spiritual
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  • 1. AMERIKA GB ISO гOCT DIN ASTM UNS AISI Q195(A1) Cт/сп A283grA Q195-b(A1 b) Cт/пс Q195-F(A1F) Cт/кп Q215-A(A2) Cт2пс RSt34-2 A283grB Q215-A.b(A2b) Cт2сп Q215-A.F(A2F) Cт2кп USt34-2 Q215-B(C2) BCт2сп RSt34-2 A283grB Q215-B.b(C2b) BCт2пс Q215-B.F(C2F) BCт2кп USt34-2 Q235-A(A3) Cт3сп RSt37-2 A283grC Q235-A.b(A3b) Cт3пс Q235-A.F(A3F) Cт3кп USt37-2 Q235-B(C3) BCт3сп RSt37-2 A36 Q235-B.b(C3b) BCт3пс Q235-B.F(C3F) BCт3кп USt37-2 Q235-C Q235-D Q255-A(A4) Cт4сп RSt42-2 A238grD Q255-B(C4) BCт4сп RSt42-2 Q275(C5) BCт5сп St50-2 08F 08кп 10F 10кп 15F 15кп 8 8 G1008 1008 10 C10e 10 CK10 G10100 1010 15 C15e 15 CK15 G10150 1015 20 C20e 20 CK20 G10200 1020 25 C25e 25 CK25 G10250 1025 30 C30e 30 CK30 G10300 1030 35 C35e 35 CK35 G10350 1035 40 C40e 40 CK40 G10400 1040 45 C45e 45 CK45 G10450 1045 50 C50e 50 CK50 G10500 1050 55 C55e 55 CK55 G10550 1055 60 C60e 60 CK60 G10600 1060 65 65 CK67 G10650 1065 70 70 G10700 1070 75 75 CK75 G10750 1075 80 80 CK80 G10800 1080 85 85 G10850 1085 15Mn 15г 14Mn4 G10160 1016 20Mn 20г 21Mn4 G10220 1022 25Mn 25г G10260 1026 30Mn 30г G10330 1033 35Mn 35г G10370 1037 40Mn 40г 40Mn4 G10390 1039 45Mn 45г G10430 1043 50Mn 50г G10530 1053 60Mn 60г G15610 1561 65Mn 65г G15660 1566
  • 2. G15720 70Mn 70г 1572 Y12 10S20 A12 10S20 G12120 1212 Y12Pb 10SPb20 10SPb20 G12134 12L13 Y15 15S20 15S20 G12130 1213 Y15Pb 11SMnPb28 AC14 9SMnPb28 G12144 12L14 Y20 22S20 A20 22S20 G11200 1120 Y30 A30 G11320 1132 Y35 35S20 A35 35S20 G11370 1137 Y40Mn 44SMn28 A40г G11440 1144 Y45Ca ML08 CC8X 08кп QSt34-3 G10100 1010 ML10 CC8A 10кп QSt36-2 1012 ML15 CC15A 15пс QSt38-3 G10150 1015 ML20 CC21A 20пс G10200 1020 ML25 CE28E4 25 G10250 1025 ML30 CE28E4 30 G10300 1030 ML35 CE35E4 35 Cq35 G10350 1035 ML40 CE40E4 40 G10400 1040 ML45 CE45E4 45 Cq45 G10440 1044 ML25Mn CE28E4 G10260 1026 ML30Mn CE28E4 G10300 1030 ML35Mn CE35E4 Cq35 1034 ML40Mn CE40E4 40г G10400 1040 ML45Mn CE45E4 45г Cq45 G10450 1045 ML15Cr 15X 17Cr3 G51150 5115 ML20Cr 20Cr4E 20X G51200 5120 ML40Cr 41Cr4E 40X 37Cr3 G51400 5140 ML15MnB CE20BG2 1518 ML15MnVB ML20MnTiB ML30CrMo 34CrMo4E 30XMA G41300 4130 ML35CrMo 34CrMo4E 34CrMo4 G41350 4135 ML42CrMo 34CrMo4E 42CrMo4 G41400 4140 20 g P235,PH235 20K HⅡ Gr·65 22g P265,PH265 22K HⅢ 12Mng P290,PH290 16Mng P355,PH355 19Mn6 15MnVg 15гф 14MnMoVg 18MnM0Nbg Q235(R235) PB240 CT3пс Gr·300 20MnSi(RL335) RB300 32г2Pпс 20MnNbb(RL335) 35гс RB400 20MnSiV(RL400) 32г2Pпс BST420S A706M 20MnTi(RL400) RB400W 35гс A615M 25MnSi(RL400) Gr·400 40Si2MnV(RL540) RB500 20Xг2ц BST500S Gr·500 45SiMnV(RL540) RB500W 80C BST500M 45Si2MnTi(RL540) 20MnSi(KL400) RB400 BST420S A706M 40Si2Mn(RB150) A615M 48Si2Mn(RB150)
  • 3. 45SiCr(RB150) Q295A 295 15Mo3,PH295 Gr·42 Q295B 295 15Mo3,PH295 Gr·42 Q345A 345 Fe510C Gr·50 Q345B E355CC 345 Gr·50 Q345C E355DD 345 Q345D E355E 345 Q345E Q390A 390 Q390B E390CC 390 Q390C E390DD 390 Q390D E390E Q390E Q420A E420CC Q420B E420DD Q420C E420E Q420D Q420E E460DD Q460C E460E Q460D Q460E 20Mn2 20Mn6 20г2 20Mn5 G13200 1320 30Mn2 28Mn6 30г2 28Mn6 G13300 1330 35Mn2 36Mn6 35г2 36Mn6 G13350 1335 40Mn2 42Mn6 40г2 G13400 1340 45Mn2 45г2 46Mn7 G13450 1345 50Mn2 50г2 50Mn7 20MnV 17MnV6 30Mn2MoW 27SiMn 27Cг 27MnSi5 35SiMn 35Cг 37MnSi5 42SiMn 42Cг 46MnSi4 20SiMn2MoV 25SiMn2MoV 37SiMn2MoV 40B 35B2 G50401 50B40 45B 45B2 G50461 50B46 50B G50501 50B50 40MnB 40MnB4 45MnB 20Mn2B 20MnMoB 15MnVB 20MnVB 20MnVB 20MnTiB 25MnTiBRE 20SiMnVB 15Cr 15X 15Cr3 G51150 5150 15CrA 15XA 20Cr 20Cr4 20X 20Cr4 G51200 5120 30Cr 30X 28Cr4 G51300 5130 35Cr 34Cr4 35X 34Cr4 G513500 5135 40Cr 41Cr 40X 41Cr4 G51400 5140 45Cr 45X G51450 5145
  • 4. 50Cr 50X G51500 5150 38CrSi 38XC 12CrMo 12XM 12CrMo44 15CrMo 15XM 15CrMo5 20CrMo 18CrMo4 20XM 20CrMo4 G41190 4119 30CrMo 30XM G41300 4130 30CrMoA 35CrMo 34CrMo4 35XM 34CrMo4 G41350 4135 42CrMo 42CrMo4 38XM 42CrMo4 G41400 4140 12CrMoV 12XMф 35CrMoV 35XMф 35CrMoV5 12Cr1MoV 12X1Mф 13CrMoV4·2 25Cr2MoVA 25X2MфA 24CrMoV5·5 25Cr2Mo1VA 25X2M1фA (SAE)64 20Cr3MoWVA 20X3MBф 21CrVMoW12 70E 38CrMoA1 41CrA1Mo74 38XM1фA 41CrA1Mo7 G61200 6120 (SAE)61 20CrV 20Xф 21CrV4 40 40CrV 40XфA 42CrV6 50CrVA 51CrV4 50XфA 50CrV4 G61500 6150 15CrMn 15Xг 16MnCr5 20CrMn 20MnCr5 20Xг 20MnCr5 G51200 5120 40CrMn 40Xг 5140 20CrMnSi 20Xгс 25CrMnSi 25Xгс 30CrMnSi 30Xгс 30CrMnSiA 30XгсA 35CrMnSiA 35XгсA 20CrMnMo 25XгM 20CrMo5 4119 40CrMnMo 38XгM 20CrMnTi 18XгT 30CrMnTi 30XгT 30MnCrTi4 20CrNi 20XH 20NiCr6 3120 40CrNi 40XH 40NiCr6 G31400 3140 45CrNi 45XH 45NiCr6 G31450 3145 50CrNi 50XH 3150 12CrNi2 12XH2 14NiCr10 3215 12CrNi3 15CrNi13 12XH3A 14NiCr14 3415 20CrNi3 20XH3A 22NiCr14 30CrNi3 30XH3A 31NiCr14 3435 37CrNi3 37XH3 35NiCr18 3335 12Cr2Ni4 12X2H4A 14NiCr18 G33106 3310 20Cr2Ni4 20X2H4A 3320 20CrNiMo 20NiCrMo2 20XHM 21NiCrMo2 G86200 8620 40CrNiMoA 40XHMA 36NiCrMo4 G43400 4340 45CrNiMoVA 45XMфA 18Cr2Ni4WA 18X2H4BA 25Cr2Ni4WA 25X2H4BA 65 65 CK67 G10650 1065 70 70 G10700 1070 85 85 CK85 G10840 1084 65Mn 65г G15660 1566 55Si2Mn 56SiCr7 55C2 55Si7 G92550 9255 55Si2MnB
  • 5. 55SiMnVB 60Si2Mn 61SiCr7 60C2 66Si7 G92600 9260 60Si2MnA 60C2A 60Si2CrA 55SiCr7 60C2XA 67SiCr5 60SiCrVA 60C2XфA 55CrMnA 55Cr3 50xгA 55Cr3 G51550 5155 60CrMnA G51600 5160 60CrMnMoA 60CrMo31 G41610 4161 50CrVA 51CrV4 50XфA 50Cr4 G61500 6150 60CrMnBA 60CrB3 G51601 51B60 30WCr2VA 55XгPA 30WCrV179 G50986 50100 GCr6 ШX6 100Cr2 G51986 5110 GCr9 ШX9 105Cr4 GCr9SiMn GCr15 1 шх15 100Cr6 G52986 52100 GCr15SiMn шх15CT 100CrMn6 G20CrMo 10 20хM 20CrMo2 G41180 4118 G20CrNiMo 12 21NiCrMo2·2 G86200 8620 G20CrNi2Mo 20NiCrMo6·5 G43200 4320 G20Cr2Ni4 G33160 E3316 G10CrNi3Mo G93106 E9310 G20Cr2MnMo 9Cr18 95XM 9Cr18Mo X102CrMO17 S44004 440C T7 TC70 y7 C70W2 T7A y7A C70W1 W108Ext T8 TC80 y8 C80W2 T72301 ra W108Sp T8A y8A C80W1 T72301 ecial T8Mn y8г T8MnA y8гA C85W W109Ext T9 TC90 y9 T72301 ra W109Sp T9A y9A T72301 ecial W110Ext T10 TC105 y10 C105W2 T72301 ra W110Sp T10A y10A C105W1 T72301 ecial W110Ext T11 y11 C110W T72301 ra W110Sp T11A y11A T72301 ecial W112Ext T12 TC120 y12 T72301 ra W112Sp T12A y12A T72301 ecial T13 TC140 y13 C125W T13A y13A C125W1 9SiCr 9XC 90CrSi5 8MnSi C75W3 Cr06 13X 140Cr3 T72305 W5 Cr2 100Cr2 X 100Cr6 T61203 L3 9Cr2 9X1 85Cr7 L7 W B1 120W4 T60601 F1 4CrW2Si 45WCrV2 4XB2C 35WCrV7
  • 6. 5CrW2Si 50WCrV2 5XB2C 45WCrV7 T41901 S1 6CrW2Si 60WCrV2 6XB2C 60WCrV7 Cr12 210Cr12 X12 X210Cr12 T30403 D3 Cr12Mo1V1 X155CrVMo121 T30402 D2 Cr12MoV 160CrMoV12 X12M X165CrMoV12 Cr5Mo1V 100CrMoV12 X100CrMoV51 T30102 A2 9Mn2V 90MnV2 90MnCrV8 T31502 O2 CrWMn XBг 105WCr6 T31507 O7 9CrWMn 9XBг T31501 O1 Cr4W2MoV 6Cr4W3Mo2VNb 6W6Mo5Cr4V 5CrMnMo 5XгM V1G 5CrNiMo 5XHM 55NiCrMoV6 T61206 L6 3Cr2W8V X30WCrV93 T20821 H21 5Cr4Mo3SiMnVA1 3Cr3Mo3W2V 5Cr4W5Mo2V 8Cr3 8X3 4CrMnSiMoV 4Cr3Mo3SiV 4Cr5MoSiV 4X5MфC X38CrMoV5·1 T20811 H11 4Cr5MoSiV1 35CrMoV5 4X5Mф1C X40CrMoV5·1  T20813 H13 X37CrMoW5·1 4Cr5W2VSi 40CrMoV5 4X5B2фC   T20812 H12 7Mn15Cr2A13V2WMo 3CrMo T51620 P20 W18Cr4V HS18-0-1 P18 S18-0-1 T12001 T1 W18Cr4VC05 HS18-1-1-5 P18K5ф2 S18-1-2-5 T12004 T4 W18Cr4V2Co8 HS18-0-1-10 S18-1-2-10 T12005 T5 W12Cr4V5Co5 HS12-1-5-5 P10K5ф5 S12-1-4-5 T12015 T15 W6Mo5Cr4V2 HS6-5-2 P6M5 S6-5-2 T11302 M2 CW6Mo5Cr4V2 SC6-5-2 W6Mo5Cr4V3 HS6-5-3 P6M5ф3 S6-5-3 T11313 M3-1 CW6Mo5Cr4V3 HS6-5-3 S6-5-3 T11323 M3-2 W2Mo9Cr4V2 HS2-9-2 S2-9-2 T11307 M3 W6Mo5Cr4V2Co5 HS6-5-2-5 P6M5K5 S6-5-2-5 T11335 M35 W7Mo4Cr4V2Co5 HS7-4-2-5 S7-4-2-5 T11341 M41 W2Mo9Cr4VCo8 HS9-1-8 S2-10-1-8 T11342 M42 W9Mo3Cr4V W6Mo5Cr4V2A1 1Cr17Mn6Ni5N A-2 12X17г9AH4 X8CrMnNi8·9 S20100 201 1Cr18Mn6Ni5N A-3 12X17г9AH4 S20200 202 1Cr18Mn10Ni5Mo3N 1Cr17Ni7 14 09X17H7ю X12CrNi17·7 S30100 301 1Cr18Ni9 12 12X18H9 X12CrNi18·8 S30200 302 Y1Cr18Ni9 17 X12CrNiS18·8 S30300 303 Y1Cr18Ni9Se 17a 12X18H10E S30323 303Se 0Cr18Ni9 11 08X18H10 X5CrNi18·9 S30400 304 00Cr19Ni10 10 03X18H11 X2CrNi18·9 S30403 304L 0Cr19NiN S30451 304N 0Cr19Ni10NbN X5CrNi18·9 S30452 XM21 00Cr18Ni10N X2CrNiN18·10 S30453 304LN
  • 7. 1Cr18Ni12 13 12X18H12T X5CrNi19·11 S30500 305 0Cr23Ni13 X7CrNi23·14 0Cr25Ni20 0Cr17Ni12Mo2 20,20a X5CrNiMo18·10 S30908 309S 10X17H13M2 X10CrNiMoTi18 1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti T ·10 S31008 310S 08X17H13M2 0Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti T S31600 316 00Cr17Ni14Mo2 19,19a 03X17H14M2 X2CrNiMo18·10 X2CrNiMoN18·1 0Cr17Ni12Mo2N 2 00Cr17Ni13Mo2N S31603 316L 0Cr18Ni12Mo2Cu2 S31651 316N 00Cr18Ni14Mo2Cu2 X5CrNiMo17·13 S31653 316LN 0Cr19Ni13Mo3 25 03X16H15M3 10X17H13M3 X10CrNiMoTi18 00Cr19Ni13Mo3 24 T ·12 08X17H15M3 1Cr18Ni12Mo3Ti T S31700 317 0Cr18Ni12Mo3Ti S31703 317L 0Cr18Ni16Mo5 12X18H9T X12CrNiTi18·9 1Cr18Ni9Ti 08X18H10T X10CrNiTi18·9 0Cr18Ni10Ti 15 08X18H12S X10CrNiNb18·9 0Cr18Ni11Nb 16 0Cr18Ni9Cu3 D32 S32100 321 0Cr18Ni13Si4 S34700 347 0Cr26Ni5Mo2 15X18H12C4T X8CrNiMo27·5 08X21H6M2T S30430 XM7 1Cr18Ni11Si4A1Ti ю S38100 XM15 00Cr18Ni5Mo3Si2 S32900 329 0Cr13A1 2 1X12ю X7CrAI13 S40500 405 00Cr12 1Cr17 8 12X7 X8Cr17 S43000 430 Y1Cr17 8a X12CrMos17 S43020 430F 1Cr17Mo 9c X12CrMo17 S43400 434 00Cr30Mo2 S44700 00Cr27Mo S44625 XM27 1Cr12 S40300 403 1Cr13 3 12X13 X10Cr13 S41000 410 0Cr13 1 08X13 X7Cr13 S41008 410S Y1Cr13 7 X12CrS13 S41600 416 1Cr13Mo X15CrMo13 2Cr13 4 20X13 X20Cr13 S42000 420 3Cr13 5 30X13 X30Cr13 Y3Cr13 S42020 420F 3Cr13Mo 4Cr13 1Cr17Ni2 9 14X17H2 X22CrNi17 S43100 431 7Cr17 S44002 440A 8Cr17 S44003 440B 9Cr18 95X18 S44004 440C 11Cr17 A-1b X105CrMo17 S44020 440F
  • 8. Y11Cr17 S44004 440C 9Cr18Mo A-1b S44003 440B 9Cr18MoV X90CrMoV18 S17400 630 X5CrNiCuNb17· 0Cr17Ni4Cu4Nb 4 S17700 631 0Cr17Ni7A1 09X17H7ю X7CrNiAI17·7 S15700 632 X7CrNiMoAI15· 0Cr15Ni7MO2A1 7 2Cr113Mn9Ni4 20X13H4г9 1Cr17Ni8 X12CrNi17·7 S30215 302B 1Cr18Ni9Si3 X12CrNiSi178·8 0Cr19Ni9 00Cr19Ni11 0Cr18Ni11Ti ML0Cr16Ni18 ML0Cr18Ni12 12XH21H5T S42900 429 1Cr21Ni5Ti 00Cr24Ni6Mo3N 1Cr15 00Cr17 00Cr17Mo 00Cr18Mo2 3Cr16 X53CrMnNiN21· 5Cr21Mn9Ni4N 8 55X20г9AH4 09 K63008 2Cr21Ni12N 7 K63017 2Cr23Ni13 20XH13 X15CrNiSi20·12 S30900 309 2Cr25Ni20 H16 20X25HC2 X12CrNi25·20 S31000 310 1Cr16Ni35 H17 X12NiCrSi36·10 N08330 330 0Cr15Ni25Ti2MoA1VB K66286 660 0Cr18Ni9 11 08X18H10 X5CrNi18·9 S30400 304 0Cr23Ni13 H14 10X23H13 X7CrNi23·14 S30908 309S 0Cr25Ni20 H15 10X23H18 X12CrNi25·21 S31008 310S 45X14H14B2 X50NiCrWV131 0Cr17Ni12Mo2 20 M 3 S31600 316 4Cr14Ni14W2Mo K66009 3Cr18Mn12Si2N 2Cr20Mn9Ni2Si2N 08X17H15M3 X5CrNiMo1713 0Cr19Ni13Mo3 25 T 5 S31700 317 1Cr18Ni9Ti 12X18H9T 0Cr18Ni10Ti 15 X6CrNiTi1810 S32100 321 0Cr18Ni11Nb 16 08X18H12B X10CrNiNb189 S34700 347 0Cr18Ni13Si4 S318100 XM15 1Cr20Ni14Si2 20X20H14C2 X15CrNiSi2012 1Cr25Ni20Si2 20X25H20C2 X15CrNiSi2520 S31400 314 2Cr25N H7 S44600 446 0Cr13A1 2 X7CrAI13 S40500 405 00Cr12 1Cr17 8 S43000 430 1Cr5Mo 12X17 X8Cr17 S50200 502 4Cr9Si2 15X5M K65007 4Cr10Si2Mo 40X9C2 X45CRSI93 K64005 8Cr20Si2Ni 40X10C2M X40CrSiMo102 K65006
  • 9. 1Cr11MoV 4 1Cr12Mo 15X11Mф X19CrMoVNbN 2Cr12MoVNbN 111 1Cr12WMoV 15X12BHMф X20CrMoWV12 2Cr12NiMoWV 20X12BHMф 1 1Cr13 3 12X13 X10Cr13 1Cr13Mo X15CrMo13 2Cr13 4 20X13 X20Cr13 1Cr17Ni2 9 14X17H2 X20CrNi172 11X11H2B2M 1Cr11Ni2W2MoV ф X5CrNiCuNb17· 0Cr17Ni4Cu4Nb 1 4 0Cr17NiAI 2 09X17H7ю X7CrNiAI17·7 HT100 100 Cч10 GG10 HT150 150 Cч15 GG15 F11401 20 HT200 200 Cч20 GG20 F12101 30 HT250 250 Cч25 GG25 F12401 35 HT300 300 Cч30 GG30 F13101 45 HT350 350 Cч35 GG35 F13501 50 KTH300-06 B30-06 Kч30-6 KTH330-08 B32-12 Kч33-8 KTH350-10 B35-10 Kч35-10 GTS-35-10 F22200 32510 KTH370-12 Kч37-12 F22400 35018 KTZ450-06 P45-06 Kч45-7 GTS-45-06 F23131 45006 KTZ550-04 P55-04 Kч55-4 GTS-55-04 F24130 60004 KTZ650-02 P65-02 Kч65-3 GTS-65-02 F25530 80002 KTZ700-02 P70-02 Kч70-2 GTS-70-02 F26230 90001 KTB350-04 E35-04 GTW-35-04 KTB380-12 W38-12 GTW-38-12 KTB400-05 W40-05 GTW-40-05 KTB450-07 W45-07 GTW-45-07 QT400-18 400-18 Bч40 GGG-40 F32800 60-40-18 QT400-15 400-15 QT450-10 450-10 Bч45 F33100 65-45-12 QT500-7 500-7 Bч50 GGG-50 70-50-05 QT600-3 600-3 Bч60 GGG-60 F34100 80-60-03 100-07-0 QT700-2 700-2 Bч70 GGG-70 F34800 3 120-90-0 QT800-2 800-2 Bч80 GGG-80 F36200 2 QT900-2 900-2 RTCr ЧX1 RTCr2 ЧX2 RTCr16 ЧX16 RTSi5 ЧC5 RQTSi4 RQTSi4Mo RQTSi5 RQTA14Si4
  • 10. RQTA15Si5 чю6C5 RQTA122 чю22ш ZG200-400 200-400 15л GS-20-38 J02500 U-60-30 ZG230-450 230-450 25л GS-23-45 J03009 65-35 ZG270-500 270-480 35л GS26-52 J03501 70-36 ZG310-570 340-550 45л GS30-60 80-50 ZG340-640 55л 90-60 ZG1Cr13 15X13л G-X10Cr13 ZG2Cr13 20X13л G-X20Cr14 J91150 CA-15 ZG1Cr17 12X17 J91153 CA-40 ZG1Cr19Mo2 ZG2Cr28 G-X70Cr29 ZG00Cr18Ni10 03X18H11 G-X2CrNi189 J92500 CF-3 ZG0Cr18Ni9 07X18H9л G-X6CrNi189 J92600 CF-8 ZG1Cr18Ni9 07X18H10л G-X10CrNi188 ZG0Cr18Ni9Ti 08X18H9T G-X5CrNiNb189 J92710 CF-8C ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti 12X18H9Tл ZG0Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti G- ZG1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti X5CrNiMoNb18 ZG1Cr24Ni20Mo2Cu3 G- 10 J92900 CF-8M X10CrNiMoNb1 ZG1Cr18Mn8Ni4N 812 ZG1Cr17Mn9Ni4Mo3Cu2N ZG1Cr18Mn13Mo2Cu4 ZG0Cr17Ni4Cu4Nb Cu-CATH-2,CU-1* M0K KE-Cu Cu-2*(99·90) Cu-FRHC M1K CATH T1(99·95) M0 E-Cu C10800 C10800 T2(99·90) Cu-ETP M1K C11000 C11000 T3(99·70) Cu-FRTP M2 C12700 C12700 C10100(99 TU1(99·97) M0B .99) C10100 TU2(99·95) Cu-OF M1B OF-Cu C10200 C10200 TP1(99·90) Cu-DLP M1P SW-Cu C12000 C12000 C12200(99 TP2(99·85) CuDHP M1ф SF-Cu99.90 .90) C12200 C11600(99 TAg0·1(99·5) CuAg0.1 BpCp0.1 CuAg0.1 .90) C11600 C21000(C H96 CuZn5 л96 CuZn5 u95) C21000 H90 CuZn10 л90 CuZn10 C22000 C22000 H85 CuZn15 л85 CuZn15 C23000 C23000 H80 CuZn20 л80 CuZn20 C24000 C24000 H70 CuZn30 л70 CuZn30 C26000 C26000 H68 CuZn33 л68 CuZn33 C26200 C26200 H65 CuZn35 CuZn36 C27000 C27000 H63 CuZn37 л63 CuZn37 C27200 C27200 H62 CuZn40 л60 CuZn40 C27400 C28000(C C27400 H59 CuZn40 л60 CuZn40 u60) C28000 HNi65-5 лH65-5 HNi56-3 HPb63-3 CuZn36Pb3 ЛC63-3 CuZn36Pb3 C34200 C34200
  • 11. HPb63-0.1 CuZn36Pb CuZn37Pb0.5 HPb62-0.8 CuZn35Pb1 C35000 C35000 HPb61-1 CuZn40Pb ЛC60-1 CuZn39Pb0.5 C37000 C37000 HPb59-1 CuZn39Pb1 лAMш77-2- ЛC59-1 CuZn40Pb2 C38000 C38000 HA177-2 CuZn20A12 0.05 CuZn20A1 C68700 C68700 лOMш70-1- HSn70-1 CuZn28Sn1 0.05 CuZn28Sn C44300 C44300 H68A CuZn30As лMш68-0.05 HSn90-1 ЛO90-1 C41100 C41100 HSn62-1 CuZn38Sn1 ЛO62-1 C46200 C46200 HSn60-1 ЛO60-1 CuZn39Sn C46400 C46400 HA167-2.5 HA160-1-1 лAж60-1-1 CuZn37A1 C67800 C67800 HA159-3-2 лAH59-3-2 CuZn3Ni HA166-6-3-2 C67000 C67000 HMn58-2 лAMu58-2 CuZn40MSn HMn57-3-1 GCuZn37Mn3A12Si лMuA57-3-1 C67400 C67400 HMn55-3-1 лжMuA59-1 HFe59-1-1 GCuZn39A1FeMn -1 C67820 C67820 HFe58-1-1 лжC58-1-1 HSi80-3 лж80-3 C69400 C69400 ZCuZn38 G-CuZn38A1 C85500 C85500 лAжMu66-6 ZCuZn25A16Fe3Mn3 GCuZn25A16Fe3Mn3 -3-2 G-CuZn25A5 C86300 C86300 ZCuZn26A14Fe3Mn3 GCuZn25A16Fe3Mn3 C86200 C86200 ZCuZn31A12 лA67-2.5 лAж60-1-1 ZCuZn35A12Mn2Fe1 GCuZn35A1FeMn л G-CuZn35AI1 C86500 C86500 ZCuZn38Mn2Pb2 лMuC58-2-2 ZCuZn40Mn2 лMu58-2л ZCuZn40Mn3Fe1 лMuж55-3-1 ZCuZn33Pb2 GCuZn33Pb2 G-CuZn33Pb ZCuZn40Pb2 GCuZn40Pb2 лC59-1л G-CuZn37Pb C85710 C85710 ZCuZn16Si4 лкC80-3л G-CuZn15Si C87500 C87500 QSn4-3 CuSn4Zn2 BpOц4-3 BpOцC4-4-2. QSn4-4-2.5 5 QSn4-4-4 CuSn4Pb4Zn3 BpOцC4-4-4 C54400 C54400 QSn6.5-0.1 CuSn6 BpOф6.5-0.15 CuSn6 C51900 C51900 QSn6.5-0.4 CuSn6 BpOф6.5-0.4 CuSn6 C51900 C51900 QSn7-0.2 CuSn8 BpOф7-0.2 CuSn8 C52100 C52100 QSn4-0.3 CuSn4 BpOф4-0.25 CuSn4 C51100 C51100 QAI5 CuA15 BpA5 CuA15 C60600 C60600 QAI7 CuA17,CuA18 BpA7 CuA18 C61000 C61000 QAI9-2 CuA19Mn2 BpAMц9-2 CuA19Mn2 QAI9-4 CuAI10Fe3 BpAж9-4 CuAI10Fe3 C61900 C61900 BpAжMц10- QAI10-3-1.5 CuAI10Fe5Ni5 3-1.5 CuAI10Fe3Mn2 C63200 C63200
  • 12. BpAжH10-4- QAI10-4-4 4 CuAI10Ni5Fe4 C63000 C63000 BpAжH11-6- QAI11-66 6 CuAI11Ni C62730 C62730 BpAжHMц9 QAI9-5-1-1 -4-4-1 QAI10-5-5 C63280 C63280 QBe2 CuBe2 BpB2 CuBe2 C17200 C17200 QBe1.9 BpBHT1.9 BpBHT1.9M QBe1.9-0.1 г CuBe1.7 QBe1.7 CuBe1.7 BpHT1.7 CuSi3Mn C17000 C17000 QSi3-1 BpKMц3-1 CuNi3Si C65500 C65500 QSi1-3 CuNi2Si BpKH1-3 C64700 C64700 QSI3.5-3-1.5 QMn1.5 CuMn2 QMn2 CuMn2 QMn5 BpMц5 CuMn5 QZr0.2 QZr0.4 CuZr C15000 C15000 QCr0.5 CuCr1 BpX1 CuCr QCr0.5-0.2-0.1 C18200 C18200 QCr0.6-0.4-0.05 CuCr1Zr CuCrZr QCd1 CuCd1 BpKл1 CuCd1 C18100 C18100 QMg0.8 CuMg0.7 C16200 B0.6 MH0.6 B5 MH5 B19 CuNi20 MH19 B25 CuNi25 MH25 CuNi25 C71000 C71000 MHжMц10- BFe10-1-1 CuNi10Fe1Mn 1-1 CuNi10Fe1Mn C71300 C71300 MHжMц30- BFe30-1-1 CuNi30Mn1Fe 1-1 CuNi30Mn1Fe C70600 C70600 BMn3-12 MHMц3-12 CuMn12Ni C71630 C71630 BMn40-1.5 MHMц40-1.5 BMn43-0.5 CuNi44Mn1 MHMц43-0.5 CuNi44 BZn15-20 CuNi15Zn21 MHMц15-20 CuNi12Zn24 MHMц16-20- BZn15-21-1.8 1.8 C75400 C75400 BZn15-24-1.5 MHA13-3 BAI13-3 MHA6-1.5 C79200 C79200 BAI16-1.5 1A99(LG5) 1199 AB000 A199.98 1199 1A97(LG4) AB00 1A95 1095 1095 1A93(LG3) AB0 1193 1A90(LG2) 1090 AB1 A199.9 A91090 1090 1A85(LG1) AB2 1080 A199.8 A91080 1080 1080A 1080A A19.8 A91080 1080 1070 A19.7 A91070 1070 1070A(L1) 1070A A00 A19.7 A91070 1070 1370 1060(L2) A0
  • 13. 1050 A91060 1060 1050A(L3) 1050A A1 A199.5 A91050 1050 1A50(LB2) A91050 1050 1350 1350 E-A1 1145 A91350 1350 1035(L4) 1A30(L4-1) A91230 1230 1100(L5-1) 1100 A2 A91030 1030 1200(L50) 1200 A199 A91100 1100 1235 A91200 1200 2A01(LY1) д18 A1Cu2.5Mg0.5 A92117 2117 2A02(LY2) Bд17 2A04(LY4) д19п 2A06(LY6) д19 2A10(LY10) B65 2A11(LY11) д1 A1Cu2Mg1 A92017 2017 2A11(LY8) д1п 2A12(LY12) д16 A1Cu2Mg2 A92024 2024 2B12(LY9) д16п 2A13(LY13) AM4 A92014 2014 2A14(LD10) AK8 A1CuSiMn 2A16(LY16) д20 A92219 2219 2B16 2A17(LY17) д21 2A20 2A21 2A25 2A49 AK6 2A50(LD15) AK6-1 2B50(LD6) AK4-1 A95618 2618 2A70(LD7) 2B70 2A80(LD8) 2A90(LD9) A92018 2018 2004 2011 2011 A1Cu6BiPb A92011 2011 2014 2014 AK8 A1CuSiMn A92014 2014 2014A 2214 A92214 2214 2017 A92017 2017 2017A 2017A 2117 2117 A1Cu2.5Mg0.5 A92117 2117 2118 A92118 2118 2618 A92618 2618 2219 2219 A92219 2219 2024 2024 A1CuMg2 A92024 2024 2124 A62124 2124 3A21(LF21) AMц 3003 3003 A1MnCu A93003 3003 3103 3103 A1Mn1 3004 3004 A1Mn1Mg1 A93004 3004 3005 3005 A1Mn1Mg0.5 A93005 3005 3105 3105 A93105 3105 4A01(LT1) Aк S-A1SI5 A94043 4043 4A11(LD11) AK9 A94032 4032
  • 14. 4A13(LT13) A94343 4343 4A17(LT17) L-AISi12 A4047 4047 4004 A94004 4004 4032 A94032 4032 4033 A94043 4043 4043A 4047 A94047 4047 4047A 5A01 5A02(LF2) AMг2 AIMg2.5 A95052 5052 5A03(LF3) AMг3 A1Mg3 A95052 5052 5A05(LF5) AMг5 A1Mg5 A95056 5056 5B05(LF10) AMг5п 5A06(LF6) AMг6 5B06(LF14) 5A12(LF12) 5A13(LF13) 5A30 5A33(LF33) 5A41(LT41) 5A43(LF43) A95005 5005 5A66/LT66 5005 5005 AMг1 A1Mg1 A95005 5005 5019 5050 5050 AMг1 A1Mg1.5 A95050 5050 5052 5251 AMг2 A1Mg2Mn0.3 5154 5052 A1Mg2.5 A95052 5052 5154A A95154 5154 5454 5454 A1Mg2.7Mn 5554 A95454 5454 5754 5754 A1Mg3 A95554 5554 5056(LF5-1) 5056 A1Mg5 A95056 5056 5356 A95356 5356 5456 5456 A95456 5456 5082 5082 A95082 5082 5182 A95182 5182 5083(LF4) 5083 AMг4 A1Mg4.5Mn A95083 5083 5183 A95183 5183 5086 5086 A95086 5086 6A029LD) AB A96061 6061 6B02(LD2-1) 6A51 6101 6101 E-A1MgSi A96101 6101 6101A 6005 6005 A96005 6005 6005A 6351 6351 A96351 6351 6060 6060 A96060 6060 6061(LD30) 6061 Aл33 A1Mg1SiCu A96061 6061 6063(LD31) 6063 Aл31 A1MgSi0.5 A96063 6063 6063A 6070(LD2-2) A96070 6070 6181 6181 A1MgSi0.8 6082 6082 A1MgSiMn 7A01(LB1) AIZn1 A97072 7072
  • 15. 7A03(LC3) B94 A97174 7174 7A04(LC4) B95 A97075 7075 7A05 7A09(LC9) A1ZnMg1.5 7A10(LC10) A1ZnMgCu0.5 A97079 7079 7A15 7A19 7A31 7A33 7A52 7003(LC12) 7005 A97005 7005 7020 7020 A1Zn4.5Mg1 7022 A1ZnMgCu0.5 7050 A97050 7050 7075 7075 A1ZnMgCu1.5 A97075 7075 7475 A97475 7475 8A06(L6) Aл 8011 8090 ZL101 A1-Si7Mg Aл9 G-A1Si7Mg A03560 A03560 ZL101A Aл9-1 A13560 A13560 ZL102 A1-Si12 Aл2 G-A1Si12 A14130 A14130 ZL104 A1-Si10Mg Aл4 G-A1Si10Mg A03600 A03600 ZL105 Aл5 G-A1Si5Cu A03550 A03550 ZL105A Aл5-1 A33550 A33550 ZL106 Aл32 G-A1Si8Cu3 A03280 A03280 ZL107 G-A1Si6Cu4 A03190 A03190 ZL108 Aл25 A23320 A23320 ZL109 A1-Si12Cu Aл30 A03360 A03360 AK5M7(Aл ZL110 10B) ZL111 Aл4M A03540 A03540 ZL114A A13570 A13570 ZL115 ZL116 Aл34 ZL201 A1-Cu4MgTi Aл19 G-A1Cu4TiMg ZL201A ZL203 A1-Cu4Ti Aл17 A1-Cu4Ti A02950 A02950 ZL204A ZL205A ZL207 ZL301 A1-Mg10 Aл18 A1-Mg10 A05200 A05200 ZL303 A1-Mg5Si1 Aл13 G-A1Mg5Si A25140 A25140 ZL305 ZL401 Aл11 ZL402 A1-Zn5Mg Aл24 A07120 A07120 YL102 A1-Si12Fe Aл2 GD-A1Si12 A14130 A14130 YL104 Aл4,AK9 GD-A1Si10Mg A03600 A03600 YL108 YL112 A1-Si8Cu3Fe YL113 YL117 YL302 A1-Mg5Si1 Aл13 GD-A1Mg5Si A05140 A05140 Zn-0(99.995) Zn99.995 ЦBO Zn99.995
  • 16. Zn-1(99.99) Zn99.99 ЦB Zn99.99 特别高级 Zn-2(99.95) Zn99.95 Ц1 Zn99.95 Zn-3(99.90) 高级 Zn-4(99.5) Zn99.95 Zn99.95 Zn-5(98.7) Zn98.5 Ц2 Zn98.5 一级(98.0) ZA4-1 ЦA4M1 GD-ZnA14Cu1 Z3530 Z3530 ZA4-3 ЦA4M3 GD-ZnA14Cu3 ZA6-1 ZA8-1 GD-ZnA16Cu1 Z35635 Z35635 ZA9-2 ЦAM9-1.5 Z35630 Z35630 ZA11-1 ZA11-5 ЦAM10-5 ZA27-2 Z35840 Z35840 YX040 ЦA4 GD-ZnA14 Z33521 Z33521 YX041 ЦAM-1 GD-ZnA14Cu1 Z35530 Z35530 YX043 ЦAM4-3 GD-ZnA14Cu3
  • 17. EROPA JIS BS NF SS34 040A10 A33 SS34 040A12 A34-2 040A12 A34-2 SS41 050A17 A37-2 SS41 050A17 A37-2 060A22 A42-2 060A22 A42-2 060A22 A50-2 SS50 S09CK 050A04 S10C 050A10 XC10 S15C 050A15 XC12 S20C 050A20 XC18 S25C 060A25 XC25 S30C 060A30 XC32 S35C 060A35 S40C 060A40 XC38H1 S45C 060A47 XC42H1 S50C 060A52 XC48H1 S55C 060A57 XC55H1 S58C 060A62 060A67 060A72 XC68 060A78 XC75 060A83 XC80 060A86 SB46 080A15 080A20 S28C 080A25 S30C 080A30 S35C 080A35 S40C 080A40 XC38H2 S45C 080A47 XC42H2 S50C 080A52 XC48H2 S58C 080A62 XC55H2 080A67
  • 18. 080A72 SUM12 210M15 13MF4 SUM22L SUM22 220M07 S250 SUM24L S250Pb SUM32 18MF5 212M36 35MF6 SUM42 225M44 45MF6.3 0/1 XC6 SWRCH10R 0/2 XC10 SWRCH15R 0/3 XC15 SWRCH17R 0/4 XC18 SWRCH25K XC25 SWRCH30K 0.5 XC32 SWRCH35K 0.33 XC38 SWRCH40K XC42 SWRCH45K XC45 IC25 SWRCH30K IC30 SWRCH35K 2 IC35 SWRCH40K 1 IC40 SWRCH45K 162 IC45 20C4 1.5 42C4 SWRCHB620 9/0 34CD4 SB450 A42CP SB480 A48CP A52CP E500T-Ⅱ SR235 Gr·250 FeE235 SD345 SD345 Gr·450 FeE400 FeTE400 SD390 SD490 FeE500 FeTE500 SD390 FeE400
  • 19. SPFC490 A50 SPFC490 A50 SPFC590 Fe510C Fe510C SPFC590 SPFC590 STKT540 STKT540 STKT540 A550-Ⅰ E420-Ⅰ SEV295 SMA570 E460-Ⅱ SMn420 150M19 20M5 SMn433 150M28 32M5 SMn433 150M36 35M5 SMn438 40M5 SMn443 45M5 55M5 38Ms5 41s7 38MB5 20MB5 SCr415 527A17 12C3 SCr420 527A19 18C3 SCr430 530A30 28C4 SCr435 530A36 38C4 SCr440 530A40 42C4 SCr445 45C4
  • 20. 50C4 12CD4 SCM415 15CD4.05 SCM420 CDS12 18CD4 SCM430 CDS13 30CD4 SCM435 708A37 34CD4 SCM440 708A40 42CD4 SACM645 905M35 40CAD6·12 SUP10 735A50 50CrV4 16MC5 SMnC420 20MC5 SMnC443 SCM421 708M40 42CD4 SCM440 637M17 20NC6 SNC236 640M40 35NC6 SNC415 14NC11 SNC815 655M13 14NC12 20NC11 SNC631 653M31 30NC12 SNC836 35NC15 659M15 12NV15 20NC14 SNCM220 805M20 20NCD2 SNCM439 817M40 40NCD3 SNCM447 080A67 XC65 070A72 XC70 SUP3 XC85 SUP6 250A53 56SC7
  • 21. SUP7 250A58 685A55 SUP9 55C3 SUP9A 527H60 SUP13 805A60 SUP10 735A50 50CV4 SUP11A 100C 2 SUJ1 SUJ3 SUJ2 535A99 100C6 100CM6 SCM420 15CD2 805A 20NCD2 20NCD7 SNCM220 SNCM420 10NCD12 SUS440C Z100CD17 SK7,SK6 Y170 SK6,SK5 Y180 Y390 SK5,SK4 BW1A Y290 SK4,SK3 BW1B Y190 Y2105 SK3 BW1B Y1105 Y2105 Y1105 SK2 BW1C Y1120 Y2120 SK1 Y2140 SKS8 Y2140C BL3 Y100C6 SKS21 BF1 100WCr10 SKS41
  • 22. BS1 55WC20 55WC20 SKD3 BD3 Z200C12 SKD2 BD2 Z160CDV12·03 SKD11 BD2A Z160CDV12 SKD12 BA2 Z100CDV5 BO2 90MV8 SKS31 105WC13 SKS3 BO1 90MCW5 SKT5 SKT4 55NCDV7 SKT5 BH21 BH10 SKD6 BH11 Z38CDV5 SKD61 Z40CDV5 SKD62 Z35CWVD5 SKH2 BT1 HS18-0-1 SKH3 BT4 HS18-1-1-5 SKH4 BT5 HS18-0-2-10 SKH10 BT15 HS12-1-5-5 SKH51 BM2 HS6-5-2 HS6-5-2HC SKH52 SKH53 HS6-5-3 SKH58 BM1 HS2-9-2 SKH55 HS6-5-2-5 HS7-4-2-5 SKH59 BM42 HS2-9-1-8 SUS201 SUS202 284S16 Z15CNM19·08 SUS301 301S21 Z12CN10·07 SUS302 302S25 Z10CN18·09 SUS303 303S21 Z10CNF18·09 SUS303e 303S41 SUS304 304S15 Z6CN18·09 SUS304L 304S12 Z2CN18·09 SUS304N1 304N SUS304N2 SUS304LN 304S62 Z2CN18·10N
  • 23. SUS305 305S19 Z8CN18·12 SUS309S 310S31 Z8CN25·20 SUS310S 316S16 Z6CND17·12 SUS316 Z8CNDT17·12 Z6CND17·12 Z2CND17·12 SUS316L 316S12 SUS316N SUS316LN 316S61 Z2CND17·12N SUS316J1 SUS316J11 SUS317 317S16 SUS317L 317S12 Z2CND19·15 Z8CNDT17·13B Z6CNDT17·13 SUS317J1 321S20 SUS321 321S12 Z10CNT18·10 SUS347 347S17 Z6CNT18·11 SUSXM7 Z6CNNb18·10 SUSXM15J1 Z6CNU18·10 SUS329J1 SUS405 405S17 Z6CA13 SUS410L Z3CT12 SUS430 430S15 Z8C17 SUS430F Z10CF17 SUS434 434S17 Z8CD17·01 SUS447J1 SUSXM27 Z01CD26·1 SUS403 403S17 Z10C13 SUS410 410S27 Z12C13 SUS410S 403S17 Z6C13 SUS416 Z12CF13 SUS410J1 SUS420J1 420S37 Z20C13 SUS420J2 420S45 Z30C13 SUS420F Z30CF13 SUS431 431S29 Z15CN16·02 SUS440A SUS440B Z100CD17 SUS440C Z100CD17 SUS440F
  • 24. SUS440C SUS440B SUS630 Z6CND17·04 SUS631 Z8CNA17·07 Z8CNDA15·07 SUS301J1 SUS302B SUS429 SUS430LX SUS436L SUS444 SUS429J1 SUH35 349S52 Z52CMN21·09 SUH37 381S34 20CN21·12AZ SUH309 309S24 Z15CN24·13 SUH310 310S24 Z12CN25·20 SUH331 Z15NCS35·16 SUH660 Z6NCTDV25·15B SUS304 304S15 Z6CN18·09 SUS309S Z10CNS25·13 SUS310S 310S31 Z12CN25·20 SUS316 316S31 Z6CND17·12 SUH31 331S42 Z35CNWS14·14 SUS317 317S16 321S20 Z10CNT18·10 SUS321 321S12 Z6CNT18·10 SUS347 347S17 Z6CNNb18·10 SUSXM15J1 SUS310S 310S24 Z12CNS25·20 SUH446 SUS405 405S17 Z6CA13 SUS410L SUS430 430S15 Z8C17 Z12CD5 SUH1 410S45 Z45CS9 SUH3 Z40CSD10 SUH4 443S64 Z80CSN20·02
  • 25. SUS410J1 FC100 100 FC150 150 FGL150 FC200 200 FGL200 FC250 250 FGL250 FC300 300 FGL300 FC350 350 FGL350 FCMB28 B290/6 FCMB310 B310/10 FCMB314 B340/12 MN350-10 FCMB360 MN380-18 FCMP440 P440/7 MN450-6 FCMP540 P540/5 MN550-4 MN650-2 FCMP690 P690/2 MN700-2 FCMW330 W340/3 FCMW370 MB380-12 W410/4 MB400-5 FCMW440 MB450-7 400/18 FGS370-18 FCD400 FGS400-15 FCD450 450/10 FGS450-10 FCD500 500/7 FGS500-7 FCD600 600/3 FGS600-3 FCD700 700/2 FGS700-2 FCD800 800/2 FGS800-2 900/2 FGS900-2
  • 26. SC410 A1 E20-40M SC450 E23-45M SC480 A2 E26-52M A3 E30-57M SCC5A A4 SCS1 410C21 Z12C13M SCS2 420C29 Z20C13M SCS24 SCS18 452C11 Z130C29M SCS19 304C12 Z2CN18·10M SCS13 304C15 Z6CN18·10M SCS12 302C25 Z10CN18·09M SCS21 347C17 Z4CNNb19·10M 348C17 Z6CNDNb18·12M SCS22 318C18 SCS24 阴极铜(99.96) 铜线锭 Cu-CATH Cu-a2 C1100 C101 Cu-a2,Cu-a1 C104(99.85) Cua3(99.75) C1011(99.98) C110(99.99) Cuc2(99.99) C1020(99.96) C103 Cuc1(99.96) C1201 Cu-b2 C1220 C106 Cu-b1(99.90) C2100 CZ125 CuZn5 C2200 CZ101 CuZn10 C2300 CZ102 CuZn15 C2400 CZ103 CuZn20 C2600 CZ106 CuZn30 C2700 CZ107 CuZn36 C2720 CZ108 CuZn37 CZ109(Cu6 C2800 0) CZ109(Cu6 CuZn40 C2801 0) CuZn40 C3560 CZ124 CuZn35Pb2
  • 27. C3501 C3701 CZ123 C3710 CZ122 CuZn40Pb C6870 CZ110 CuZn22A12 C4430 CZ111 CuZn29Sn1 CZ126 C4621,C4622 CZ112 CuZn38Sn1 C4640,C4641 CZ113 C6872 CZ116 C6782 C6782 CZ114 DCB1 HBsC4 HTB2 HBsC3 HTB1 YBsC2 YBsC3 SCB3 U-Z35-Y20 DCB3,PCB YBsC2 1 U-Z40-Y30 C5441 CuSn4Zn4Pb4 C5191 PB103 CuSn6P C5191 PB103 CuSn6P C5212 PB104 CuSn8P C5101 PB101 CuSn4P CA101 CuA16 CA102 CuA17,CuA18 CA106 C6161
  • 28. C6301 CA104 CuAI10Ni5Fe4 CA104 C6280 CA105 C1720 CuBe2 CuBE1.9 C1700 CB101 CuBE1.7 CS101 CuNi2Si CC102 CC101 CC102 C108 CN101 CuNi5 C7100 CN104 CuNi25 CN105 CuNi10Fe1Mn C7060 CN102 CuNi30MnIFe C7150 CN107 CuNi44Mn C7541 NS105 CuNi15Zn22 NS112 A1N99 1 A1095 A1090 A1080 A1080 1A 1080 A1070 1A 1080A A1070 1070A A1060
  • 29. A1050 1B 1050 A1305 1050A 1E A1100 A1200 1100 A2117 1C 1200 3L86 2117 A2017 A2024 2017 2024 2024 A2014 2014 A/F99 H16 2618A2 A2N01 A2018 A2014 2011 H15 2014 A2017 2214 A2017A A2117 2017A A2024 A3003 N3 3003 A3004 A3005 3004 A3105 A4043 N31 3105 A4032 N21 A4343 38S 4032
  • 30. A4047 N2 A4032 4032 A5052 A5052 N4 5052 A5056 N4 5052 N6 5083 A5005 5005 A5005 N41 5005 3L44 5050 A5052 5251 A5154 5052 A5454 N51 5454 A5056 5754 A5082 A5182 5082 A5083 5182 N8 5083 A5086 A6061 5086 H20 6005 6005A A6061 6060 A6063 H20 6061 H9 6063 H30 6181 A7072 6082
  • 31. 7075 A7N11 A7003 7020 A7075 7075 8011 AC4C LM25 A-S7G AC3A AC4A LM6,LM20 A-S13 AC4D LM9 A-S9G,A-S10G LM16 AC4B AC2B LM27 LM21 A-S5UZ AC8A LM2 LM13 A-S12UNG LM1 A-U5GT A1C1A LM11 AC7B AC7A LM10 A-G10Y4 LM5 A-G6 ADC1 A-Z5G ADC3 LM6-M A-S13 AS-9G,AS10G ADC6 高级锌 LM5-M AG3T 特级锌 Z9
  • 32. 普通级锌 (99.97) Zn1 Zn2 Z8 特级蒸馏锌 (99.6) 一级蒸馏锌 (98.5) Zn3 Z7 ZDC1 Zn4(98.50) Z6(98.5) B种 Z-A4U1G ZDC2 ZDC1 A种 Z-A4G B种 Z-A4U1G