Trabajo ingles (abran


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Trabajo ingles (abran

  2. 2.  In the past:, my family in the past: they went to the house of my grandfather to make a "party" with all my family in this case my dad and my mom .they past the time with singing the songs of that are famous in that epoch , and those played games and were very famous at that time. Present: today my three brothers are studying in university working, but my brother Sebastian is the only one who is studying outside the country. my parents have the budines is still clothes, but were this difficult pro how old they are, we now have the same house in Normandia Bogotá Colombia Future : MY FAMILY IN THE FUTURE Will be dispersed . my brothers and me we take our proper road in the life , and my parents stay alone in the her house
  3. 3.  Past: we celebrates the Christmas in our house, or in sometimes with the the brothers to my mother , we play some games and eat the dinner and develop the gifts. Present: now we are celebrates de Christmas so different , because we celebrates de Christmas in the house of the girlfriend form my brother Ronald and I so good. Future : I think that the celebration of the Christmas will be the same.
  4. 4.  past: me : when I was baby i looked like cute handsome, i as fat i had a brow and dark eyes , short legs and arms and hands , a black hair my family: my family in the past was so beautiful when mom had her baby she change her appearance c because she was so fat her personality changed my father was good appearance present : now I’m a adolescent , I look like a cut person but disorganizedperson , my attitude stars to change . Now all I am a lazy person myappearance changes and I like my hair .family: my family now I think that my family is boring because they botherme for every thing but certainly the best for mefuture: my personality will be to change , my attitude wil to change , I willbe nice ,my phy appearance will change is well to finish the proses looklike a cute person , an funny person .
  5. 5.  Past. In the past my clothes are: pants , have sweaters shirts in differences colors a lot od caps .for example in th e chritsmas my my mother fold me that I should use sweater with pictures about Christmas. That it happened when I was a baby (8 years). Present: now my clothes have changed , my clothes are: pants white blue or black , , t shirt , shirt jackets and sweaters but those are more cool and shoes are the cool as well. Future: my clothes I think that will change only the details in my clothes , for example : the draws and the designes and some materials .
  6. 6.  past: my wishes were that I to be an astronaut and went to differences planets as the solar system to knew more galaxies , and my other wished that wanted is a basket player in order that I wanted to be the most famous in all th word , and in the NBA and player with the best player in the word 8 Michael Jordan. present.: now my wishes an changes , now I what to be a business administrator I what to the university out the country . Then I want to life in London or in brazil , in a big house next to the see, with an beautiful wife with a one or two sons . Future: I think that my future its will be the same but my jobs will be to changes and the house , and will be the car 