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  1. 1. To make your personal or professional attempt effective, successful conduction ofcommunication process is essential. Earlier, the modes of communication used were very timeconsuming, as a result of which, contemporary forms of interacting with people have evolved. SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is a technology that has made it possible by facilitating effective emailing functions. SMTPservers are the main components that are used for carrying out the entire sending and delivering email process successfully. In thiscontext, however, the contribution of the SMTP relay server is also remarkable. It is the server that provides security options to protect your machine from getting hacked and filter Spam.Devis fenetre
  2. 2. ISP (Internet Service Provider) restrictions do not allow anindividual to send an email to the recipient, if his system is notdirectly connected to the same network However, setting up anSMTP relay server helps the users bypass all such limitations andsuccessfully conduct the emailing process for effective results It is ofgreat importance as far as professional communication is concerned
  3. 3. The IP address of the clients email account determines whether auser is allowed to access the SMTP relay server Prior to using itefficiently, a user needs authentication with a user name andpassword As soon as the authentication is done, he is granted thepermission to use the server
  4. 4. Steps to be followed to use the SMTP relay server appropriatelyhave been mentioned as under: First of all, get a detailedinformation about the SMTP server from the administrator of youremail system Host name along with the user name and passwordconstitute some of the vital information to be gathered In the emailclient, set up the email account to begin using the SMTP relay server
  5. 5. After setting up the relay server, it is essential to check whether itis functioning properly Thus, to test the relay server, you can sendan email to the outside account, you are allowed to access Using anoutside account, instead of domain name in the local network, willtest the functionality of the SMTP relay server with utmosteffectiveness
  6. 6. When you send the emails to the outside account, you must checkif the host name of the relay server is mentioned on the header of theemail sent If the host name is mentioned on the top, it will confirmthe proper functioning of the SMTP relay server In case, the emailthat has been sent does not reach its destination, look for thebounced email at the source email client
  7. 7. As soon as you receive the bounced email, go through the messageand headers to check if the has denied the mail If your mail hasbeen denied, try to fix the problem that has been stated within thebounced email or else contact the administrator for furtherproceedings
  8. 8. The are very helpful for carrying out the entire communicationprocess effectively to yield positive results Either it is used forpersonal or professional purpose, the efficacy that it offers in yieldingproductive results makes it one of the ideal electronic componentsfor the internet users
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