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  • Talk about ‘examples’ and hotel experience with package
  • Talk about ‘examples’ and hotel experience with package
  • Talk about ‘examples’ and hotel experience with package
  • Talk about ‘examples’ and hotel experience with package
  • Talk about ‘examples’ and hotel experience with package
  • This is where we talk about experience over all packages

Theholygrail Theholygrail Presentation Transcript

  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 1 Best Western In Association with Sharp Agency Module:TID1091 Anna Ablett U1156782 Beverli Johnston U1150735 Rebecca Haigh U1155243 Stacey O‘Neill U1163776
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 2 Contents Slide Brief 3 Research – Generation Y 5 Research – Hotels 9 Research – Best Western 21 Ideas 28 Tailored Experience 33 Hostels 38 Business Weekend 41 After review 44 Final idea strategy – Your Best Western 46 Your Best Western – Characters 56 Your Best Western – Marketing 62 Pitch 68
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 3 Briefing day Module: TID1091 Start Date: 15thJanuary 2013 Brief: 15th January End date: 12th February 2013 Review: 29th January Present: 12th February Description To create a campaign that appeals to the younger target audience generations ‗Y‘, the younger business guest. Also to design a new hotel experience and sell the experience, with the outlook ‗Hotels with personality‘. Background Best Western is an international hotel brand represented in over 80 countries with over 4,000 independently owned hotels. They have 280 hotels in the UK. It includes castles to inns to city centre hotels. Generation Y Born between 1982 and 1999 Well educated, connected and informed Digital savvy Heavily influenced by the peers Have a weak affinity to brands Travels frequently Spends money per visit Task To design a new hotel experience for generation Y, in particular the younger business guest. We would like you to frame your proposal around three elements based on insight from your research. The product What would the location and design of new hotels/rooms be? What features would appeal to and help to drive booking from generation Y? The guest experience What is the ultimate hotel experience for this segment? Consider aspects such as technology, health and wellbeing, food and drink, the booking experience? The communications How best to market to this group?
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 4 Research
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 5 Generation Y generation-y-2/
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 6 Generation Y Traits •has grown up in relative affluence •multi-tasks exceptionally well •has a low tolerance for boredom •is very selective in the way they receive information (i.e. the more interactive the better) •is more likely to live at home •is unafraid to express their opinion •expects to be shown respect and given responsibility •wants to be a part of something worthwhile •seeks constant feedback •expects a range of non-traditional rewards and work flexibility •values socially and environmentally active workplaces. ―Gen-Y likes bright and interesting design, although hoteliers should be careful not to put off travellers from other age groups. One presenter at the event, Rob Davidson, senior lecturer at the University of Greenwich Business School, told the audience that he spent a sleepless night at the Klaus K Hotel in Helsinki because there were too many colours in the room‖ ―Gen-Y travellers are not that interested in the room and prefer to hang out in chic bar and lobby areas where they can socialise using their technology of choice, both on and offline‖ ―Generation Y in particular is living a different lifestyle than previous generations—family structure no longer follows traditional patterns, and conventional gender roles are no longer valued. The primary values of this generation include work-life balance, mass communication, and personal fulfilment as a main driver of motivation. Even more, Generation Y is characterized by its determination and ambition, and consequently want to advance as quickly as possible in professional life, seeking to become more skilled and knowledgeable.‖ ―If you still place Gideon‘s Bibles in nightstands but lack wireless internet access, you‘re already behind‖ – Gen Y don‘t want an old fashioned hotel style. “The main switch in the new generation is that they don’t live to work they work to live” (Guardian 2008)
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 7 Marketing to Generation Y Marketing messages need to be short on words and big on images, as the attention span of this generation is limited. This generation does not read newspapers. Messaging to Gen-Y needs to be frequent, brief, and be communicated via technology. Gen Y want to experience the world firsthand and pass their own judgment, and they like to do so with their friends – through sites such as Trip Advisor and price comparison sites The following are some examples of where, when and how to target Generation Y: •Concerts – Generation Y is a culture that has been heavily influenced by music. This is an effective venue for reaching them. • Extreme sporting events like skateboarding, snow boarding, or BMX. These are considered cool and exciting by Generation Y, another great place to reach this market. •Movies – These could be mainstream as well as art‐house. The movies are another area that has had a profound influence on Generation Y. • The outdoors. Outdoor activities are an excellent place to reach Generation Y. • Video games – Generation Y has grown up with video games, spawning yet another one of their taglines – The Nintendo Generation. Video games can provide an effective platform for reaching Generation Y. • Social networking sites – This was mentioned in the previous section, but social networking sites provide a lot of the experiences for Generation Y. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, Second Life,, and DIGG are all great places to reach Generation Y. Be clean and simple – its trendy to be simple and easy • Be Quirky and Unique • Happy employees – All of the employees who work at the companies listed above say they love their jobs • Respect them as consumers • Get to know them
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 8 Generation Y & Expectations What does Y generation expect form the hotel? When looking at resent reports done the Times Magazine stated that ‗make the experience like a party no one likes to be stood against a wall‘. The feeling of the hotel is seen to be very important to the Y generation Lifestyle Hotel said that – the hotel needed to be ‗chic, sociable and affordable‘ with a ‗surprise of a boutique‘. Following with the y generation hotels are ‗attracting the road warrior – a customer that has grown up with the irrevent, friendly service … the open office, the work-among- the-crowd coffee experience and is custom to innovative design‘. The Y generation want casual food available any time, free internet and views, with an option of a self check in and check out experience. Generation Y only holds 9% of the business travellers (2008) but this is 75 million strong. The new travellers are far more adventurous, far more curious and far more tech- focused then there parents and the past generations. They show less interest in the traditional things where as design has taken over with then wanting the less predictable experience with the greater amount of personality. “They are seen to challenge everything; nothing is just how it is to them, some times preserved as needy.” “They hold different work ethics, as they are rebelling against their parents values, where working was a more important life focus.” Generation Y is estimated to have 10 jobs before they are 38 ‗why stay in a job that you don’t enjoy‘, challenging the know way of working and making employers more aware about it making the working experience a focus for them to improve especially for that age range.
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 9 Hotels Eco Friendly Hotel Schemes Towel and sheet re-use programme – only wash if needed Allergy awareness when choosing furniture and cleaning materials Rainwater harvesting system – can be used for toilet flush etc Recycling points throughout the hotel Alternative fuel generation Energy saving lightbulbs Guests encouraged to save energy by switching appliances off when not in use, and by not wasting water Hot water boilers, cylinders and pumps only in use when needed Staff trained in eco- friendly initiatives such as switching lights off and not wasting water Eco-friendly cleaning products used where available Fairtrade tea and coffee in all room mini-kitchens Recycle old beds and mattresses Reduce delivery requirements and consolidate orders where possible to save on transportation Monitor, record and post data of water usage Buy organic produce where possible Get guests motivated to use green transportation, such as walking, cycling and public transport Provide reusable items where possible such as cloth napkins, glass cups etc, rather than disposable items
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 10 Hotels Macdonald Hotels •WiFi throughout the hotels • Natural daylight in conference rooms – gives light and fresh feel • ‗use only the freshest and finest‘ ingredients, and use local in-season produce where they can • Golf course and spa • Incredibly stylish and slick interior styles • ‗Meeting @ Promise‘ – confirmed booking of conference rooms within the hour & provide a tour of the hotel before the conference/meeting starts • Environmental and sustainability policies throughout franchise Hempel Boutique Hotel, London •Doesn‘t offer anything particularly extra than a normal hotel, but the style and design makes it worth the price. • 24hr security • Business facilities & meeting rooms • Local car park – but expensive - £24 • WiFi throughout • Beautiful furnishings – almost all black and white • ‗Never has a hotel felt more like home‘
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 11 Hotels Bulgari Hotel, London • Modern, stylish and slick – a lot of marble and silver • In the rooms – small details such as a mini-bar disguised as a travel trunk, Italian fabrics and stylish wood furniture gives a ‗English heritage‘ feel – the little touches make this experience • TVs in rooms offer guest media devices • WiFi throughout • Main focus on the website is the craftsmanship, expensive materials and details that have gone into the hotel, rather than the facilities themselves – it‘s an experience, not about what you get • Meeting rooms are fitted with latest technology – sounds systems, touch panels, mood lighting, LCD screens etc • 3 private dining rooms if you don‘t wish to be part of the main busy dining area ME Hotel, London •7 meeting spaces • Laptops provided that are linked to remote printers • iPads provided in suites with newspapers pre-downloaded • All rooms have a minimalist design with views over London • Personal training sessions & runs along the Thames – getting people out of the hotel and experiencing the city • Monthly events showcasing live local, national and international music
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 12 Student Hotel The Student Hotel • Modern and stylish, but with a homey feel provided by little touches (accessories in the room, plenty of wardrobe space, cushions) • Bicycle for hire to explore the city you‘re in – unique and eco-friendly • Kitchen area in every bedroom – kettle, fridge, sink etc – provides independent space if someone doesn‘t want to leave room •Designated study rooms •24hr security on site • On site gym • Laundrette available 24/7 • Entertainment and games rooms, libraries and lounges • Espresso bar, cafe and restaurant • Flexible meal plans for breakfast, lunch and dinner •‗ Comfortable and Carefree‘ •Advertises what events and news Generation Y may be interested in e.g. Local film festivals and radio sessions Booking system: •Book in advance and online – ‗hassle free‘ • All inclusive booking and automatic billing • Discounted prices for friends and family that wish to visit • Offer customized stays for large groups or people needing a meeting/conference areas
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 13 Hostels Suitable Hostels for a Best Western Generation Y Market Clink Hostels, London Facilities •Internet & PC Courtroom • TV & Film Courtroom • Open-plan dining and seating area •Self-catering kitchen • Clink Travelshop •Free breakfast • Multilingual staff •Laundry room • Secure key card •24-hour reception • Cosy and intimate, with personalised feel and friendly staff • Sociable place to stay and meet other travellers • Perfect for people who don‘t want to be ‗pigeonholed‘ into a hotel chain • On site basement bar “Heritage on a budget - delivered with passion and attitude” Unusual & Unique Overnight Directory 2012 “I don’t think there was a better hostel in all of Europe for me in regards to atmosphere. Very few hostels become attractions in their own right, but this one does. ... The vibe alone of this place makes it worth a stay.” Brendan van Son,
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 14 Hostels YHA Ilam Hall, Derbyshire An example of a high quality rural hostel, that definitely shows how hostels can have ‗personality‘ just as much as a Best Western Hotel • Modern, bright and clean interiors • Located in 84 acres of national parkland – offers plenty of local activities • Common room and games room • Swimming pool • Bar, restaurant and cafe The Fort Boutique Hostel, York • Modern and quirky – lots of art and design work throughout the hostel • In the city centre of York – no transport required • Flat screen TVs in rooms and WiFi • Located next to bars and restaurants – can leave the hotel to eat – a chance to get out and explore the city – with discounts! • Can choose between en suite and shared bathroom • Can have own kitchen space and living room • Free luggage storage
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 15 Hostels ‘Ace’ Hostel, York Located near York train station • Impressive interiors – traditional style but modern decor • 24hr dining room • TV & games room and Cinema room • Sauna • Laundry room • All bedrooms are en suite and come with dressing gown, toiletries, towels and safes in the room • WiFi, fax service • Free city maps, bicycle hire and book exchange • 24hr reception and security Generator Hostel, London • Can choose between ‗ladies‘ rooms, twin rooms or dorms • Very modern, funky and stylish interiors – particularly in social spaces • Free WiFi • ‗Pop Up‘ hostel bar – 24hr • Lounge, and cafe • ‗Breakfast in a box‘ – can grab one instead of a seated breakfast meal • 24hr reception • Laundry service • Luggage storage • Travel shop – can purchase tickets for attractions, travel etc
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 16 Holiday Inn Advertising "Fundamentally, what our guests love about the Holiday Inn brands is that we provide a place where they can take their gameface off, come as they are, relax and just be themselves," said Kevin Kowalski , senior vice president, Global Brand Management, Holiday Inn Brands. "Everything we do in our hotels, from our lobbies, to our rooms, to our friendly and genuine service reinforces this feeling. The Stay You campaign just confirms what they love about us in a fun and memorable way." • ‗Stay You‘ campaign focuses on how you can still have a personality when you stay at their hotels – you don‘t have to fit into their brand. I think this is a theme that would attract Generation Y as it reminds them that they can find a hotel to fit their needs and lifestyle. • The style of adverts clearly shows the theme of the campaign, and uses a variety of people and situations to attract a wider audience. App The holiday inn app gives people the option to book a room ‗Whenever. Wherever. However.‘ A fast way to simplify the booking process. • Ability to find local hotels with GPS system • Access to special offers • ‗one-click‘ reservation service
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 17 Premier Inn Advertising ‗Premier Weekends‘ launched 2010 Encourages Brits to make the most of their weekends by booking into a Premier Inn and having a weekend break. TV adverts showed comedian Lenny Henry in a variety of locations taking part in different activities – which implies that Premier Inn has beautiful,/inner city/unique locations all over the country. Offers customers an inexpensive weekend away during tough economic times (rooms from £29) I think this could attract Generation Y if it focused more on a quality break rather than budget weekends. Showing variety is something that would attract Gen Y as they like flexibility. Huddersfield Pillow Fight To celebrate the launch of Premier Inn Huddersfield – a giant pillow fight took to the streets of Huddersfield outside the train station (with people taking part wearing ‗Premier Inn purple‘ pyjamas) This style of advertising is unique from how Premier Inn usually advertise – it‘ll stand out and catch the eye of people passing. I think Generation Y would be attracted to this style of campaign as it appeals to the ‗big kid‘ in all of us. However
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 18 Travelodge Advertising ‗Sleep Tight‘ campaign – launched 2010 Campaign focuses on how the hotel chain will guarantee you a good night‘s sleep. It is fronted by a collection of teddy bears (known as the Zzz squad) which is clearly a way of targeting to children and families. Around the hotels, hundreds of mattresses, duvets and pillows have been replaced to offer guests the best possible nights sleep. Door catches were altered to minimise the amount of noise they make when shutting. To complement the new focus on Sleep, Travelodge has also revamped its breakfast and evening meal menus. A new take- away breakfast is available in over 280 of its hotels and the all you can eat buffet style English breakfast is being served in its 107 hotels that feature a bar cafe. The TV advertising will concentrate on sleep, Travelodge will also remain focused on its low price positioning. In 2010 the budget chain will offer over two million rooms at £29 or less and maintain its £9 sales at key points throughout the year. Even though this campaign is targeted at children I think it‘s a good example of how a campaign becomes fully integrated into the hotels to become an experience. The campaign advertises a good night‘s sleep – which is reinforced by making changes in the hotels themselves.
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 19 Radisson & Hilton Hotel Advertising Deals and App Tools Radisson Edwardian introduced QR codes to its restaurant menus last year, linking diners to an online video of a chef preparing dishes. They have also connected with Facebook and Foursquare to launch a digital tool for consumers to extend their check-out time using smartphones. There aren‘t many campaigns for Radisson other than adverts that show new deals and offers. ‗Stay Hilton. Go Everywhere‘ – launched 2012 The campaign focuses on the exceptional experiences guests will have from staying at a Hilton, and how the brand connects travellers to the world in new and unexpected ways. I think the adverts themselves look very slick and professional, implying a high quality stay at one of their hotels. I think the idea of the brand making a person‘s stay unique and more interesting is something that would attract generation Y, as typically as a group they like to try new things.
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 20 Hotel Websites Above is the site for Clink Hostels in London. The site is bright and colourful, and the information is all clear and in the same place. It also includes links to social networking. This is suitable style to attract Generation Y as it‘s professional but fun. This is the site for Generator Hotel in London. It‘s stylish and slick, and the site is easy to navigate and check availability for the hotel. This would also appeal to Generation Y as it‘s colourful and interesting to browse through. The site for the Student Hotel has a raw feel to it, with the slate- looking background and simple colour scheme. The site has everything you‘d need to know in easy-to-navigate sections and has lots of photos of the hotel – perfect for Generation Y who like to know the quality of where they‘re staying. The site for the MacDonald Hotels is slick and stylish, which may attract the older end of Generation Y. However I think younger people would prefer a more interesting, colourful site.
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 21 Best Western & Best Western Plus Facilities Our Standard Services & Amenities What to expect when you stay at BEST WESTERN* • Breakfast available to help you get a good start on your day • FREE high-speed Internet helps you stay connected to work, friends and family • FREE local calls • FREE long distance access • Copy & fax services to take care of business even while you're out of the office • In-room coffee & tea maker • Convenient lobby-computer to print airline boarding passes, maps & more Our Standard Services & Amenities What to expect when you stay at BEST WESTERN PLUS* • Upgraded bath amenities—in case you forget anything, we have you covered • Breakfast available to help you get the right start on your day • Convenient in-room mini-fridge ideal for keeping drinks and snacks on-hand • Fitness room to help you stay fit even while you‘re on the road • On-site laundry and/or same-day dry cleaning services • FREE high-speed Internet to help you stay connected to work, friends and family • FREE local calls • FREE long distance access • Spacious work desk in all guest rooms to keep you productive • In-room coffee & tea maker • Business centre (copy, fax services and computer access to print airline boarding passes, maps and more) • Already offer free calls – Skype would be the next step up • High speed internet – needs to be free WiFi in all hotels • Lobby computer – needs more computer access than one pc – most people will already have laptops but the access needs to be there • ‘Upgraded bath amenities’ – our bath pack would cover that • Work desk is good – could be more of a work area?
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 22 Best Western Premier Facilities Our Standard Services & Amenities What to expect when you stay at BEST WESTERN PREMIER* • Stylish décor • Personalized guest services • Highest quality furnishings and amenities for a truly comfortable stay • Breakfast available to help you get the perfect start on your day • On-site dining • Premium linens & towels to wrap yourself in comfort • Deluxe bath amenities to cover all your personal care needs while traveling • LCD or plasma TV with HD channels for the ultimate in-room entertainment • In-room safe to protect your valuables • Upscale hotel surroundings • In-room mini-fridge—ideal to keep drinks and snacks conveniently on-hand • Premium clock radio with MP3 connection • Well-equipped fitness centre so you can stay fit even while on the road • Convenient on-site shop for snacks and toiletries for any little extras you may need • FREE high-speed Internet helps you stay connected to work, friends and family • FREE local calls • FREE long distance access • Meeting rooms so you can get business done right on site • Dedicated business centre (copy, fax services, computer access, printer and more) • Stylish décor should be a standard to attract GenY - doesn’t have to be upmarket – just modern, up-to-date and fashionable • Personalised stay should also be a given – first name basis especially with smaller hotels – tailored to meet your needs & service with a smile • High tech TV in room should be a given to attract GenY • On-site shop could be in as many hotels as possible and should include emergency supplies for weather etc • Meeting rooms are brilliant but need to be light, open and airy – lots of natural light. Need ability to book them out and need to offer up to date technology for business professionals to use – interactive whiteboards, usb and laptop connectivity. Above are some examples of Best Western hotel rooms and the kind of décor they have. Whilst it‘s clean and tidy, the furnishings are very outdated and the patterns are a bit garish. When looking on hotel websites, this kind of décor would put off gen Y who are looking for something more stylish. To the left is an example of a Best Western Premier hotel room. This is perfect for attracting GenY as it‘s stylish, modern and clean. This is a style that may sway GenY to book a Best Western over any other hotel.
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 23 Visit to Castle Green Hotel The Castle Green Hotel had friendly staff and efficient service. We were lucky enough to be offered us a room upgrade when we checked in! When something was requested, such as room service, it was done quickly. Local food and drink was on the menu, giving the hotel a personal touch and showing they support local livelihoods. Leaflets were provided on a morning to show what local foods were available for breakfast that day. The hotel had free wireless internet service, and there was a guest computer in the lobby for those without personal laptops. The Best Western Plus logo is visible in the entranceway. The logo is also visible on pens, staff uniform, and various other aspects (e.g. boxes for shower caps). This gave the best Western brand a strong presence within the Castle Green hotel, without distracting from the hotel‘s unique personality. We asked if any extra packages have been provided on special occasions in the past. They said that a ‗hangover pack‘ on New Years Day was available at an extra cost. The hotel frequently offers fresh fruit to take away to provide energy for the rest of the day! From our visit we found that this particular Best Western hotel is actually quite suited for Generation Y! The friendly and reliable service is a major aspect of attracting Generation Y as they like to be welcomed and treated with respect. The focus on helping local businesses is also a plus as Gen Y love to feel as though they are giving something back to society. Extras such as a hangover pack after a big celebration is a brilliant idea, and a nice little touch that will be remembered by young guests. The fact that the Best Western logo is visible throughout the hotel but not too overpowering is great – Gen Y aren‘t very brand loyal and hate to feel part of a corporation. If we could improve the hotel we would say – Add more information about local attractions – a brochure rack doesn‘t cut it anymore – Gen Y likes to find out extras about where they are staying. Perhaps an interactive board or making sure staff are on hand to suggest local activities and attractions would make finding things to do more interesting! The upgrade to a better room was great, but there were no other little perks or features that we experienced while we were there to make the stay really memorable. The décor wasn‘t too bad but an overall boring tone of ‗brown‘ was noticed – maybe the odd burst of colour or art would make it seem more lively.
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 24 These past campaign incorporate a colour theme with the use of the colours from The Best Western logo. They are both well thought out campaigns with good visuals that meet their target audience well. The family campaign aimed at the kids is very tactical with the visuals/characters depicting an adventure story as a hotel stay/experience. The strap line/campaign name then back it up with the ‗Discover & Explore‘ caption. This sums the campaign and its intentions in fairly few words. I feel the campaign is very successful and has a young target audience attraction to it due to bright eye catching colours and imaginative stories. The second campaigns has a more stylish approach with the visuals used, attracting and older and more modern approached target audience. With happy and emotive visuals, using bright colours again. This is fitting for the longer strap line ‗The little book of winter cheer‘, this strengthen the connection of the visuals and copy of the campaign. Best Western Past Campaigns
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 25 This campaign varies from the pervious past campaigns with various angles but with a similarity of 20% and consistent colour theme of blues and white. Also the incorporation of the logo, constantly in the same spot. This campaign is more focused on the deals aspect offering a chance to let yourself go this summer and do something different like revisiting a favourite place. Best Western Past Campaigns
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 26 Personal Research Survey
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 27 Initial Ideas
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 28 Initial Experience Ideas ROOMS • Wifi • Ipod dock/radio/alarm clock • Area to do work in • TV with apps – Skype, YouTube, twitter, Netflix • Whiteboard wall • Homely feel – shelves with books, cushions, magazines etc – a home from home • BATHROOMS • Bath and shower available • Gift pack – to take to next destination FOOD • Grab bags for breakfast – ‗toast pack‘ ‗healthy pack‘ – like Graze boxes • Different areas to eat in on a morning – wouldn‘t work for tea? • Open plan kitchen – reinforces GenY need for trust FACILITIES • Emergency supplies e.g. coats, umbrellas, wellies • Fitness classes or voucher for local gyms? • Tablet/iPad in reception to find out about local area • Hangover pack delivered to your room • Free first drink at the bar • Area available for entertaining clients – food and drinks/bar? • Games room • Business hub on each floor to work in • Park & ride and late night minibus service to take to city centre • Printing/photocopying/scanning facilities • Dry cleaning/laundrette on site • Waiting area for when business partners/clients arrive We came together as a group and had a brainstorming session on all facilities ideas we could come up with to improve the hotel experience to suit a Generation Y audience. BOOKING • App as well as website • Ability to book on short notice • On the go booking – confirmation call once booked • Tweet wall in reception with reviews of the hotel MARKETING • Banners on train windows • Colour schemes to match what GenY want • Preview videos on YouTube, apps and website – relaxed, casual, hand held camera feel – showing around the hotel but not being pushy – factual rather than persuasive • Link from app to trip advisor - trust
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 29 Initial Marketing Ideas TV advert – fast paced days, slow relaxing evenings – could also go viral on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and holiday review pages (trip advisor) Ambient adverts on trains – banners on windows advertising last minute hotel rooms Deliveries to businesses with packages to advertise the new best western style – maybe puzzles, origami style designs, team building packs Something interactive with smartphones – characters to be found in the hotels?
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 30 QR Code and Near Field Chip Card The QR code is a small barcode which consist of black module squares dots, in a square grid on a white background. They are machine readable labels, which have information attached to them. They allow a larger storage space to store information related to the recorded item. Data/Information can be extracted or received once a machine reads the barcode. The Near Field chip is a form of communications used on devices such as phone mobiles and bank cards. They are to make payments or exchange od data/details.
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 31 Our Development Process We then thought about 3 different ideas to present. We made a whiteboard creative brain explosion. We came up with Best Western Tailored Experience, Best Western Hostels and Best Western Business weekend.
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 32 Brand Experimenting Tailored Experience - Rather then a standard hotel experience it will be tailored around the generation Y audience and what they like and acquire. What would make there ideal hotel stay. Hostels - It will be the best western hotel quality and experience with the core hostel social aspects, such as; dorm sleeping and shared facilities and dinning. It will be eco-friendly and will be mainly aimed at the generation traveller. Business Weekend - Team building weekend company retreat Extreme team building Motivational talks Team development Weekend experience design around young professionals This helps develop the companies relations in terms of productive work outcomes.
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 33 Best Western Tailored Experience – Audience Mood Board
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 34 Best Western Tailored Experience – Interior Mood Board
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 35 Best Western Tailored Experience Strategy Version 1 • Best Western Gen Y Tailored Experience • This idea sections the Generation Y into 3 core types of people and types of traveling. • There are many things we would want to include in all experiences to entice Generation Y to stay in a Best Western Hotel, and extras things we would want to individualise the packages. • For instance someone visiting their mum and dad at home and staying in a best western is going to want different aspects than someone going to a job interview in London. Our 3 packages are student, business, and homely hotels (family oriented audience) When booking there would be an option to have this tailored experience. We picked these because... • The core points for the packages to aim at the audience's wanted experiences are... Student - drinks, food, fun, getting drunk, going out, cheap • Business - business trips, clients, professional, on the go, busy lifestyle, business meetings Homely hotels - interior, customer service, keep sakes, memories, connection and communication (especially for family and friends elsewhere) (However you could always group all the packages together if you just wanted one package.) Family Student Business Wi-Fi Alarm clock/ iPod player TV in the room TV app system – Skype, net flix, face book, twitter, YouTube and games Games room – computer, board, Business hubs – TV with finance- somewhere to go to work out of the room Working area in the room Part and ride – mini bus and may be a night buss Printing and photo Gym?? Classes that people could do – zumba Refresh pack Bath shower combo Show/ bathing sett that is able to be brought away if wanted Pack lunch breakfast – healthy, full English, cereal, ect Music in the dinning Different idea dinning in morning not at night as would not work – Packages for clients – areas to go On the go booking Banner on trains/ busses for advertising for last min staying Local area information point – pamphlets or tablet (ipad) App – on the go booking – approval call from the hotel – trip advisor on come up The colours of the audience – what colours not to use Flowers in the room Relaxed quick video that allows people to see the hotel in the light of someone without the audience being told what to think Come back incentives Hangover pack – new year Christmas- ask for though Review board – tweets wall, Seeing who and what is being cooked – Gormay style - open plan – look at hells kitchen Voucher to nearest gym if not got a gym included Spar relaxation area Different seasons – marketing approaches Emergency supplies services Waiting area for business trips / clients Coffee and tea in the room – improve on what is there currently Supporting the locals – advertising Dry cleaning / washing service Later checking out times options
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 36 Best Western Tailored Experience Strategy Version 1 • After considering our 3 main ideas, we decided we already had a student based hostel plan and business themed plan, so we wanted to make the tailored experience flexible across the whole Generation Y demographic. • From our research we found the main points of Gen Y we wanted to focus on are: family oriented, socialising, trying new experiences, a need to give back to society, eco-friendly, and respect/trust from society and company brands. • Our main aspects that target these areas are: homely interiors, open plan dining areas to socialise with other guests, local entertainment information, vouchers for local businesses and attractions, environmentally friendly hotel arrangements, customer service that is very friendly and personalised to young people, and honest communication. • We think a big positive feature of Best Western hotels is the focus on the little details and the ‗personality‘ that each individual hotel provides., to create a unique experience every time Aspects of a Best Western Tailored Experience: Rooms • Modern TV in every room – with app system where available – provides Skype, Twitter, YouTube, Netflix etc • iPod dock in every room • Homely feel to the rooms – move away from a repeated hotel style. Best Western has the appeal of every hotel being different – so create a new home from home on every stay. Could do this by the use of furnishings, accessories, colour theme etc • Work area in each room • Refresher pack in bathrooms – to take with you to next destination or use there • Eco-friendly – don‘t wash towels unless needed Facilities • Free WiFi throughout the hotel • Games room • Business hubs on each floor – a quiet area where guests can get work done or discuss work • Park and Ride – mini bus to town centres and a late night bus for party goers – more Eco-friendly than everyone using a car • Gym on site or voucher for local gyms • Local area information points – can be info from reception or a tablet in reception areas for people to discover what‘s to see and do. • ‗hangover pack‘ available on request • Review wall in reception that would project tweets of what guests have thought of their stay • Emergency supplies shop – coats, umbrellas etc • Waiting areas for visiting family and friends/business partners/clients Dining • Grab n Go breakfast packs – may options: healthy (fruit or veg packs), full English, toast and porridge options • Open plan communal dining areas. Option to either sit alone or on large table to meet new people
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 37 Best Western Tailored Experience
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 38 Best Western Hostels – Audience Mood Board
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 39 Best Western Hostels – Interior Mood Board
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 40 Best Western Hostels
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 41 Best Western Business Weekend – Audience Mood Board
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 42 Best Western Business Weekend – Interior Mood Board
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 43 Best Western Business Weekend
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 44 Reviews from Sharp Agency & Best Western Tailored Weekend: ―This is the most like what we are after, but we want to focus on the experience rather than simply what the rooms will include and look like. Have a look at which aspects stand out the most.‖ Hostels: ―We like the social aspect of staying in a hostel, and this will appeal to young people. However, we don‘t want to down grade the best Western brand by being associated with hostels. YHA have already got this covered – it would be strong competition. ‖ Business Weekend: ―Business weekends don‘t happen much anymore, so there isn‘t an audience for this. We do like how you have marketed this using the office art and online campaigns‖
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 45 Final Idea
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 46 Our Development We needed to create a theme that could run throughout all the hotels. The best aspects from each package were – the marketing from the Best Western Business Weekend; the experience feeling of the Tailored Weekend; the social aspect of the hostels. We thought about what type of people they want to target. They had said they wanted to target young business people, but not only the business side of them. We then thought about the person underneath the suit and reasons why they travel and how to create packages that best suited them. Our next steps were to: • Look at what hotels offer in their proximity that would appeal to Generation Y • Narrow down to 10 places that have a strong set of local attractions • Create fun characters to become part of the marketing and booking scheme • Find out what makes each hotel interesting – have a look at roughly 10 and pick out their key features • Come up with an interactive marketing scheme
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 47 Revised Strategy
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 48 Water Sports Music Festival Extreme Outdoors Tourist Party 5 Reasons Why GenY Travel
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 49 Wales Best Western Hotels Lamphey Court Hotel and Spa Diplomat Hotel and Spa Aberavon Beach Hotel Heronston Hotel and Leisure Club Cwrt Bleddyn Hotel and Spa Royal George Hotel Waterloo Hotel and Lodge St. Mellons Hotel Cross Lanes Hotel Park Way Best Western Plus Hotels New House Country Maldron Hotel Cardiff Scotland Best Western Hotels Scores Hotel Invercarse Hotel Kings Manor Hotel Glenspean Lodge Hotel Park Hotel Braid Hills Hotel Burnett Arms Hotel Hilcroft Hotel Imperial Hotel Kinloch Hotel Moffat House Hotel Queens Hotel (Dundee) Queens Hotel (Perth) Station Hotel Strathaven Hotel Woodlands Hotel Dryfesdale Country House Hotel Garfield House Hotel Inverness Palace Hotel and Spa Glasgow City Hotel Cartland Bridge Hotel Argyll Hotel Philipburn Country House Hotel Eglinton Arms Hotel Buchanan Arms Hotel and Spa Balgeddie House Hotel Summerhill Hotel and Suites The Queens Hotel The Crianlarich Hotel Lovat Hotel Best Western Plus Hotels Bruntsfield Hotel Keavil House Hotel Inverness Lochardil house Hotel Best Western Hotel Locations
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 50 Best Western Hotel Location England Best Western Hotels Abbey Hotel Abbots Barton Hotel Admiral Rodney Hotel Alicia Hotel Ambleside Salutation Hotel Angel & Royal Hotel Annesley House Hotel Appleby Park Hotel Atlantic Hotel Banbury House Hotel Beachcroft Hotel Beamish Hall Hotel Beaumont Hotel Bell in Driffield Bestwood Lodge Hotel Bolholt Country Park Hotel Bradford Guide Post Hotel Brighton Hotel Broadfield Park Hotel Bromley Court Hotel Buckingham Hotel Burns Hotel Calcot Hotel Carlton Hotel Cedar Court Hotel Charnwood Hotel Cheltenham Regency Hotel Chilworth Manor Hotel Chiswick Palace & Suites Claydon Country House Hotel Cliff Head Hotel Clifton Hotel Compass Inn Connaught Hotel Consort Hotel Corona Cresta Court Hotel Crown Hotel Cumberland Hotel Cutlers Hotel Deincourt Hotel Delmere Hotel Derwent Manor Hotel Donnington Manor Hotel Dower House Hotel & Spa Duke of Cornwall Hotel Everglades Park Hotel Falstaff Hotel Feathers Liverpool Hotel Fir Grove Hotel & Restaurant Forest And Vale Hotel Forest Hills Hotel Forest Lodge Frensham Pond Hotel Garstang Country Hotel and Golf Club Gatehouse Hotel Gatwick Moat House George Hotel (Swaffham) George Hotel (Norwich) Glendower Promenade Hotel Glenridding Hotel Grand Hotel Grasmere Red Lion Hotel Grosvenor Hotel Heath Court Hotel Henbury Lodge Hotel Higher Trapp Country House Hotel Homestead Court Hotel Hotel Bristol Hotel de Havelet Hotel Gleneagles Hotel Rembrandt Hotel Royale Hotel Smokies Park Hotel St Pierre Ilford Ivy Hill Hotel Jersey Arms Kenwick Park Hotel Kilima Hotel Kings Arms Hotel Kings Head Hotel Lairgate Hotel Lancashire Manor Hotel Lansdowne Hotel Le Strange Arms Hotel Lee Wood Hotel Leicester Stage Hotel Leigh Park Country House Hotel & Vineyard Limpley Stoke Hotel Linton Lodge Hotel Lion Hotel Livermead Cliff Hotel Llyndir Hall Hotel London Highbury Lord Haldon Country Hotel Maitrise Suites Apartment Hotel Manor Hotel Manor House Hotel Marks Tey Hotel Mayfield House Hotel Middlesbrough Monkbar Hotel Montague Hotel Moore Place Hotel Moores Central Hotel Mornington Hotel Mytton Fold Hotel & Golf Complex Naseby Hotel New Holmwood Hotel New Kent Hotel Normanton Park Hotel North Shore Hotel & Golf Club Northfield Hotel Nottingham Derby Oaklands Hall Hotel Oaks Hotel Old Mill Hotel & Leisure Club Old Tollgate Hotel and Restaurant Palace Hotel & Casino Palm Hotel Park Hall Hotel Parkmore Hotel & Leisure Club Passage House Hotel Pastures Hotel Peacock Hotel Penmere Manor Hotel Phoenix Hotel Aston Hall Hotel Princes Marine Hotel Priory Hotel Queens Hotel Red Lion Hotel Reigate Manor Hotel Restormel Lodge Hotel Rockingham Forest Hotel Roebuck Inn Rogerthorpe Manor Hotel Roker Hotel Rombalds Hotel & Restaurant Rose and Crown Hotel Royal Adelaide Hotel Royal Beach Hotel Royal Chase Hotel Royal Clifton Hotel & Spa Royal Hotel Royal Victoria Hotel Russell Hotel Ryokan Hotel Salford Hall Hotel Shaftesbury Paddington Court London Shap Wells Hotel Ship Hotel Shrubbery Hotel Stade Court Hotel Stratton House Hotel Studley Castle Hotel Sudbury House Hotel Swiss Cottage Hotel Talbot Hotel The Bell Hotel The Birch Hotel The Boltons The Burnside Hotel The Cromwell The Gables Hotel The George Hotel The Grange at Oborne The Rose & Crown Hotel The Sea Hotel The Vine Hotel The Watermill Three Swans Hotel Tiverton Hotel Valley Hotel Victoria Palace Victoria Square Hotel Walton Park Hotel Walworth Castle Hotel Webbington Hotel and Spa West Grange Hotel Westley Hotel Westminster Hotel (Chester) Westminster Hotel (Nottingham) Weston Hall Hotel White Hart Hotel and Eatery White House Hotel Whitworth Hall Hotel Willerby Manor Hotel Willow Bank Hotel York House Hotel Best Western Plus Hotels Angel Hotel Bentley Hotel & Spa Blunsdon House Hotel Cambridge Quy Mill Hotel Castle Green Hotel in Kendal Cedar Court Hotel Leeds Bradford Centurion Hotel Dean Court Hotel Dover Marina Hotel & Spa Hardwick Hall Hotel Henley Hotel Knights Hill Hotel & Spa Manor NEC Birmingham Milford Hotel Mosborough Hall Hotel Orton Hall Hotel & Spa Park Grand London Heathrow Parkway Hotel & Spa Pinewood on Wilmslow Reading Moat House Seraphine Hammersmith Hotel Stoke on Trent Moat House Swan Hotel The Coniston Hotel & Restaurant The Gonville Hotel Ullesthorpe Court Hotel & Golf Club West Retford Hotel Windmill Village Hotel, Golf & Leisure Club Wroxton House Hotel
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 51 Water Sports: Deal Examples
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 52 Music Festival: Deal Examples
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 53 Extreme Outdoors: Deal Examples
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 54 Tourist: Deal Examples
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 55 Party: Deal Examples
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 56 Marketing Strategy: Characters • As we had these 5 themed packages to target Generation Y we wanted to come up with a way of showing the different packages. We thought about Best Western‘s slogan of ―hotels with personality‖ and thought of how we could create personalities for these packages by creating different characters for each one. – Water sports – Person with snorkel – Music festival – Person in wellies with headphones and an instrument – Extreme sports – Person in a harness and a helmet – Tourist – Person with camera and sun hat – Party – Person with sparkly outfit with a drink • We wanted to look at different types of characters and find one that would suit Generation Y
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 57 Characters Style Research Quentin Blake Quentin Blake is most famous for the Roald Dahl illustrations. His style is rather messy and playful. Olympic indents for the games are often an iconic representatio n of the different sports. Manuel Corsi If Best Western wanted to create there own characters we suggest this illustrator/graphic designer as he has the type of style we would want for this campaign.
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 58 Characters Development Weenicons · Water (seaside and in-land) · Music (Festivals) · Extreme Sports · Tourist/Historical sites (sight- seeing and museums) · Party (nights out) ―Weenicons represent a contemporary, design-led take on pop culture and retro classics. Looking at original characters with new eyes, and giving our cultural icons a 'cute' and modern twist. As the figurines reflect much-loved childhood heroes of our time, the range has longevity that ties in with the characters' long term appeal. And above all, Weenicons rock! They are proof that it is possible to be cute and cool at the same time.‖
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 59 Variations of Characters
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 60 Characters: The Person Underneath the Suit Barry Becky Ben Bobby Britney
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 61 Marketing Strategy
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 62 Marketing: Website Design
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 63 Marketing: Website Design
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 64 Marketing: Merchandise
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 65 Marketing: Posters
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 66 Marketing: Posters
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 67 Marketing: Ambient Characters
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 68 Pitch to Client: Notes • Hello this is our presentation, my name is Bev, Anna, Becky, Stacy • In our feedback session we presented these three ideas, we decided to merge all the best aspects that you liked into a new idea of ‗Your Best Western‘ • We looked into the target audience Generation Y and we understood they were a young business person but you wanted to target to person underneath the suit. We realised there are many different types of people that fit into this audience depending on their hobbies and interests. • Our research and knowledge shows that when you‘ve booked a hotel you look at the interesting things to do in that area, or vice versa you pick a hotel near to an attraction or event that you are going to. This demonstrates a great link of local attractions and hotels which is what we have explored. • ‗Your Best Western‘ has 5 main packages, water sports, music festival, extreme outdoors, tourist and party. Each package provides the customer with a themes experience around the theme they have chosen and their personality. The experience of the packages with offer discount to the local attractions for each package. Best Western will also tailor around these experiences to provide an optimal visit. • For example, Water sports could offer… • · near the sea, lakes or water sports centres • · equipment lockers/storage areas, information for repair /replacement services for broken items. • A ‗Warm up‘ or ‗Cool down‘ kit will be provided on request on an evening. The ‗Warm Up‘ kit will include slippers, a hot drink & meal and a hot water bottle. The ‗Cool Down‘ pack will include • Music Festival • · The Music/Festival pack provides discount/VIP tickets for local events an • · National Express coach tickets as part of the package/price. • · Festival packs - include: poncho, face wipes, hand sanitizer and toilet roll. • Extreme Outdoors • equipment lockers /storage areas • lunch grab bag with a choice of a healthy or big lunch filling • a refresher pack in the rooms on the return to the hotel. • Staff can recommend/provide information on the best picturesque routes/locations. • Tourist • A scrap book will be available on check in, which can be used to remember your trip • Staff will be able to talk guests through a holiday plan – suggesting the best routes to take, transport to use and attractions to group together. • Part of this can be ‗Secret Treasures‘, where less well-known cafes/attractions/shops that are well worth a visit are recommended to fit within the route/day you‘ve planned. • Party • Hotels that offer the Party package would offer discounts for certain clubs/bars. • A hangover pack will be available on request which would contain: water, vitamins, face wipes, a hangover ‗smoothie‘ and slippers. • Members of staff would be available to take a photo of your group before a night out, and put it into key ring/frame ready for when you leave. • Gift packs would be available on request for special occasions such as hen/stag nights or birthdays. • Characters – To market each package we came up with characters for each experience. We wanted to really emphasise that we were aiming at Generation Y, young business person but the person underneath the suit, these 5 characters would appear on the website and then when rolled over they would turn into packages for each experience. Water sports, music festival, extreme outdoors, tourist and party. • These characters would feature in the campaign throughout and with their given names. • As well as each package the hotel would offer an overall experience in ‗Your Best Western‘ including • Free WiFi throughout every hotel • Flexible meal and dining plans – grab n go breakfasts, variety of evening meal times • Open plan lounge and dining areas to socialise, outdoor eating spaces • Discounted taxi service to local attractions from the hotel • Local area information points within reception • Emergency supplies shop – coats, umbrellas etc • Hangover pack available on request for ‗party‘ locations • Friendly, helpful and inviting staff • Prices are based on price per room not per person • Flexible check-in and out times • Larger rooms to accommodate groups of people e.g. 5 – 10 • Homely but stylish interiors to the rooms • Modern technology in bedrooms where possible e.g. high quality TV • Refresher pack in bathrooms • Here is the website • Here is merchandise and special features the hotel experiences would offer, for instance the music festival poncho. We also included some examples of office equipment that Generation Y would use and then think of ‗Your Best Western‘. Another marketing tool is a direct main flip book that you could send to your current clients that fit into this audience to promote the company are recognising people‘s characters and show that they can be the character they are. • Here are some of the marketing posters and billboards. • End
  • Anna Ablett, Beverli Johnston, Rebecca Haigh and Stacey O‘Neill 69 Your Personality. Your Experience. Your Best Western