Girl fawkes festival review


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Girl fawkes festival review

  1. 1. Girl Fawkes festival Review<br />Our Creative and Media Class visit the South Bank on the 5th of November 2010 to. We went there to help the Girl Fawkes event to raise awareness of the Ladyfest festival and also to know how festival is run and to experience the excitement, work of it all. We were given a brief statement of things we will be doing throughout the evening. We were also given a sheet that has the event order and what will be going on at what time. Outside the building where the main event is held there was an event called the fire dancers. This event was deliberately performed outside the main building event -despite the rain that fell- to tempt people into attending the real event. While the people were watching the fire dancers we (the creative and media student) was given an order to give out leaflet that as the information about the whole festival and what will be next. The fire dancers finally finished their performance with no incidents in between. We went back inside the main event and seated the audiences where there is an available space. I (Abisola) was given a box of sweet to give out to the audience who are waiting patiently for the upcoming performance that was to take place in the building. Unfortunately couldn’t stay for the whole festival but we got to watch some few performances and storytelling that makes the audience burst out laughing including me. <br />When looking back at what we did at the festival and what the people who made it happen, I have learnt a lot of things that can be applied to our own festival (Central Fest). Overall I have enjoyed myself and I hope that our festival is as brilliant as the Girl Fawkes Festival. <br />These are the things that I have learnt from the event at south bank (Girl Fawkes):<br /><ul><li>When we arrived at the event, Nikki took us to where the main event is taking place and explained that the people on the stage are doing a sound check.
  2. 2. She showed us how they did their health and safety check. She told us about how everyone involve with the event will make sure that everywhere is tidy and clean. And also there was the technical health and safety check which is making sure that the wires are well kept from the audiences eyes.
  3. 3. I learnt that if Nikki and the rest of the group didn’t plan this event carefully and effectively, the event wouldn’t have run so smoothly.
  4. 4. The timing of everything was superb. The fact that as the fire dancers finish their performance the audience smoothly went into the main event building by someone instructions.</li></ul>These are some of the picture taking by me at the Girl Fawkes Event.<br />