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Nokia today introduced its first tablet, the Nokia Lumia 2520.It Looks like a giant Lumia smartphone, which shares the unibody polycarbonate body and affection for the Windows environment. The size, ...

Nokia today introduced its first tablet, the Nokia Lumia 2520.It Looks like a giant Lumia smartphone, which shares the unibody polycarbonate body and affection for the Windows environment. The size, however, is considerably higher: a beautiful 10.1 display hides a 800 quad core Snapdragon processor and coloruful interface makes a lot of Justice to the Windows RT 8.1.



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Tech storms blogspot-com-2013-10-nokia-lumia-2520-specs-features-price_html Tech storms blogspot-com-2013-10-nokia-lumia-2520-specs-features-price_html Presentation Transcript

  • Develop Windows Phone Apps f or f ree! Click Here HOME T ECHNOLOGIES » GADGET S » INT ERNET » T ECH REVIEWS SEO T RICKS Search SIT EMAP SOCIAL PROFILES Nokia Lumia 2520: Specs, Features and Price! Tuesday, Octo ber 22, 20 13 ► Nokia Lumia 2520 , No kia, Tablets, Windo ws 8 ► nVidia No co mments Po pular Tags Blo g Archive s SUBSCRIBE HERE ► 3G Networks ► Smartphone Tech- St orms No kia to day intro duced its first tablet, the No kia Lum ia 25 20 .It Lo o ks like a Like 390 giant Lum ia sm art pho ne , which shares the unibo dy po lycarbo nate bo dy and affectio n fo r the Windo ws enviro nment. The size, ho wever, is co nsiderably higher: a beautiful 10 .1 display hides a 80 0 quad co re Snapdrago n pro ce sso r and co lo ruful interface makes a lo t o f Justice to the Windo ws RT 8.1. 6 Recommend us on Google! Pin It On Pint erest Fo llo w @ Ab inav531 251 followers The No kia Lumia 2520 is a tablet-e rgo no m ically, equipped with a wide and co mfo rtable frame intentio nally to ho ld. The tablet, in fact, are held to the Enter Yo ur Email here.. Subscribe sides, no t the back ho w it wo rks with Smartpho nes.
  • RSS Fe e d Twit t e r Go o gle Plus Blogge r Widge t s � POPULAR POSTS Nokia Lumia 2520: Specs, Feat ures and Price! Nokia today introduced its first tablet, the Nokia Lumia 2520 .It Looks like a giant Lumia smartphone , which shares the unibody polycar... Top 5 Google Apps t o Download on Android Devices Google offers a host of applications for mobile devices. It does this on iOS , but it does especially for Android users, the operating syste... When co mpared with the clo se relative No kia Lum ia 15 20 it seems to be next to a magnified versio n o f the phablet. This feeling is enhanced by the co mpact, co lo urful finish po lycarbo nate, a material premium that anyo ne who has ever held a Lumia can be very pleasant and free o f creaks. The available co lo rs are cyan, re d, whit e and black . The Full HD display is no t o nly co lo rful and has an extrao rdinarily black intense, it is also able to adapt to the ambient light. Its lumino sity is so high that reads well even under the unfo rgiving Sun o f the United Arab How t o block websit es on Android Do you find yourself often to lend your smartphone to friends, brothers, cousins, etc. and you'd like to be able to block certain websi... Google's Mat t Cut t s: Guest Blogging should only be done in Moderat ion Guest Blogging Yes, but without overdoing it. In his latest video, Matt Cutts takes care of guest post and to read the search engine su... Emirates where the device was presented. The Bo ard hardware is po werful and to p o f the range, especially the CPU quad co re Snapdrago n 80 0 , which co mpares favo rably to the Tegra 4 mo unted o n rival Micro so ft. Play will no t be a pro blem. How t o use uTorrent f or Android uTorrent is now known to all, this is one of the most famous client to download files from the BitTorrent network for free.
  • BitTorrent network for free. What not every... View slide
  • No kia has fo cused its attentio n o n m o bilit y. The LT E co nne ct ivit y and SIM allo ws yo u to co nnect the tablet to the mo bile netwo rk, a feature that is no t very co mmo n o n a 10 .1 ", no r especially desired by a majo rity o f users. The Finns are co nvinced they can reverse the trend, leading to pull o ff an impressive device fo r taking pho to s and find their o wn way. The presence o f an additio nal keybo ard rather big and heavy but with extra battery enables yo u to add 5 to 11 ho urs o f battery life to the device and integratio n with Office allo ws yo u to wo rk in mo bility. The accesso ry, called Po we r Ke ybo ard , will co st $ 14 9 . The new app, No kia Cam e ra and No kia St o ryt e lle r seem tailo r-made to entice the user to explo it yo ur data plan and super fast co nnectio n: the actio n sho t and the Auto Jo urnal feature are a great stimulus fo r creativity. ALSO READ: Lumia 928 to iPhone interms of Video SPECS & PRICE View slide
  • CONCLUSION At $ 4 9 9 we can assume that the price will be mo re than exciting even fro m us. There is so me o verlap with the Surface 2, but No kia-no w part o f Micro so ft-has sharply fo cused its ro ute to the Galaxy Mo bile. Of all the large tablet o n the market the No kia Lum ia 25 20 is what has mo re cards to lo o k like a smartpho ne, a st range de cisio n, but re vo lut io nary.
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