Get to Grips with Web Accessibility. AbilityNet SOCITM Webinar Feb 2014


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Get to Grips with Web Accessibility. AbilityNet SOCITM Webinar Feb 2014

AbilityNet is the UK's leading authority on web and digital accessibility and runs webinars each moth to help people deliver accessible online services.

February's webinar is run in conjunction with SOCITM's Third Sector Group and will give a practical overview of web accessibility with plenty of opportunity for you to ask questions and receive feedback.

SOCITM is the Society of IT Managers in the UK's public sector.

AbilityNet Head of Digital Inclusion, Robin Christopherson will review some of the key issues and we'll also hear from Mel Moville, Web Manager for Preston City Council, which is amongst the leading local authorities in the recent SOCITM review of websites. She will describe the process they undertook to review their site and the various issues they had to address.

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  • We work with some of the biggest names in global business, delivering world class services.They use us because they are clear about the business case
  • Get to Grips with Web Accessibility. AbilityNet SOCITM Webinar Feb 2014

    1. 1. Getting to grips with web accessibility AbilityNet SOCITM Third Sector Group Webinar, 26 February 2014 Webinar archive at
    2. 2. Welcome • • • • David Clayden, SOCITM Third Sector Group Mark Walker, AbilityNet and SOCITM Third Sector Group Robin Christopherson, AbilityNet Mel Moville, Preston City Council Webinar archive at 2
    3. 3. Getting to Grips with Accessibility A practical focus for IT Managers, Web Managers, Communications Managers in local authorities and third sector Brief introduction to web accessibility, Robin An example from Preston City Council, Mel Question and Answers, David/Mark Please use the chat box to ask questions at any stage Webinar archive at 3
    4. 4. Webinar archive at
    5. 5. The social case People with disabilities should be allowed to participate fully in online society • Technology and the internet are a great leveller • Support, opportunity and prosperity are all enhanced by inclusive technology • Going inclusive is not rocket science • Social, moral and ethical responsibility to go inclusive Webinar archive at 5
    6. 6. The compelling business case Inclusive products and services are: • Available to more customers - up to 20% • Easier to use by everyone - up to 35% • Better cross-platform • More visible online • Cheaper to deliver and maintain • Responsibility to taxpayers to go inclusive Webinar archive at 6
    7. 7. The strong legal case It's the law: • Equality Act • Disability Equality Duty • Employment law • Brand damage • Reduce risk and go inclusive Webinar archive at 7
    8. 8. Getting a grip Key factors to consider • Choose a good CMS - SharePoint, Jadu • Identify/build a good library of components/web parts/JavaScript • Train teams in the basics – DAWE • Check regularly - Compliance Sheriff, manual checks • Get help if you need it – disabled customers, AbilityNet Webinar archive at 8
    9. 9. Getting to Grips with Web Accessibility Preston City Council’s accessibility audit 2013
    10. 10. Background • Some knowledge of accessibility requirements for content within the web team • Specified to designers that website should be AA compliant • However, never had any testing carried out on website accessibility • Rated as a 3 Star site by Socitm (Better Connected 2013) • Failed the Socitm BC accessibility test in 2013
    11. 11. Solution • Commissioned the Digital Accessibility Centre (DAC) to carry out an accessibility audit in April 2013 • Visited the DAC centre to watch tests being carried out • Tests were carried out by 7 different disabled users and they tested for any issues that would affect - Visual Impairment; Blindness; Colour Blindness; Dyslexia; Mobility Impairments; Learning Disabilities; Deafness; Aspergers
    12. 12. Examples of issues found – pause button
    13. 13. Fix for pause button issue Pause button can now be tabbed to
    14. 14. Examples of issues found – Google maps
    15. 15. Fix for Google maps issue We now list any addresses shown on a map
    16. 16. Results The audit results • 24 AA failures were found • Took 8 months to work through actions • 3rd party sites were problematic • Received accreditation from the DAC in November 2013 Learning outcomes • Accessibility should be considered from the start • Web team need to test at every stage of any website development/changes • Need to build accessibility requirements into procurement process
    17. 17. Question and Answer • Please use the chat box or the questions box to ask your question • We will then turn on your microphone and ask you to repeat your question • Any question not answered can be covered in a follow up email Webinar archive at 18
    18. 18. Thank you More free SOCITM Third Sector webinars at • Data Governance, BYOD More free accessibility webinars from AbilityNet • Reviews, tips, Q+A • Contact AbilityNet • Webinar archive at 01926 465 247 19