Six Must-Do's To Get Your Nonprofit Grant Ready


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All nonprofits want grants but some aren't quite ready to receive a grant. Before you ever begin writing grant applications, make sure that the organization you're working with is indeed “grant ready".

There are six critical areas that nonprofits often overlook when preparing grant applications. By following some simple guidance, your organization could be receiving many more “granted” requests than “denied". In this webinar we’ll uncover:

• How to position your nonprofit to shine in a more positive light
• How to give funders more confidence in you
• How what you do as an organization affects your chances at grant funding

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Six Must-Do's To Get Your Nonprofit Grant Ready

  1. 1. The Six Must-Do’s to Get Your Nonprofit Grant Ready Presented by Betsy Baker, MPA
  2. 2. Run the RaceDo This:To Get to This:
  3. 3. Six Areas That Grant Makers JudgeThe need for your servicesThe clients you serveYour qualifications and experienceYour program’s benefits to the communitySoundness of investment in youProof that you’re a good funding partner
  4. 4. Why Should a Grant Maker Fund You?Do you have evidence that your community needs you?What kind of evaluation system are you using?Do you have any competition? What makes you better?
  5. 5. Who Needs Your Service?Who are you trying to reach and assist?What led you to begin assisting this group? Why was your nonprofit formed?What would happen to them if your services disappeared?
  6. 6. What Makes You Qualified to Help?Have your staff or programs been awarded?Internal and external evaluation of staff?Keep up with current trends? Continuing education?
  7. 7. How Does Your Program Make aDifference?You know the benefits of your programs – but do others?What proof can you give grant makers that what you’re doing works?
  8. 8. How Do You Prove You’re a GoodInvestment? Does your Board support you? Is there good communication between staff, board, clients and donors? Are your finances in order? Financial statements, audit, etc. Do you play nicely with others?
  9. 9. Are You a Gracious Funding Partner? Do you have a system in place to thank donors? Do you submit required reports on time? Do you deliver promised advertising? What are your relationships like with other nonprofits?
  10. 10. The Grant S.A.T.Free Tool – When You “Like” Me on Facebook 
  11. 11. The Grant S.A.T. Section Breakdowns: *Overall Style and Content *Cover Letter and Executive Summary *Problem/Needs Assessment *Grant Objectives and Benefits of Proposed Program *Proposed Methods to Achieve Objectives *Qualifications of Organization and Staff for Administration *Budget Construction *Solid Evaluation *Conclusion and Attachments
  12. 12. How Do I Use the S.A.T.?Browse through section criteria before you begin writingDuring the process, refer to SAT section criteria to stay on taskScore your draft grant proposalCompile results on the tabulation sheet (at the end)Use the Interpretation and Action KeyRevise proposal
  13. 13. Thanks For Joining Me Today!Connect with me By blog By Twitter @GrantAuthority By LinkedIn betsyjbaker By Facebook Your Grant Authority