Improving Donor Engagement Online
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  • 1. Improving Donor Engagement Online
    Richard Dietz, Nonprofit R+D
  • 2. Consultants have all the answers…
    Nope, not really
    Great at coming up with “Best Practices”
    Only way to know if it works for YOUR organization is to test
    Always be looking for what is working
  • 3. Myth #6
    (From the last webinar on Online Fundraising Myths)
    The Only Real Way to Measure Fundraising Success is the Amount of Money Raised
  • 4. Myth - Success Equals $ Raised
    Think of the business world
    “Sales funnel” = “Donor funnel”
    Online donor >> Major Donor
    “Raising Friends” is another measure
    Engagement >> Peer to Peer fundraising >> Funnel
    Friend of a friend could be major donor
    Engagement is yet another measure
    7 touches before giving - get them involved
  • 5. What are “Engaged Donors”
    Engaged Donors are those who are taking ACTIONS
    Attend events
    Recruit new donors
    Engaged Donors are those who are a part of your “Community”
    Interacting and communicating WITH your organization
    Interacting and communicating with others ABOUT your organization (online and offline)
    Building a relationship
  • 6. Why do you want “Engaged Donors”?
    More cost-effective to renew a donor than find a new donors
    Engaged donors extend your organization’s reach into the world
    Engaged donors do more:
    More frequent donations, larger donations
    Take more actions
    Tell more people about your organization
    Peer to Peer fundraising
  • 7. How to Tell if Your Donors Are “Engaged”
    They are taking actions
    Back to the definition of an engaged donor
    Social Media
    Increased mentions
    Increased fans / followers
    Increased traffic to website
    From social media, emails, etc.
  • 8. Ideas to Nurture Engagement Online
  • 9. Mind the Gap
    The “Engagement Gap”
    The gap between a first time donor and an “engaged donor”
    What do you do with your first time donors?
    Need multiple ways / methods to get involved
    Need a graduated offering of actions
    Start simple (forward this email)
    Move on to more involved actions (peer to peer fundraising)
  • 10. ASK!
    1) Ask them to do small favors
    Tell a friend, forward email, sign petition, comment on blog, volunteer
    Every simple action will deepen the engagement and bond
    2) Ask them what they want / need / care about
    Easy way to engage and get them to do a small favor
    The results will allow you to tailor content to what they care about
  • 11. Events
    In person and online events
    In person - Gala, meetups, etc.
    Online - webinars, online chats, Tweets, etc.
    Get to know them on a personal level
    Deepen the bond and cultivate those major donors
    Smaller niche events
    Eg. Women’s Caucus or Austin Chapter
    Easier for individuals to connect
  • 12. Listen / Connect with Influencers
    Always remember that engagement is a conversation
    Don’t just listen on your site, go where the conversations are already taking place
    Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    Largest growth on Facebook is 35+ year olds, with the 55+ crowd growing at 922%
    Join the conversations in an authentic way
    Accept and respond to criticism
    Identify Influencers and engage them separately
    Provide extra support to help them spread the word
  • 13. Give Them the Content They Want
    Community Philanthropy 2.0 survey, donors (30-49) want to hear about:
    Organizational Impact (80%)
    Success Stories (74%)
    More details about the organization (71%)
    Info on financial accountability (43%)
    Segment and tailor your content
    Examples - Obama and Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
    Make it easy to pass it on
    Tell-A-Friend / Forward This Page
  • 14. Make It Easy
    Make it easy to stay in touch
    Capture emails, blog updates, RSS feeds
    Make it easy to spread the word
    Tell-A-Friend / Email this Page
    Social Media Icons
    Make it easy to interact
    Blog commenting
    Online forums
    Facebook and Twitter widgets on website
  • 15. Nurturing Engagement in New Versus Established Donors
  • 16. Nurturing New Donors
    Welcome Email(s)
    1st 30 days is key - Research in retail sector
    Higher open rates, click-throughs, and actions
    Special invitations to events / opportunities
    “Since you are a new donor…..”
    Give updates on how their donations are helping
    Give specific examples / Use emotion
    Ask them to tell others
    Tell-A-Friend scripts, social media, etc.
  • 17. Nurturing Established Donors
    Identify your most passionate donors and give them additional support
    Need to identify them (CRM, Sage Fundraising Online, etc.)
    Help them to spread the word
    Segment and speak directly to them
    Online tools make this much easier
    Separate emails for your top supporters
    Special Recognition
    Events for repeat donors only (VIP’s)
    Recognize at live events and in print
    Name tags / Badges in community / Article in newsletter
  • 18. Tools to Engage Donors
    Constituent Relationship Management (CRM)
    Tell-A-Friend / Send this article
    Google alerts
    Social media icons
    Sage Fundraising Online
  • 19. Conclusion
    Donor engagement can lead to many good outcomes
    Only YOU can figure out what works for YOUR organization
    Check out the new online tools like Sage Fundraising Online
  • 20. Question and Answer
    Register for the next webcast in the series:Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
    Contact Richard Dietz:
    Contact Sage:
  • 21. Connect with Sage Contest
    Enter for your chance to win a $5000 unrestricted grant