Beyond the Donation Form


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One donation form on your website just doesn’t cut it today. If that’s all you have on your site, you are missing opportunities with every visitor and missed opportunities are missed donation dollars. In this presentation, you’ll learn how to go beyond the donation form.

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Beyond the Donation Form

  1. 1. Beyond the Donation Form
  2. 2. Introduction Jamy Squillace Sr. Product Manager Sage Nonprofit Solutions Responsible for Sage Fundraising 50, Sage Fundraising Online, Sage Nonprofit Online and Sage e-Marketing. Jamy has 16 years experience in product planning and management. Her goal is to create and evolve solutions that fulfill customer desires and exceed expectations. You can find her blogging at or on Twitter @jrsquillace.
  3. 3. The Donate Now Rut
  4. 4. Agenda• Online Giving• Going Beyond the Donation Page• Examples• Summary• Questions
  5. 5. The Online Giving Pie $17.65 BillionSource: Ted Hart, Dr. James Austin, Harvard University Initiative on Social Enterprise
  6. 6. Increase Your Piece of the Pie 890% Events, That’s a lot of pie! campaigns, memorial/tributesBut spend yourresources on these. You need this…
  7. 7. Remember…FUNDraising Events
  8. 8. Going Beyond the Donation PageChecklist Start Now  Pick an event  Social media brand  Build fans and house file Get the Right Tools  Online fundraising  Email marketing Build a Good Form & Get it on Your Website Promote Analyze Experiment
  9. 9. Start Now!“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – Chinese Proverb
  10. 10. Start Now!• Pick your event/campaign• Start building your social media brand – Facebook – Twitter – LinkedIn – YouTube• Build Fans/House File – Facebook registration page – Website registration – Make it easy, don’t ask for unnecessary information – Referrals: Forward to a friend/give advocates the tools to share your emails and your story – Social media sharing icons – Blog sign up• Retain contacts by delivering value and making it worthwhile for them to stay
  11. 11. Rebuilding Together“Even though some might consider our first year a failure, we had to start somewhere. Now our donors are comfortable using the system but it’s raised our profile among our peers. We can now say that it’s as easy to donate with us as it is American Red Cross.” -- Lee Berkeley Shaw, Director of Development at Rebuilding Together Montgomery County 97% improvement from 2011 to 2012
  12. 12. Example
  13. 13. Get the Right Tools• Online Fundraising Tools & What they Should Do – Unlimited # of forms – Total control – Form lives on your website – Real-time reporting – Peer-to-peer fundraising (nice to have but will get you to the next step)• Email Marketing
  14. 14. The Jazz Foundation of AmericaSage Fundraising Online gives us more flexibility with ouronline fundraising campaigns and events, plus allows us to manage the event registration and ticket sales processes with minimal staff—something that was unimaginable before,” said Petr Verner, director of operations for JazzFoundation of America. “The fundraising service’s flexibleback-end lets us quickly and easily control everything in-house, as well as adapt our online fundraising strategies for customized events.”
  15. 15. Get It On Your Website• Get your forms on the web early!• Don’t bury your forms – put it as close to your homepage as possible or on the busiest page on your site 18%• Put it on a microsite You lose 18% of your• Build a registration or donation form visitors each specific to that event time they have to click a link.
  16. 16. Promote…and then promote again• Use your email marketing tools – Inexpensive – Immediate – Effective way to communicate – Able to quickly test and optimize – Segmentation• Get social• Include links to your form in EVERYTHING – Email signature – Email communication Promote Your Event – Social media – Printed materials
  17. 17. AnalyzeWhy?• It’s free (Google Analytics)• It’s informative• It’s a requirement for experimentation• It helps measure successAnd, you analyze your donor information, don’t you?Extend this to your website.
  18. 18. Analyze• Google Analytics:• Don’t get overwhelmed• Only track a few things to start – Where are they coming from • Emails • Other websites – How long are they staying, etc. – What are the popular pages• Steps – Check out Google’s resources – Sign up for an account – Install tracking on your website – Monitor your data – real time! – Make informed decisions
  19. 19. Experiment• Don’t be afraid to FAIL!• Test new things and test now – Set goals – Gather current data (before) – Take action – Measure results (after) – Compare and use data to inform changes – Try again• Try something you haven’t done before
  20. 20. Examples• Run/Walk/Rides • Ticket sales• Luncheons/Galas • Use forms to collect votes• Concerts for an event - votes equal donation amounts• No shave month • Golf tournaments• Birthday/Anniversary Giving • Classes/symposiums/ educational meetings• Memorials/Tributes • Camp registrations• Pledging• Dancing with the Stars • Rapid response campaigns• Sponsorships
  21. 21. SummaryChecklist Start Now  Pick an event  Social media brand  Build fans and house file Get the Right Tools  Online fundraising  Email marketing Build a Good Form & Get it on Your Website Promote Analyze Experiment
  22. 22. Questions?
  23. 23. Contact Information• Connect with Jamy via email at Jamy (dot) Squillace (at) Sage (dot) com or Twitter @jrsquillace• Connect with Sage – Email nps <at> sage <dot> com – Download the presentation and handouts from – Read our blog, – Like us on Facebook, – Follow us on Twitter, – Join the discussion in our group on LinkedIn. – Watch and follow on YouTube, – Pin with us on